‘Jindu killed to harvest body parts on SA inyanga’s instruction’

Rodney Tongai Jindu

Rodney Tongai Jindu

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A SOUTH African inyanga has been linked to the brutal murder of a Bulawayo man who was shot and killed by a suspected serial killer in the city.

The inyanga — only identified as Ndimande — allegedly enticed Rodney Tongai Jindu (26) of Glengarry suburb with promises of instant riches if he delivered the body of a person with a Ncube surname.

Jindu, who is on remand for the murders of his friends Mboneli Joko Ncube (30) and Cyprian Kudzurunga (28), was allegedly introduced to Ndimande by a man he went to college with in South Africa.

Senior police sources told The Chronicle last night that Ndimande and Jindu’s unidentified collegemate came to Bulawayo sometime last month and approached him with a proposal to harvest body parts for ritual purposes.

They said Jindu then set in motion a plan to murder Ncube.

“On 12 January at about 7PM, Jindu met Ncube and his friend at a supermarket at the intersection of Robert Mugabe Way and 11th Avenue. They drove to Burnside where they dropped off Ncube’s friend who lives in the same suburb before proceeding to number 13 Westmount Road – a vacant residential stand.

“Ncube had been told that they were going to meet Ndimande to discuss a business proposal. Once they got to the site, Jindu asked Ncube to lead the way towards the cottage. He then cocked his gun but told Ncube not to worry as he was doing it in case there were snakes around.

“He then shot him once and he fell but did not die instantly. The second shot finished him off. Jindu then called Ndimande using a simcard he had been given specifically for the purposes of calling the inyanga. Ndimande came with some unidentified men and Jindu handed them the body,” said a source familiar with the investigations.

On the same night, Jindu allegedly removed Ncube’s simcard and inserted it into his phone before sending a message to the latter’s mother informing her that he was leaving for South Africa.

“He did this to throw her off track — the same modus operandi he later used to sidetrack Kudzurunga’s mother into thinking that her son had left the country,” said the source.

According to the source, Ndimande and his men called Jindu on the morning of January 13 and handed him the remains of Ncube with several body parts missing.

A post-mortem report released yesterday revealed that apart from the hand, head and both legs, the heart was also missing from the dismembered body of Ncube.

Ndimande and his men are believed to have crossed back to South Africa with the body parts but were yet to make good on the promises of $20 000 and a Toyota Quantum they had offered Jindu at the time he was arrested.

“When we interviewed him, he was visibly frustrated that Ndimande was no longer reachable and might never pay him for the job.

“He also told us Ndimande had said he should urinate and conduct some rituals on the four sites where he buried Ncube’s remains so that he could have good luck and attain riches,” said the source.

It has also emerged that Jindu opened up to his friend, Kudzurunga, about the murder of Ncube on January 29 – the day he killed him. The two had spent the day drinking alcohol at Jindu’s home.

“The matter was eating him inside and he decided to offload to his close friend. It seems Kudzurunga was shocked by the revelation that Jindu had murdered their mutual friend and this unsettled the latter.

“They argued over the matter but Kudzurunga could not stomach the disturbing news. That’s when Jindu decided to kill him,” said the source.

Jindu (25) allegedly shot Kudzurunga before before burying him in a shallow grave next to Ncube’s remains.

A DNA report set to be released this week is expected to confirm the identity of the mutilated remains found in Burnside.

Jindu allegedly told investigators the body is that of Ncube who was last seen with him on January 12 this year.

He allegedly cut the dismembered body into four pieces, burnt them and buried them in four shallow graves.

Police arrested Jindu on February 3 for allegedly killing Kudzurunga .

He was remanded in custody to February 21 for both murder cases and the magistrate advised him to apply to the High Court for bail.

Meanwhile, police in Bulawayo are carrying out a firearm audit on all gun owners following an upsurge in crimes involving firearms.

The audit will be done to update police records.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Province police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango urged residents with firearms to report to the nearest police station with their firearms and certificates.

“In terms of Section 4 (1) of the Firearms Act chapter 10: 09, it is an offence to purchase, acquire or have in possession any firearm or ammunition without a firearms certificate. We therefore call upon all firearm holders to report to their nearest police stations with their firearms and certificates to enable us to update our records,” said Insp Simango.

