JUST IN: Datsun expands to into Zimbabwe


DATSUN has announced that it is launching the Datsun GO, GO+, as well as the Datsun GO+ PV (panel van), into the Zimbabwean market.

A key strategic component of Datsun re-establishing itself with a strong independent brand identity is reportedly the expansion on the economically fast-growing continent of Africa.

Des Fenner, General Manager for Datsun South Africa, said: “These are exciting times for Datsun and we are very proud and privileged to expand the brand beyond our South African borders. Datsun has always been committed to providing cars that are reliable and attractively priced and we are pleased to be able to provide this offering to consumers in Zimbabwe.”

“We are hopeful that Zimbabwe will become a key market for our vehicles on the continent. At the core our goal is to deliver new and exciting products that meet local customer needs,” concludes Fenner.


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  • zibulo

    is it Datsun Company or the SA Franchise stretching and making Zimbabwe one of its branches????. we used to have datsun vehicles here;remember the ever reliable 120Y the 1200,1400,1600. !!!. ZANU caused its departure,Please do not give praise and heap on ZANU when they return what was ours in the first place . Like thanking a thief for returning part of your property that he stole !!!. whats in it for the ZANU guys is always what we should be warry of . they chased /caused closures of business coz they were bulldozing their way into other people’s comaonies, without investing even a cent !!. Their activity is supposed to be treated as treason ,coz of the effects it had on the whole country !!!!.

    • Sandura1

      No. Zanu is now under different leadership.

  • max moyo

    this is a good example of very poor journalism….the story does not tell us anything about what kind of expansion datsun is making into Zimbabwe; when? where? how?….please improve standards

    • zibulo

      its a political campaign by zimpapers on behalf of the ruling party. see the various headlines of “investment on its way to zim”, ED’s promises daily appear in the paper, such rubbish is written by the editor himself, and not the journalists . i hear that the journalists stories to the editor , who then re-writes all what the journalists would have written, sometimes even changing it 100 per cent !! . the juornalists do mention also how the editors are appointed, the Influnce that Khandakhulu used to have on the revious editor , who was demoted for not articulating the Gugurahundi story well when he printed it , blaming ED,that was before the Coup !!

  • Orange

    Heading and content don’t tally. Its fooling readers

  • Magaba

    How can this be Breaking news to tell us we are now importing Dutsun GO, Dutsun GO+ and Dutsun panel vans? New dispensation celebrates car imports? LOL