Hwange Colliery workers get bricks as salary

Hwange Colliery Company Limited

Hwange Colliery Company Limited

Thandeka Moyo, Chronicle Reporter
THE Hwange Colliery Company (HCC) which has not paid workers for more than three years is giving workers bricks to sell to raise salaries.

This came out in Parliament on Tuesday and members of the Portfolio Committee on Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare urged relevant ministries to take action immediately.

“We noticed that HCCL has reduced its workers to slaves as they are forced to work under disturbing conditions.

“These workers are now being paid in kind and are given bricks so that they sell and get their salaries from the sales,” said Mr Unganai Tarusenga, presenting their findings.

He said the company which was failing to sell its products expected workers to sell the same products to raise salaries.

“We’ve workers who went on pension in 2009 but up to now, they’ve not received anything,” he said.

Mr Tarusenga said HCCL was making use of contract workers who were paid while the permanent staff had gone for years without being paid their salaries.

“The workers are also not allowed to go for tea breaks and don’t have protective clothing. Workers are not even given time to go for lunch and would only go for lunch after finishing work.

We also met workers who were retrenched and evicted from the company houses because they could not pay rentals and their children are no longer going to school,” he said.

The committee recommended that a commission of inquiry be instituted to check into what is going on at the Colliery and the National Railways of Zimbabwe.

“Some of the workers are not even allowed to go to the toilet when they are working. When they go they are monitored on time taken to go and come back from the toilet.

“If one falls sick, the managers will blame them for seeking medical attention. When we got there, we were told that most of the employees were given protective clothing, but that is not everything that they need,” said Mr Mkandla who is part of the committee.

In response, the Deputy Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Engineer Tapiwa Matangaidze bemoaned the deliberate violations of the Labour Act by the HCCL.

“The import of the Committee’s report alleged gross violation of labour laws by the three companies, Hwange Colliery Company Limited, National Railways of Zimbabwe and Dete Refractories,” said Eng Matangaidze.

He said labour inspectors together with designated agents from Transport, Energy and National Employment Council will move immediately to make further inquiries on the issues.

“There is need to conduct inspections in loco to safeguard the rights of employees and promote fair labour standards,” said Deputy Minister Matangaidze.

HCCL recently admitted insolvency and is struggling to secure working capital, which has seen its output dropping to a record low of about 30 000 tonnes per month from a peak of 300 000 tonnes.


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  • Concerned Citizen

    What can we expect where board members are reported to have been getting hefty salaries and sitting allowances including 500litres monthly fuel allocations. Looks like the people who were expected to improve the performance of the company were more concerned about improving the performance of their pockets at the company”s expense.

    • MgamezulukaHlatshwayo

      Concerned or Cornered Citizen kkkkkkkkk

  • Cetshwayo

    Some people still say they don’t see how Mgabe has destroyed the country…this is a joke fo sho

  • Freedom Fighter

    Some observations that HCCL has made : 1. Salaries artifically pegged. Paying what you are not producing.
    2. Unnecessary allowances and at times where they are justified excessively high. Cases in point are fuel and mobile phone allowances. What is the purpose of burdening yourself with these allowances. In most cases the amount give is too much. Cellphone allowances . In most cases $150 is to much for people with Telone lines in the office and home plus $150 mobile allowance. The $150 is paid as cash which is never used for its intended purpose. To ensure it is used for the intended HCCL must get the sim cards and make them post paid. Any balance at the end of the month is knocked of the next months amount and a smaller amount is paid . HCCL needs to be alive to modern business trends.
    3. School Fees . Why exactly does HCCL pay school fees for all and sundry. The solution is pay the workers . Allow the workers to pay their own schools fees. Naturally people will send kids to schools that they definately can afford.
    The issue here is board and management have colluded on this . The management will normally give concessions to lower level workers . Once this has been done and signed they then come up with their packages unhindered by NECagreements already implimented.
    4. Calibre of employees. Very poor to say the least. Most are just stop gap measures who find themselves in positions after real professionals left. Look at the advise the colliery got on purcgase of equipment. Mediocrity at its best.
    5.Government and HCCL must just bite the bullet and retrench. You do not require all the chaff you are carrying. Look at all your finance departments massive leakages. Head Office. Engineering. Hospital Finance thefts.
    6. Housing because u have not paid people.

    • John

      “”Look at the advise the colliery got on purcgase of equipment.”"
      I will on the above.
      I know the Mining Engineers that did the machinery simulations and their recommendations. They did a good job. The problem is the movement of papers from management to the board and the board was heavily influenced by politicians to the extent of buying wrong equipment. Have you ever asked yourself why the Deputy Minister of Mines has come on board to defend the purchase of equipment ? Find out.

  • Ghost of Sparta

    And this is black on black! In this day and age how does one treat other people like this.

