Injiva goes berserk over rand comment

Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent
AN injiva from Gutu allegedly stabbed five men with an Okapi knife on their buttocks at a beer drink after they told him that the South Africa rand had become worthless.

Timothy Mabika, 46, of Chief Gutu allegedly stabbed Tendai Shoko, Menaart Hungwe and brothers Reuben, Miros, Trymore Jazira leaving them with serious wounds at Mpandawana Growth Point.

The men had to be rushed to Masvingo General Hospital with their trousers soaked in blood following the attack on Boxing Day.

A relative of one of the victims, Gabriel Majomba said what started as a simple argument nearly turned tragic when Mabika put a hand in his pocket and drew an Okapi knife before stabbing the five men on their buttocks.

“Mabika was drinking beer with the five victims at Mpandawana Growth Point at around 4 PM. He was the one buying them beer,” said Majomba.

“One of them, probably after having one too many told Mabika that his money was valueless. Trymore Jazira told him that the South African rand was useless and people no longer wanted it in Zimbabwe.”

He said Mabika warned Trymore against speaking ill of the currency that was buying him beer.

Trymore allegedly persisted and his friends joined in.

Majomba said an infuriated Mabika drew a knife and charged at Trymore who hid behind his brother, Reuben.

“The group tried to restrain Mabika but he overpowered them. They started fleeing with Mabika in hot pursuit. He caught up with them and stabbed them on buttocks one by one leaving them seriously injured,” he said.

Masvingo spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula said:

“That isn’t to our knowledge, the case could have happened and the victims decided not to report.”

However, hospital officials said the five were admitted on Sunday after they were rushed to hospital on Saturday with deep stab wounds on their buttocks.

“Five men were admitted at our hospital’s male surgical ward and had stab wounds on their buttocks. They all gave a similar account of how their drinking mate, based in South Africa stabbed them following an argument over the value of rand,” said an official.

Masvingo provincial medical director Dr Amadeaus Shamu declined to comment saying doing so is unethical according to the patients’ charter.

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  • theza

    These injivas can be dangerous, he was showing them how he gets his rands through the okapi down South

  • Legal Eagle

    You are right there. Only problem is that hospitals are required by Law to report stab and gunshot wounds. If a docket has been created he might find himself dealing with a statute of limitations.

  • kd

    the case was not reported to the police read well

  • fabiene montoya

    I’ve decided not to partake on this platform anymore, there is too much strife,bitter conflict, heated often violent dissension and lack of agreement or harmony..

  • Volcanic Eruption

    Wrong, do your research well please. You were mis-informed by your sources.