JUST IN: 200 injured in Johannesburg train crash


Emergency services in South Africa say that at least 200 people have been injured in a train crash.

No fatalities have been reported so far in the incident in Germiston, a town around 12 miles (20 km) east of Johannesburg.

Many of the passengers were commuters on their way to work.

It is not clear what caused the collision, but local media is reporting that an incoming train hit a stationary train from behind.

Paramedics say passengers sustained “minor to moderate” injuries and will receive further treatment in hospital.

It follows a fatal collision last week when a truck hitting a train at a level crossing in Kroonstad, in Free State province, which is now known to have killed 19 people.

Footage from television news showed fire engulfing one of the train’s carriages after the accident, which occurred as it travelled between Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.

Several carriages were overturned when emergency services arrived. Pic: @ER24EMS

Several carriages were overturned when emergency services arrived. Pic: @ER24EMS

Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi said at the time that the train, which was carrying 700 passengers, jumped the tracks after hitting the truck, which was attempting to negotiate a level crossing.

South Africa has the continent’s largest railway network, but it has been plagued by mismanagement and under-investment that has seen train use dwindle despite it being the cheapest from of public transportation.

In a recent report, the government’s Rail Safety Regulator (RSR) said that, in the 2016/17 financial year, 495 people lost their lives in the country’s railway environment and 2 079 were injured.— BBC/Reuters


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  • Mbombela

    A blast from our past???

    • Mama Anah


      • Mbombela

        You don’t understand? Our past was such that corruption started with the mismanagement of institutions like the NRZ. Is that a bit clearer now?

        • Mama Anah


          • justanothernickname

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