    • big

      From WCC (Wankie Colliery Company) to HCC (Hwange Colliery Company). WCC (Which was only renamed recently in the 2000s) was a far much better company in terms of working conditions and productivity that the now “PROPERLY NAMED” HCC.

  • shumba

    its a sad situation in did, Colliery was well managed previously with the colonial regime in the pre and post independence with very nice houses, entertainment allowances, cricket team among other facilities,My fellow black when they took over thy concentrated on expenditures more than revenue income, Colliery workers used ti pay more than ZPC, prostitution, death, marriage conflicts, hunger is the order of the day whilst the CEO is sitting on over 30k a month including rentals for his sandton house where his family is, All i am saying is people will hate the wrong people, Let the Government intervene now before its too late, Makomo is producing , why cant the once largest producer do the same, purely its mismangement, I am truly touched with worker’s welfare

    • 1975

      its not management. its zanu pf

  • Mbla

    Mugabe is not destroying the Economy but us Zimbabwean are destroying our country. Everybody in position has a mentality to loot the few resources available. When you pay bribes on the roads is Mugabe involved. When you steal from parastatals is Mugabe involved. Let us not put all the blame to the old man guys before we introspect ourselves

    • Jojo WaMoyo

      Corruption started with the ministers and nothing was done to them. It then cascaded downwards in the form of political appointees in companies as heads of organizations; some without the proper competencies. Fish rots from the head , so they say. What we are seeing today is manifestation of actions not taken by the relevant authorities to stop the corruption.

      • 1975

        corruption did indeed start with mugabe and his cronies. do you remember the sandura commission, their investigations led to morris nyagumbo taking his own life because he had stolen a toyota cressida from the government. whats disturbing is that all the ministers involved were never brought to book until this day. remember kumbirai kangai then the minister of agriculture converting state maize to his own use, the man walked free and nothing ever happened to him. recently Jonathan mugabe Moyo defrauded zimdef and he is going to walk free listen to the noise he is making now about renaming a university after mugabe thats his ticket out.

    • 1975

      you are very irresponsible if thats what you are doing. i hope you are just a gardener because no one will blame you for taking home as much grass that you would have mowed.

  • nico

    l cant believe it that a company that big has been destroyed

    • vusumuzi

      Yi ZANU leyo for you . Umbuso wama comrades. Go to every country governed by “comrades” and you will see the same-masses suffer, suppressed, oppressed , more than during apartheid, except in RSA, thanks to Nelson Mandela. What did we do with our Mandel here , J M Nkomo, HE WAS WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE coz the people called him Father Zimbabwe, Mgabe himself, ZBC has tapes in studio said , Ndiyani father Zimbabwe iyeye then . The worst is still to come. So when Chiyangwa took over G&D shoes and paid workers with shoes , this shows what that party ZANU is made of. Its coming to most paratstal workers , and Govt too!!!!. Love each other Zimbabweans and feel for each other. When others are treated like this , toyi toyi with them, coz tomorrow its you. Dont think that when you get your salary for now, it will stay that way, kuyeza nakuwe !!!Union leaders unite under ZCTU and show your teeth

  • natasha

    yooo this needs further investigation and get to the bottom of it. people are now corrupt and how can someone work for three yrs without salaries is that possible

  • Fred Moyo

    Inonzi ZANU kkk

  • J

    are the big guys also paid in bricks? It would be interesting to know how fast they dispose of them to get cash and be able to survive. And have they been upaid for as long?

  • 1975

    ZANU PF ran down the operations of hwange colliery. its not a secret that zanu demands money from hwange colliery for its campaigns and other useless spending. so imagine for the past many years hwange, zesa, netone, telone to just mention these few have been bank rolling the zanu pf campaigns which in most cases are dead weight investments. these companies have misdirected their financial resources and they are simply making the employees suffer. The solution to hwange collierys problems is simply the workers should take over the company and boot out the current shareholders period.

  • bringbackourfag

    Stop mis informing the nation please report chokwad moyo kwana

  • 1975

    This story is not true. This is bad reporting from the chronicle. journalists/ purveyors of lies. does it make sense for a company that is not in the business of making bricks to be paying people in bricks, why not just pay that little they have as salaries rather than acquiring bricks and incurring other carriage costs.. chronicle please please please report the truth or soon you will be paying your own employees with newspapers.

    • Nsukwini

      The colliery makes fire bricks Brother. For the furnaces. A fire brick is a brick capable of withstanding intense heat, used especially to line furnaces and fireplaces. It makes a really strong brick to build with.

  • Ds

    What are the bigwigs getting as salaries at this mine

  • chinos

    Cry my beloved patria. Cry. The pattern started by Phillip repeating itself now in parastatals. With impunity