Jail for no spare wheel…New traffic regulations take effect immediately

roadblockFreeman Razemba Harare Bureau
MOTORISTS who drive vehicles without a spare wheel, reflective triangles and a fire extinguisher risk going to jail as the government tightens traffic regulations to reduce carnage on the roads.

It is now an offence for any motor vehicle to be fitted with more than two spot lights. Those who flout the regulations, if convicted are liable to a fine or imprisonment.

The regulations were made by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Joram Gumbo, in terms of section 81 of the Road Traffic Act (Chapter 13:11) and they came into operation on December 14, 2015.

According to the new Road Traffic (Construction, Equipment and Use) Regulations, 2015 outlined in Statutory Instrument 129 of 2015, it is now an offence for any motor vehicle to have more than two spot lights fitted on it while it is mandatory for motorists to carry a spare wheel, reflective triangles, tools kit and a fire extinguisher.

The government said any motor vehicle may be equipped with not more than two spot lights and they shall be fitted at a height lower than that of the head lamps and shall be focused as to avoid dazzling the vision of the driver of an oncoming vehicle on a level road.

“No person shall drive a motor vehicle on any road if the vehicle is fitted with more than two spot lights,” reads part of the regulations.

“It’s also an offence to use the spot lights to interfere with the vision of any person on the road and to use them in such a manner as to cause annoyance to any person, whether on a road or not.”

A spot light fitted to a motor vehicle and used solely for the purposes of hunting, searching and night repair work maybe fitted above the lamps and shall be mounted in such a manner that they are easily detachable when not in use, according to the regulations.

All vehicles are required to have a spare wheel, fire extinguisher and tools and failure to comply would attract a pernalty.

“No person shall drive a motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle on any road unless the vehicle is equipped with a serviceable spare wheel; and an efficient jack; and a wheel-brace or wheel-spanner capable of undoing the vehicle’s wheel-nuts; and in the case of a light motor vehicle, a serviceable fire extinguisher weighing a minimum of zero comma seven five kilogrammes (0.75kg); or a heavy vehicle, a serviceable fire extinguisher weighing a minimum of one comma five kilogrammes (1.5kg),” reads the regulations.

The fire extinguishers should also be of a type and make approved by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe or any other International Standards Authority, which approval shall be visibly marked on the fire extinguisher.

It should also be secured at an easily accessible and visible position within the cab of a vehicle.

Public service vehicles shall be equipped with a fire extinguisher or fire extinguishers as provided for in the Public Service Vehicle Regulations.

According to the regulations, this does not apply to motor vehicles bearing foreign registration number plates that are in transit or on a temporary entry permit.

“Any person who contravenes some of the sections of the regulations commits an offence and shall be liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding level five, or to a period or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both such a fine and imprisonment.”

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  • Professor of Law

    This is just going to initiate more bribes! It is as if these people are blind to the crisis we find ourselves in. Cry my beloved country, to the abyss of lost nations…

  • Fezela

    The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who can not learn, unlearn and relearn

  • Doctor Do More

    doesnt change the fact that this statutory instrument was not clearly thought through.

  • Jotham

    Relevance please – stop hallucinating by debating non- material issues.

  • Doctor Do Little

    Does your last word in your comment “mabharanzi” suggest that all Zimbabweans are Shonas or its you who’s a SHONA, please be specific????.

  • Zebron Dube

    Uyagula wena Jotham

  • chitayitayi

    The minister really is offline on this issue,he has not investigated the root course of accidents in the country.These are mainly over speeding,animals in the road mechanical breakdowns,damage to the roads by abnormal loads meant for rail transport,under age/under qualified commuter omnibus drivers,This has nothing to do with spare wheels vests and fire extinguishers.I think this issue needs constitutional court challenge as this is total abuse of authority and tax payers money

  • MaGumede

    Bonus for the cops

  • Zuze

    Vusu its that crack head that is using everybody’s name. Not me.

  • Essexvale

    Like I told the old crow earlier on … I shall be back with a vengeance. Although without the vitriolic and unnecessary insulting language. I shall be only too happy to engage you and the other misfits fingers-on. Perhaps that way, we’ll be able to see some semblance of sanity returning to this platform!

    • Doctor Do little (ORIGINAL)

      Back with a vengeance what, what, too much watching the movie “Die hard with a vengeance”.

      It’s bedtime little brat, go make yourself comfortable on the bed, yes on that bed my dear. Now go ahead & show mummy that you are a good boy you won’t wake up as soon as I turn off the lights.

      Now the lights are off, don’t dare move a muscle (Bozo).

  • Essexvale

    Why wait for some semi educated person who has to resort to half baked sound bites in order to make him/herself understood?Can’t you take up the responsibility yourself?

  • guduza

    there are Ncubes, Dubes Ndlovus in Kwa Zulu original from that part of Africa
    are you sure you know what you talking about, the zanu history that happened in 1980 confused you, is that what they taught you in Zim school system?

  • blarazonke

    Now that you know the real me, do you want war or what. Should I load my guns or what?????