Indian investor conned by duo

Thandeka Moyo Court Reporter
AN Indian investor was swindled of $72,600 by two fraudsters in a nightclub deal, a court heard.

Uathalil Sasi Sanandhraj arrived in Zimbabwe on November 17 last year intent on establishing a nightclub business with Norman Kaziva, 46.

But prosecutors say Kaziva conspired with Simbarashe Mutsvanga, 32, a former immigration officer, to set Sanandhraj up for deportation by affixing a fake visa in his passport which would have seen him deported and lose out on his investment.

Kaziva and Mutsvanga on Tuesday appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Marylene Muchina charged with fraud.

They both pleaded not guilty. Muchina remanded them out of custody to April 11 on $200 bail each.

Sanandhraj, the court heard, met Kaziva at his place of work at Cattleman Restaurant last year and the two men discussed starting a business together. Sanandhraj tasked Kaziva to register their company as he would be one of the directors with 20 percent shares, said Denmore Kasenza, prosecuting.

But the court heard Kaziva drew up fake documents citing himself and Sanandhraj as directors. Kaziva, it is further alleged, forged a lease agreement between himself and the owner of Cloud 9 Nite Club leaving out Sanandhraj, thereby exposing the Indian businessman to a potential prejudice of $70,000 being investment in renovating the nightclub and buying stock.

Kasenza said when Sanandhraj advised Kaziva that his visa was about to expire, the latter led Sanandhraj to Mutsvanga, who masqueraded as an immigration officer and took Sanandhraj’s passport.

He returned the passport with a new visa which extended Sanandhraj’s stay to December 21. The dates on the visa were clumsily altered, leading Sanandhraj to suspect it was fake.

Sanandhraj, who later called the police, would have been arrested, deported and banned from the country upon presenting a passport with a fake visa at any immigration point of exit — leaving Kaziva and Mutsvanga to take over his business.


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  • koka

    these people are a uniquely evil breed. no wonder investors dont take zim serious.

    • Mirrror Mirror

      They know nothing about ethics, abalabo ubuntu, its unfortunate that this kind of conduct is what they believe is the so called “business mind” which they claim they have.

      • don’t discuss it on the phone

        What ethics, do you bank ethics, which businesses have ethics. My friend even the “Apples” and the “Micro softs” don’t have ethics that is why they are successful and their founders are billionaires.

        • koka

          typical zim mindset of cutting corners. ethics are the building blocks of society, business, etc. zim is in this mess due to lack of ethics. twenty years after independence we were in crisis mode. SA is 22 yrs older and still has one of the strongest economies in Africa and world over. they are about to impeach their president for lack of ethics. what are you doing about zanu’s lack of ethics and human rights? nada. you can’t even demonstrate because you will be killed.

        • Mirrror Mirror

          Did they start off their businesses through swindling people?? l dont think so

    • Sociopath


  • Ghost of Sparta

    Good thing they did not manage to con the Indian guy.

  • flawedjustice

    am afraid tat politics is at play here.nd if thandeka was a reporter with intergrity she would have interviewed the accused and wrote a balanced story not to fed us with the politically driven propaganda as she did

  • nhamodzenyika

    Zimbabweans shame shame shame, what is sad is this is the DNA of a Zimbo not only in Zimbabwe but everywhere else where we go. Nigerians have always been known as con men but at least they say it as well. Zimboz are devious and will steal from their own people. Pathetic lot

  • mesmerise

    this is just plain evil

  • blarazonke

    Well the Indians are not that much of angels as well.