‘I HOPE YOU KEEP YOUR JOB’…What magistrate told a teacher who sent gay videos to pupil

Gilbert Mano

Gilbert Mano

Elizabeth Tsuro Midlands Reporter
A MALE teacher who sent pornographic videos and a nude picture of himself to a 16-year-old male pupil at a top Gweru school has been spared jail. In a shock ruling, a magistrate released Gilbert Mano, 36, after ordering him to pay a $100 fine and said he hopes the teacher KEEPS HIS JOB.

Mano, of 177 Cape Street, Shurugwi, faces a shameful discharge from his job as a teacher at Fletcher High School after pleading guilty to distributing pornographic material.

Mano, who is thought to be gay, although he has a wife and children, claimed in court that the Fletcher High School Form 4 pupil — whom prosecutors believe he was trying to convert to homosexuality — had asked him to send the videos and nude picture.

He told Gweru magistrate Tayengwa Chibanda: “Indeed I sent my nude picture and the two videos after the complainant asked me to.”

Chibanda said he had considered that Mano was a first offender as he let him go with a fine.

“If you’re given a custodial sentence, you may lose your job and the court has considered that you’re a family man,” he said.

“You’ve to pay a fine of $100 and in default of payment you will have to spend 60 days in prison.”

Prosecuting, Lloyd Mavhisa told the court that on December 8 last year, Mano sent two gay pornographic videos and a nude picture of himself to the boy.

The pupil showed the offensive videos and pictures to his father who called the police.

Mavhisa said police investigations established that the mobile phone number which was used by Mano to send the picture and videos was registered in his name.

“The pornographic picture was printed from the informant and was brought to court as evidence,” said Mavhisa.

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  • Mvuzo

    He will be a danger to students if he is allowed to continue. He needs to repent. It’s not a matter of Northerner as Tonde would believe, ku mayelana lengane zethu in this crucial time. Soyicela nxa isivuthiwe.

    • Abel Ntakana

      Kunzima nxa esethumela abantwana izithombe ezihlazisa kanje. Kumele umzali asibophise lesi sikliwi sihlawule imali yokuzama ukungcolisa ingqondo yalolusana.

      • Mvuzo

        For sure mnumzana.Before he spreads his evil gospel to minors.

      • mhlathutshekile

        ngamanyala enja lawa awenzileyo, kaxotshwe esigabeni aye ebathakathini ethakathwe.

  • Max

    disgusting and satanic

  • Mpisi

    Tayengwa Chibanda is a very intelligent man indeed, he figured a custodial sentence will be akin to locking up an alcoholic in a bottle store……lol! I concur that would have been a bad idea…lol!

    • blarazonke

      KKKKkkkk, many on this platform would rather be locked up in bottle store.

    • katerere jakachira


  • mr lee

    asi mutongi mu Gay?

    • katerere jakachira


  • theza

    the internal disciplinary committee might find him unfit for the teaching profession if he can sink that low and fire him

  • Bambanani

    Magistrate wa too linient. Should have locked the fool in, so other prisoners can enjoy his bottom in jail.

  • Ghost of Sparta

    The judge was paid, plain and simple! This guy should have gone to jail for at least 2 years because he was grooming that boy so that he could sexually assault him later on.

    • N. Sithole

      Judge? What judge? The case was tried before a magistrate.

      • Ghost of Sparta

        whatever, it was a typo!

  • Major Generale

    Ngochani hadzifanirwi kurarama muno muZimbabwe.Nekuti dzinotinyadzisa zvikuru.Vakadzi vakawanda zvekusara surplus but unoona mumwe murume achiita hwekwa Canaan Banana.Get out of here iwe Mano!Dei atowedzerwa mutongo kuti adzidze hunhu hwevakodzeri veZimbabwe

    • Tonde

      Is it true that Banana was a Southerner?

      • Major Generale

        yep it is true

      • Major Generale

        yes it is

  • katerere Jakachira

    Surely this man is evil. When I read your article on this teacher I developed interest in the matter, consequently I decided to go to the court and see the record of proceedings for myself. I noted that the charge sheet does not mention the complainant as a student neither does the statement of agreed facts. This means the issue of the so called student is the journalist’s invertion. It is always important for a journalist to write the truth. The reasons for sentence are not as potrayed by the writer of this article.

  • katerere jakachira

    No magistrate in his right frame of mind would say that in court.

  • katerere jakachira

    sending somebody nude pictures of yourself does not automatically mean one is gay. Does it mean people sending pictures thru whatsp and facebook are gay. where is evidence that the teacher is gay? Who said the complainant is a student? chronicle tell us where u got this information.

    • Fred Muchena

      truth hurts