“We also take this opportunity to call upon all those who are keeping firearms that were left behind by their late relatives or relatives who relocated to other areas or countries to hand them over to the police for proper procedures to be followed,” she said.

Insp Simango said those who brought registered firearms from other areas outside Bulawayo should report to the nearest police stations for change of addresses to be recorded.

“In terms of Section 6(1) (a) of the Firearms Act 10:09, it is an offence to keep a firearm at an address not given on the certificate.

“Police are urging members of the public to comply with the provision of Section 27 (2) of the Firearms Act Chapter 10:09 which compels authorised holders of firearms to take necessary precautions to prevent firearms from falling into possession of unauthorised persons. Most firearms are feared to be in the wrong hands because authorised holders of firearms are lending them to strangers, employees, friends and relatives,” she said.

Insp Simango urged members of the public to report to the nearest police station, any person (s) in their neighbourhoods suspected to be in possession of a firearm (s).

“Identities of whistle blowers will be kept secret,” she said.

Insp Simango listed procedures to be followed for a person to obtain a gun licence.

“A certificate from AREX or District Administrator’s office if the firearm is needed for crop and livestock protection.

“If the firearm is for hunting, a certificate from the department of National parks and owner of the farm is needed.

“Applications for firearms for target shooting should be accompanied by supporting documents from the chairman, secretary or treasurer of the Gun Club.

“If the firearm is for home protection, it should be accompanied by a recommendation letter from the officer commanding police in the province, a current bank statement and a letter from the bank manager.

“A gun cabinet inspection certificate from the local police station should be produced.

“Police clearance from your nearest police station is needed and finally a firearm certificate application form is then completed and sent to central Firearm registry,” said the police spokesperson.

Last Wednesday, armed robbers brandishing pistols and an AK47 rifle raided two service stations in Bulawayo and fired a shot at one of them before getting away with cash.

In the first robbery, three men armed with pistols got away with airtime recharge cards and cash worth $1 260 and two cellphones at Zuva Service Station in Woodlands suburb.

One man slinging an AK47 rifle robbed attendants of about $150 and a cellphone at a Total Service Station at the corner of 10th Avenue and Robert Mugabe Way in the city centre.


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  • Bongani Dlamini

    means this son of a gukurahundee had always been evil, possibly something he learnt from his parents. I still insist that his family (parents) be thoroughly probed. the gukurahundi style killing (kill unsuspecting, innocent, unarmed people and bury in shallow graves) is something he got from somewhere.his next victims were going to be those close to his 2 victims, possibly the mothers who received his get away SMSs

    • Rex Nhongo

      Please do not mix issues,I do understand what u are saying,but the truth is getting rich fast is associated with negative consequences,therefore Zim Law should expose Jindu to a firing squad,he must be killed now.

    • Misheck

      Lets not use hate Language here or try to degrade other people ,remember
      we have all the machinery to track you wherever you are using IP
      address and encryption technology,we will pay you a visit at night ndoda
      and you will not like the visit.Forewarned is forearmed.

      • zamo

        Ukhulumuthuvi shona lothuvi

      • Nsukwini

        Mischeck please pay me a visit. I have a nice present waiting for you. Please use my IP address. I will destroy you like a Rabid dog.

  • Zwide KaLanga

    This is playing out just like a movie, kodwa loJindu madoda hai hai…there are many people who are involved in ritual murders using witchcraft to achieve the same objectives of prosperity as in this article. The ones who kill using witchcraft far more outnumber those who murder physically like Jindu and the later never get arrested and they roam the streets freely with their ill earned riches.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Your analysis is very accurate ndoda. Thank you.

      • Question Mark?

        How does he know there are lots of them and they are roaming free? Did he carry a census?He must be one of hose ritual killers roaming free.

        • MgamezulukaHlatshwayo

          Ezinye izinto kungcono uvale nje umlomo wakho uthule nje nxa ungela nto yokukhuluma wena slimandini

  • Ndwangu

    The way Jindu’s mother defended the son raises eyebrows . If she says it was a mistake to kill Kadzungura then it means she knew that they needed the Ncube’s only.

