JUST IN: African Dream brings Byo to a standstill … As residents jostle to get a glimpse of the houseboat … Handlers forced to cut trees for boat to maneuver

The African Dream as it passes through Bulawayo with residents taking "selfies" while posing next to the houseboat

The African Dream as it passes through Bulawayo with residents taking “selfies” while posing next to the houseboat

Pictures by Andile Tshuma and Obey Sibanda

 BULAWAYO residents for the past two days have been jostling to catch a glimpse of the African Dream, a houseboat believed to be one of the biggest to have been built in Zimbabwe which is destined for Namibia.

The boat will be launched onto the Zambezi River.

The houseboat, with a carrying capacity of 16 people, was built at GDI Engineering in Msasa, Harare, is on its way to Victoria Falls en route to Namibia.

It will operate as a floating luxury hotel.

Crew members transporting the houseboat are seen cutting trees along the road to enable the trucking touring it to maneuver past

Crew members transporting the houseboat are seen cutting trees along the road to enable the trucking touring it to maneuver past

According to the boat’s handlers, they chose to use the longer route to Victoria Falls to avoid traffic congestion that is associated with the Harare-Bulawayo Highway, as that could have resulted in a major disruption of traffic flow.


On Sunday afternoon, social media was ablaze with Bulawayo residents taking pictures while posing next to the houseboat which arrived in the city on its journey to Victoria Falls.


By Monday afternoon the crew transporting the houseboat had to resort to cutting down trees within the Central Business District so as to ensure that the “abnormal load” fits on the road as it slowly made its way to join the Bulawayo – Victoria Falls highway.


The boat is being accompanied by a police escort, and a plethora of technicians.

On Monday morning some schools in the city even organised field trips for their students to just see the huge spectacle as it passed through the city.


One resident, Mrs Nomsa Ndiweni, said with the way her children were excited on seeing the houseboat, she had decided that during this year’s festive season she was either going to follow the African Dream to Namibia or go for a boat cruise at the Victoria Falls.

“I am going to follow the African Dream’s journey online and if I am lucky we might be able to book for a stay when it launches in Namibia,” she said.

House boat on its way to Vic Falls 1


Crew members seen cutting down trees along the road

Crew members seen cutting down trees along the road


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  • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

    I thought it was Zodwa Wabantu being paraded on the streets again.

    • Gundungu

      Wena propose to her Manni. You are so obsessed with Zodwa that you even wanted to be her maid. Ssidiniwe ngawe Manni.

    • Mr Bantu

      Hey stop talking about my wife like you know her! Just because she doesn’t wear panties doesn’t give you the right to talk about her like you know her!

  • Kevin

    Carrying capacity of 16 ? why does that sound wrong for a houseboat that huge !

  • Ngqabitha

    Bantu be chronicle lingamazanka sibili, how can a boat of that magnitude have a carrying capacity of 16 people? Hlukanani lembanje bafana

    • Leon

      at first they said 300, now its 16

    • Ikopo ayisebenze

      Ngqabitha, its possible if they they its a luxury hotel boat as it could mean that its a 16-40 room boats. abantu abangu 300 behlezi katshi when its a luxury boat

      • Muta

        If you’ve been following this story from the onset, then you would understand Ngqabitha


      Insangu, hayi imbanje!!!

  • ThaDoggPound

    What is the longer route to Vic Falls that avoids the Harare-Bulawayo highway?

    • big

      Also wondering.

    • musa


      • ThaDoggPound

        I see.
        But I would think that would be very busy with the Hre-Beitbridge traffic.

        • musa

          true that. it’s actually said to be the most busy road in our country.

        • amateur panama vandal

          sorry but are you sure you are being entirely honest with yourself about your behaviour and the nature of your relationships?

    • amateur panama vandal

      Impossible to judge this situation. There simply isn’t enough information. we aren’t being told the entire story.

  • benjamin

    I hope the tree branches sacrificed were very minimal. Coz nothing beautifies the streets as trees do.


    Zimpapers you are jokers without shame!!! Last week you said the boat has a carrying capacity of 30 people and was destined for Botswana. Today its a totally different number and destination!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Asa

    I wonder why the company did not go and build this steamer there in NAMIBIA

  • Weevilite

    Who authorized the murder of our trees? Are we going to be compensated?

  • Joram

    Shame it looks like the people of Bulawayo are not used to boats. They are only used to crocodiles as they doggy paddle across the Limpopo to go to Mzansi.


      Shona 1979 ZANU PF Grand Plan mentality. Who is surprised?


    After 37 years in power a responsible government would by now have managed to build a highway between Harare and Victoria Falls or Lupane at least

    There would not have been a need for this boat taking this long route.

    As we speak, all Highways in Zim were built by White Rhodesians.

    Apart from revenging primitive tribal wars of the past 200 years, hating, killing and oppressing each other, Blacks have done fcukoll!!