Importing restricted goods

The importation of certain types of goods into Zimbabwe is restricted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in terms of the Control of Goods (Import and Export) (Commerce) Regulations. Most of the goods coming into Zimbabwe are authorised under the Open General Import Licence (OGIL), which came into effect in 1996.

However, to date there has been quite a number of goods whose import is not permitted under OGIL. It implies then that such goods require an import licence obtainable from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Members of the public are hereby advised that with effect from February 12, 2016, the following goods no longer qualify under the Open General Import Licence and their importation requires an import licence with immediate effect:
-    Certain pharmaceutical medicines as listed in Statutory Instrument 18 of 2016. These include antacids, certain painkillers, certain antibiotics, and specified intravenous infusion (IV) fluids. Clients may wish to refer to the Statutory Instrument for a detailed list.
-    Second-hand clothing;
-    Second-hand shoes; and
-    Blankets, travelling rugs and related products as listed in Statutory Instrument 19 of 2016.

Please note that goods imported without the necessary import licences will be detained at the entry points pending production of such.

All importers are, therefore, urged to acquire these documents prior to the importation of the goods into the country to avoid any inconveniences at the time of importation and clearance.

- This article was compiled by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for information purposes only. ZIMRA shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from use of material in this article and no liability will attach to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

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