  • T-one

    mmmm I dont know if people who use the guns for illegal business will be forth coming with the registering of the fire arms so the exercise might be futile. having said that this guy is really stupid and evil.

  • Citizen

    I guess this guy simply deserve death sentence, nothing more or less, it could have been quickly so that we forget about this. His murders could go to 10 if properly interrogated. He can close many dockets.

  • munhu

    Chronicle stop contradicting yourself, 1st paragraph you say Jindu is 26years then as you get deeper with the story u say he is 25years. which is which?

    • Masekwameng

      Maybe he is 25 and half kkk

  • koka

    and the investigators believe that they is a sangoma called Ndimande in SA who came for body parts? I can tell you now the sangoma is somewhere in mashonaland. this boy simply doesn’t want the truth known. they should torture him more.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Ritual murders are numerous in South Africa and that is a fact. Those own Tikolotshis/Ondofa etc get them from South Africa. To dismiss his story is simply meant to bolster your tribal rubbish. Were you part of the Ndimande gang or what.

    • Ghost of Sparta

      I think you are part of the Ndimande gang; the police should investigate you. Discus should give the police your details.

      • Joram

        Mr Sparta i think you are right. Koka seems to have inside information. He should be made to sweat so he can tell us what he knows.

        • nyoni

          what koka is trying to say there is more, mushonga up that side in mash land for example there is someone who now uses a padlock to lock people who stays in Chi town

          • Judge Dread

            No. This Koka knows the direction from which Ndimande comes and his name ‘Koka’ is not southern.Koka is Ndimande. Ndimande is Koka. Fullstop. When they arrest him and bring him to the courts, he gets a death sentnce. Judge dread has sentenced him to death by hanging until he is very very dead.

          • koka

            for your info, koka is a Fengu surname. our language is similar to Xhosa. most of our people live under chief Ndiweni in Ntabazinduna. we are part of the bigger Ndebele tribe as abasenhla.

          • Masekwameng

            You seem to know your history well Koka. Have you ever noticed something interesting?. Most of the people who are quick to speak about Shona land actually come from the North. Maybe they miss home. I have seen it in SA too. Most people who speak bad about foreigners actually come from that other side kkkkiiiii

          • nyoni

            l have just been reading Kwayedza that a cat went to mourn a dead person

  • Koronyera

    The buyers are locals who Jindu is protecting. Homicide must not believe this at all. You will be shocked the DNA results come out with a different person not Ncube. A maximum of 4 people he killed my gut feeling tells me.

    • De ja Vu

      Police mus not leave out Jindu’s mother in this investigation. Last week she spoke through the window defending her son saying Kudzurunga’s murder was a mistake. Who was she trying to fool?

      • sigadula

        For me the mother is innocent. She could not believe that her own son could have turned into an animal. Let us not try to be hard and acusse the mother. Icala alidle umninilo hatshi abazali bombulalli

        • another mother

          To me the mother isn’t innocent especially if she was aware the young man was up to something, first as a mother myself l will become suspicious if l hear my son push a wheel barrow in the night l will suspect either theft or murder, l will not hesitate to peep through the window with the light off to really see what is happening , then he loads something into the boot, wasn’t the mom aware of the shape of the luggage being shoved into the boot. As a mother you can tell something is wrong if you look at the expression on your child’s face after committing a crime that he has done something wrong, even those who keep pet dogs end up having the ability to read the correct expression of the pets face that it has done something wrong and is sorry, or that it has detected something strange and is geared for attack . The mother should have reported that type of movement which occurred in the night to the Police

          • Pastor Maldonado

            Don’t judge other people. For example, if you want God’s anointing to be on you for parenting, you need to be careful not to criticize other parents.

          • MaGumede

            But pastor there are people in this world who spend every day making important decisions, troubleshooting, refereeing fights, nursing egos, doing damage control, and multi-tasking. They are called mothers.

          • Pastor Maldonado

            Cannot argue with that.

      • Nkunzemnyama

        Okwamanje unina akalacala, kodwa uma uyathinteka kuzavela during further police interrogation or e court.

