HIV mercy killer ‘wanted cash for brother’s head’

Walter Mswazie Masvingo correspondent—
A MAN who allegedly beheaded his 13-year-old HIV positive brother to “save him from the harrowing burden of taking Antiretroviral (ARVS) drugs all his life” allegedly wanted to take the boy’s head to South Africa in exchange for cash. It has emerged that two days before Brighton Gijima, 25, of Village 10 Chinzvinzvi Resettlement in Ndali under Chief Tshovani killed Tafadzwa with a sharp knife, he told his bedridden mother that the family could not remain poverty stricken when they had a sick child who could be killed and his body parts sold at a premium price in South Africa.

A relative, Memory Mhangami, told The Chronicle Gijima told his mother he had been promised money in South Africa if he could bring a human head. “Brighton is said to have told his mother that he had been promised lots of cash and a kombi if he took a human head to South Africa.

“He said he would kill Tafadzwa so that the family’s social status could improve,” said Mhangami who was one of the witnesses. Chief Tshovani said Brighton was promised a commuter omnibus by unknown men based in South Africa and he saw his brother as an easy target.

“I’ve heard the story but it’s hard to prove. Brighton is said to have told his mother that he had been promised money in exchange for a human head,” said Chief Tshovani.

He said on February 20, on a Saturday, Brighton was sleeping in a hut while Tafadzwa, suspected to be HIV positive and on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) slept outside due to hot weather. At around 11PM, Brighton allegedly woke up and attacked Tafadzwa with a kitchen knife. Tafadzwa was sleeping with a relative Oliver Magaisa, 12.

Brighton allegedly grabbed and dragged his brother by the right hand to a two-roomed house. Chief Tshovani said Bridgton tripped Tafadzwa to the floor and he produced a knife and sliced his throat.

He said Tafadzwa screamed in pain attracting the attention of his grandmother, Kias Magaisa, 67, who found Brighton cutting his brother’s neck. “She screamed for help making Brighton who had earlier told the ailing mother of his intentions fleeing the scene,” said Chief Tshovani.

Other villagers woke up to investigate but found Tafadzwa already dead with his head almost detached from the neck. A report was made to the police who attended the scene.

Police arrested Brighton four days later and he led them to the crime scene for indications, showing them where he had hidden the knife, a kilometre away from the scene. “Brighton doesn’t belong to my area in Chiredzi but his parents, I mean the father, is in Zaka.

“They had to come back to live with their maternal grandmother due to their mother’s deteriorating health. Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the killing at the time. She said the suspect showed no signs of mental illness during indications.

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  • Mpisi

    It’s all Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi’s fault!

  • Kc

    Tsholostsho – more education still needed


    this is insane

  • theza

    he cant be said to be insane when he was aware of what he was up to like to kill and then take the head to South Africa to sell it neither can it be viewed as mercy killing (which is unheard of in our custom) that’s murder with actual intent, if only he stayed behind bars for the rest of his life to protect society as he is likely to repeat such a kind of murder. Relatives are very likely to disown him because of such a gruesome crime

    • khu

      the murderer planned this crime that he will do it in the night without any one seeing and that if they had discovered the murder in the morning they were unlikely to suspect him, and he was aware that his mother was ill and his grandmother was old he was likely to go undetected although it did not go according to his plan as he was caught immediately, though l feel the mother should have taken the first threats seriously and made a police report or had a peace order issued on time, this is very very sad and hair raising

  • theza

    he was not feeling sorry at all instead he saw an easy target to murder his young brother in cold blood for ritual purposes

  • mlugulu

    Riches do not come from murder or juju but through honest hard work

  • Ghost of Sparta

    Jotham; i see you have a new name.

    • N. Sithole

      He adopted the new name more than a month ago.

  • msindazwe

    ikhombi kayithengwa njalo, ubeyengiwe nje, kumele afele ejele umbulali

  • my zanupf

    pliz here are the conditions.
    1. lock him
    2. no bail.
    3. thrown the keys in the grave of the deceased

  • Mpisi

    If critical thinking is not part of your thought process , then I am sorry I can not be spoon feeding you. If you cannot connect the dots why this young man committed this crime in the first place, meaning it had something to do with Robert Mgodoyi then I can not help you . Sorry!

    • Mazwi

      These ones don’t connect dots bro they are brainwashed and will never see any impact tht this leadership has to the crime rate

      • Mpisi

        You can say that again.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Wena as a nyamazana elhala ehlathini you are pre-occupied with yibu nyamazana. Now you are living among humans it becomes awesome task for you. joining dots?. kikikikikikiiiiiii. Funny deductions from an imbecile.

      • Mpisi

        You want to shed tears now?

  • Mpisi

    Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi has a lot to do with this crime!