How to apply for 2016 Tax Clearance Certificates

APPLICATIONS for 2016 Tax Clearance Certificates (ITF 263) are now being done online on the e-services platform.

What steps are taken when applying for a tax clearance certificate online? The following steps are to be followed when applying for a tax clearance certificate:

i Log on to the e-services website ( <>)

ii Click on Manage Services.

iii Select Submissions.

iv Click on the arrow to the extreme left of General Tax Clearance.

v Select General Tax Clearance.

vi Click on Submit.

The following steps are to be followed when printing the tax clearance certificate:

i Click on My History.

ii Select Submissions.

iii Click on View Document against the tax clearance.

iv Print or save the tax clearance certificate.

Who should apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate?

Any client who has a Business Partner Number (BP) and an e-services account.

What are the benefits of applying for the clearance on- line?

Clients can now apply for the clearance in the comfort of their offices or homes. Clients now don’t necessarily need to come to ZIMRA. No more queuing at ZIMRA offices. No more delays in collecting the tax clearance certificate. There are now enhanced security features on the new tax clearance certificate.

What features appear on the certificate?

i ZIMRA logo at the top of the certificate.

ii Validity period in the body of the certificate.

iii Validity period not exceeding December 2016.

iv Name of taxpayer.

v Date and time issued.

vi Authentication code. (to be validated on the home page of the solution (

vii Bar Code on the central bottom part of the certificate. (When scanned through by a bar code reader it shows Name of Company, BP Number and validity period of the certificate).

Our valued clients are hereby informed that the 2016 PAYE tables are now available on the ZIMRA website. Reminder for PAYE due Date Our valued clients are hereby reminded that PAYE for the month of December 2015 is due on or before 10 January 2016.

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