  • Fairer

    It is now clear the murder of Ncube was premeditated for ritual purposes and that of Kudzurunga was to conceal evidence on the first murder.I hope the law will be fair and pronounce a death sentence or life imprisonment

  • qili

    ujindu wabuthatha ngaphi ubugebenga obunje

  • brian

    how was a 25 year old boy given a gun licence to begin with ? who authorised such a thing ?

    • big

      A 25 year old is not a boy. He is a man. So gun licences are for 40 year olds? In other countries at 18 you can get a licence for a long muzzled gun. At 21 you can get a licence for a short gun. There just has to be a justifiable reason in your application for the licence. The fact is that a gun in the wrong hands is always dangerous. In this case, a gun fell into the wrong hands. The hands of a killer, or to be modest, the hands of someone who had got accustomed to killing.

      When some of us grew up we were using catapults for bird shooting or just plain fun as early as 7 years old and a catapult in the wrong hands can be equally as dangerous. But we never pointed them at each other under any circumstances.

      • Bongani Dlamini

        This is not other countries. This is Zerombabwe run by a centurian. a Zerombabwe that made zero of 50 thousand innocent lives. a zerombabwe that has just been shocked by this jindu incident who gukurahundi style has made zero of his innocent friends for the love of money.

        • Misheck

          Lets not use hate Language here or try to degrade other people ,remember we have all the machinery to track you wherever you are using IP address and encryption technology,we will pay you a visit at night ndoda and you will not like the visit.

          • cassandra

            are you jindu’s gang

          • Misheck

            i am not and never will be.

          • DeKepekepe

            Get away you stupid fool stop intimidating others on this forum people are free to say what they think

          • Bongani Dlamini

            wethusela bani wena mbuzi

          • Misheck

            I have got you on my tracker.

          • Nsukwini

            iNdwangu yindwangu. We will pull you out from a storm drain like Sadam Hussein. Itracker kanyoko.

        • Pastor Maldonado

          Whilst the country’s ills can be linked to a Government we cannot link a persons mindset to a political party. Crime yes. Not this type of crime. Be thankful that those that caught this man did. He was about to go on a spree.

      • brian

        I hear you sir we cant ignore the perpetrator’s evil intentions and the need to take responsibility in all this , that is not what i was trying to do. apologies if it came out that way, My point here is that stricter laws have to be put when dealing with gun ownership . The fact that gun related crimes have increased over the years is a sign that there is something wrong with the system somewhere. Two families
        have lost their kids in the most terrible manner, but let not their deaths be in vain. As we mourn these young lives let us self-reflect as a nation and see where we failed them, maybe if this jindu boy had not been in possession of a gun maybe killing these precious souls would not have been easy . Yes he is an evil person with evil thoughts but if you remove the gun from the equation then maybe his evil thoughts would have died in his head because he had no apparatus to execute them. All I’m saying is that the difference between the conception of the crime and the enactment of the crime is the presence of a gun. Without the gun maybe the headlines would have been different. Maybe Ncube could have fought him of. Maybe! He definately would have had a fighting chance to be alive today.

        So let’s fight for better gun legislations, let’s not compare our country with countries like America and SA who are in a state of disrepair because of poor controls. While we relook the gun control laws we might as well look into the laws governing kombi drivers, the havoc that these young boys are doing on our roads is just as bad, let’s not wait for another headline.

        • Pastor Maldonado

          If we get our Police policing the way they used to there is no need for anyone in the City to have a gun. The less guns the better. The less knives the better, Good contribution Brian.

        • Ghost of Sparta

          He could have used a hammer to bludgeon them from the back. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. His mission was to kill and he would have done so with or without a gun.

  • theza

    ndimande could be a local person who should be brought to book before they kill a lot of people ngumuthi bani olegazi lomuntu

  • siba

    kanti imota yakhe wayithenga ngani egxenye wabulala omunye wayamthengisela undimande

  • Nqobile Mthekuzah

    its all Roberto and Jonatham’s falt if the economy was well here and if the education was also fine here then Jindu wouldn’t have to go to SA where he got this satanic influence from his friend at college. Im not justifying his actions though the guy deserves a death sentence you can’t go around killing friend nge nxa yemali, uzayidla lobaa imali yankona nxa usubulele abangani

    • koko Soko

      Your arguments are remotely connected to the cause of the murders.So, just because the economy is bad I should move around killing people? Never rationale crime commission with some national issues affecting everyone.

    • Idi Amin

      I think it was this guy’s issue, Nigeria and West Africa are worse!!!!!!

  • another mother

    there is a possibility of a syndicate out there that does ritual murders homicide should not rest. They should persuade him to reveal these people or may be its to do with a cult

  • qondani

    At first it was malayitsha, I doubt that the nyanga is Ndimande and in SA these evil people might be locals
    . 25 year old given a gun to kill. This mother???

  • phiri

    Inyanga yakhona kungenzeka ikhonaphana e Queens Park ezitolo kungenzakala kulomuntu ogangileyo oqinisa ibhizimusi lakhe ngezitho zabantu esenza ‘inxwala’ zakhe, kabaye fuza ezitolo

  • Freedom Sengwayo

    Ncube led the way to the cottage..Jindu cocked guna dn told him not to worry incase there were snakes…whos witnessing this?

    • Dunderhead

      nguJindu ozikhulumelayo.

    • koko Soko

      It’s a confession of the murderer himself to CID officials who are being quoted by media as the source because they are not authorized to talk to the media at their rank level. Some stuff needs intelligence to comprehend.

  • VhaVenda

    This Jindu guy is not going to be arrested but will be recruited to the CIO for 2018 elections mass murders. The courts will consider him mentally challenged. His CV and intelligence is good for the central intelligence organisation. He also keeps secrets even after being tortured. Check his facts on who sent him to kill. First it was malaitsha now its Ndimande. This guy is prepared to die with the truth.

    • Kalanga Princess

      Its clear he is covering for someone. His mother perhaps? Into lezi zokuthola ama riches through killing, the family is usually involved. i suspect the mother.

  • Misheck

    One regular Contributor i can see he is using the same IP Address ,but he is sending hate language every time he make a contribution,stop it before the full arm of the law catches up with you.

    • zibisenja

      misheck stop being junduish…we talking of murder you are busy threatening of the arm of the law my foot ,while police officers are picketed at every road like potholes…..this jundu fired all these shots on different days and no arm of the law heard or …..thats because the police have neglected their mandate……i propose we give the ministry of home affairs to the professor for a while

  • Misheck

    This Disqus Forum is for meaningful and mature contributions.Its not a forum for showing or scoring Tribal Vandettas.Lets Build Zimbabwe together.

  • kk

    where are the owners of the stand?

  • Mutsa

    what did he kill with the other bullets not accounted for, 32 of them. so far he acounted for 4 bullets on two people,

  • Fred Moyo

    All Ncubes plz be on high alert. If possible beef up your personal security.

    • Ikoko

      Ncube blood is very dangerous. Mboneli will fight for himself, big time. In fact all those who were killed by Jindu will fight for themselves . Mukai mese muzvirirwe . Jindu hasi mupari wenyu.

  • Nqobile Mthekuzah

    yah a lesson to us all lets not covert those young boys who roll in those flashy cars and those injivas who come back here with those top of the range cars while on the other hand we can’t trace their reasonable source of income. Some of them would have jundulised their friends to get those cars.

  • Doctor Do little

    It is very interesting to read contributions on this platform. It is also very worrying. I know my fellow Zimbabweans are fully aware of their surroundings and can basically make very informative deductions. What is worrying is the superstition that engulfs us educated or not. Here you have a man that committed a heinous crime which because he is such a devious character he tried to conceal so that it would never be known what happened to his victim. A few days later it is discovered he committed another crime of the same nature. During interrogation he tries to include some other players into his crime. We start to speculate and say that so and so should be arrested and this and that. Satanism? I think all serial killers that kill without a motive have a satanic heart. I however think that if we are to identify these people so as to protect the nation we need to move forward where the field of physiological forensic is concerned.Forensic psychology is the interaction of the practice or study of psychology and the law. Psychologists interested in this line of applied work may be found working in prisons, rehabilitation centres, and police departments.Doing this they get experience in profiling not only the mind of serial killers but also the minds of other criminals . Once they get this experience then it will be easier to profile and catch criminals. This of course can only be effective if there is a good data base because all criminals have a” Modus Operandi” whilst serial killers normally have both a Modus Operandi and a “Signature”(the personal mark or imprint of the killer) I hope that I don’t come across as a person that thinks he knows it all. I don’t know it all. When I am on this Platform I take everybody seriously. I can say that I have learnt much from each and every one of you and it is a pleasure to debate with you..

    • Ghost of Sparta

      You are very correct; we need to avoid the superstitious part of it and concentrate on the scientific part.

      • Doctor Do little

        Thanks. You have been one of the voices of reason. I can only appeal to those that are serious about such issues on this our platform to refrain from trying to make these situations racial or tribal. We have seen the vampire killer. We have seen Michael Swango. We now see this man. They are all similar in one way and one way only. They are killers. It has nothing to do with where they come from or what race or tribe they are.

        • Clarence

          Thank you for your sanity doctor! I don’t understand why all the MaNdex are saying taht this guy is a serial killer because he is Shona. Down with tribalism in all its forms!

    • MakhosiXamu

      Your analysis is too bookish to say the least. Science is for those that lack lack the spiritual aspect of life. The spirit has influence over flesh(physical belongingness) and that is why we use our intelligence(bookish) that is our experience as we try to survive. The African methodology is very much aware of the spiritual dimension and that is why the issues of superstition/witchcraft and Satanism take centre stage. From the evidence so far gathered by the police Jindu has killed large number of people for ritual purposes(getting riches). He misfired when he targeted his personal friends and now he faces a death. More bodies are being discovered and that this man survived on selling human body parts.

      • Doctor Do little

        Bookish or not the fact of the matter is that it has been proven time and time again that forensic play a big part in criminology. We might be far behind as far as this is concerned but if you look at the second victim, are you saying that we should use our intelligence to identify him or just take Jindu’s word for it that the mutilated body is of who he says it is? No. We use science so there is no reasonable doubt hence the DNA test. Criminal Science is a reality. That is why Universities abroad offer a degree for it. It would seem that in your opinion psychiatrists are not necessary in a community. Maybe you would prefer a degree in witchcraft . Your opinion in this matter makes a mockery of African intelligence. Some of the top Pathologist plying their trade in the first world are From Africa. Are they too bookish? The man survived on selling human parts? Have the Police found the “loot” he made from this trade? Hogwash to install fear into people like you. You need to “BOOK UP” and move with the times.

      • Nsukwini

        Wena Ntwala can you speak sense when you speak with elders. Otherwise go play outside.

  • God Help Us

    My dear people how can we move forward as a nation with this kind of satanic spirit prevailing in our society.

    • Pastor Maldonado

      We move forward by identifying it and containing it. This is a world wide phenomenon. We as Christians are protected by the blood of Jesus so that Satan can do us no harm. We have however people in our communities that are not Satan but of him. I read Doctor DL and see what he means. God gave us the scientific ability to protect us from ourselves and our own. We need to use it.

  • S

    This witchcraft thing should be outlawed on the continent

    It would be nice if Human rights organsations and members of Civil Society would bring this issue up how many people are being killed for rituals

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    Ukuthanda imali khonokhu!!
    And in this country WE ALL KNOW who WORSHIP money. The Bible talk of idolatry (worship of idols). For these people – and WE ALL KNOW THEM – money is their IDOL

    Abroad they commit fraud and other crimes of deceit. And they think this can miraculously not be the total ruins IT IS. And they boast and tell each other that they are the world’s cleverest TRIBE. And yes you heard me correctly — cleverest tribe — of beggars, fraudsters, murderers, plunderers… etc, etc

  • The Real Soldier

    A few years back ZTv reported live from somewhere around Solusi of the killing of Cain Nkala (may his soul rest in peace) whose remains were allegedly found in a shallow grave. The alleged killers were paraded on TV. Rueben Barwe was the reporter, in a style mimicking CNN. All the alleged killers are all out. What happened? We may be too quick to take this. The brutality in our police can make anyone own a cooked story, and accept responsibility on what one has no hand on.

  • akimu

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