JUST IN: Four vicious dogs maul Grade 4 pupil to death

vicious dogs

Thupeyo Muleya

A grade 4 pupil died on Thursday morning after being mauled by four vicious dogs on Wednesday in Beitbridge.

It is understood that the girl was attacked by the dogs along Arcacia Drive while coming from school at around 4pm.

“She was taken to hospital and was in the intensive care unit where she died this morning. The matter was then reported to the police,” said a source close to the case.

The deceased name is yet to be established.

According to sources, the girl was attacked by the dogs which had strayed from a house in the low density suburbs of Beitbridge.

The police officer commanding Beitbridge Chief Superintendent Francis Phiri said the matter was still under investigations.

“We received such a report and are still conducting investigations,” he said.

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  • Legal Eagle

    If the dog owners are known they should have been arrested immediately. This is unexceptable. One should not own vicious dogs if they cannot keep them in their yard. This is tantamount to discharging a lethal weapon in Public and killing someone. The Law needs to be harsh in these situations because dogs only do what they are basically trained to do whether it is in a training club or at home. So sorry to the family of this defenceless infant.

    • Essexvale

      Rightly put. Thank you!


        Wena njengawe vel’ ungathini ??

        • Concerned

          Always trying to pick a fight on this platform what’s your problem mentally? All comments above are very reasonable except yours.

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      Very gross negligence indeed. Justice must be served. These dogs were definitely trained to be viscious and blood thirsty and hate anyone else besides their owner, so the owner is supposed to ensure the dogs don’t escape from his perimeter under any circumstances. Had they been ordinarily brought up dogs that are used to interacting with various people, they would’t have attacked the poor child.

      • Bren

        Not necessarily true. School children play their part by teasing the dogs as they go past the houses. I don’t think the owner trained his dogs to be vicious, the children walking past and teasing them the whole time did.

        • Zuze

          Are you brain dead or something? Dogs no matter how tame or vicious must be contained in the yard and on a leash when out side Lema.

        • Bird Eye Chilli

          Parenting…. Have time to talk to your children and teach them. Don’t
          let your kids do wrong things while you watch and keep quiet,,, typical
          of parents these days.. Don’t let your kids tease dogs while you watch and do nothing or even find it funny.

        • popy

          Dear i am 30 years old and i dont think in my senses i can have time to tease a dog but my neighbour’s dogs have charged at me several times

    • Bruno

      The dogs should be put down to avoid future recurrence of the same incident.

      • Zinjaziyaluma

        A student at UZ sometime was mauled by vicious police dog and they were not brought down.

    • POPY

      very true i hate people who own dogs but cant lock them up my neighbour does the same i ended reporting the to BCC


    l am so sorry sure to the family of the little Girl. Uuuuum ndarwadziwa plse police find the owners of those dogs and arrest them what a negligence!!!!!

    • edward kuzamura

      It’s not a case of unknown or unidentified dogs. The dogs belong to one Carlson Mushonga guy a very rich member of the Zaoga Church in same street as Zaina Nyahoda the father of the deceased girl.

  • God of War

    This will be a $300 fine which the owner of the dog will pay cz he has money, i know him. The fines should be stiffer for such offences.

    • Legal Eagle

      This is not a fine at all. This is a court case. This is up to a Prosecutor to interpret some section that can trigger case Law and set up a presidence. A dangerous dog is not a Pet but a weapon of Protection. If a weapon of Protection becomes a danger to the Public the owner of that weapon must be liable. There are Laws that can be interpreted to accommodate this. There is no Law that says you cannot throw acid in some ones face but if you do that is all covered under grievous Bodily Harm with intent or Murder if the person dies. The owner of these dogs with or without intent caused the dogs to kill a little child.Case Law is the law as established by the outcome of former cases. If Parliament does not make Laws to accommodate this it is up to Prosecutors to look for Laws that can convince a Judge that a it is a criminal offence to leave dangerous weapons in such a way that they might harm people in the street. In the United Kingdom this type of scenario attracts a 14 year Jail term.

      • God of War

        I hear you but in Zim, this guy will be given a 3 month custodial sentence or the option of a $300 fine and he will definitely pay the fine. Tererai Mugwadi who was drunk driving and killed someone was sentenced to $300 fine and she got out and shot a s3xtape as celebration. What more for this guy who didn’t intend for his dogs to do this heinous act but it happened because his child didn’t close the gate properly.

        • Doctor Do little

          Then it is up to his Lawyer to present a case. Right now there is an election coming and be rest assured these Platforms are being monitored not only by the secret services but by Politicians and aspiring Politicians. This is an opportunity for debates like this to help in changing things and going away from the fact that money can buy freedom in this country. If a case like this is presented and given enough Publicity win or lose it would force those that have the Power to make legislation that will make people more careful. Look at it this way. If you leave you hand gun in the clear and your child takes it and leaves it in the street and someone gets killed is your child liable? You are because the Law of the country says a gun must be locked up in a gun cabinet when it is not on your person. Similarly the dogs are the home owners responsibility so we cannot start trying to place a mental strain by blaming his child.

          • Legal Eagle

            Spot on.


            Nxa wena njengawe vel’ ungathini ??

          • Albert Ndlovu

            So sorry for this unfortunate situation. My sincere condolences to the family that lost a dear child.

          • God of War

            Does anyone ever win wrongful death lawsuits in Zimbabwe? I doubt it.

          • Champ

            Does toast taste better with peanut butter or with marmalade jam, I doubt it.

        • Champ

          Just when u want it to rain lol

      • Bren

        I beg to differ. I have on countless occasions seen school children teasing dogs as they go past houses. They are in fact to blame too. The dogs get vicious because of the children who forever tease the dogs. Teach your kids to respect dogs too.

        • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

          Q: “What does a single women find least attractive?”
          A: “A single man.”

          Discuss. . .

        • Legal Eagle

          When you go to the Zoo is it not a form of teasing the Animals there? How can you say a 4 year old child must learn to respect dogs?

        • edward kuzamura

          Teasing or not teasing, your church mate must keep his dogs in his fuking yard. Period! The innocent girl was devoured on the road. Mr Carlson Mushonga was to blame, he should keep his hounds in the yard and that’s the law. My condolances to Mr Zaina Nyahoda

          • God of War

            You seem to have a vendetta against Mushonga. Why are you naming and shaming him as if he set the dogs on the poor child. Anyway that’s water under the bridge now. He must pay compensation to the family and cater for all funeral expenses.

          • Champ

            I am sure they could have dragged the mattress somewhere safer

      • popy

        i wish it was also a 14 year or more jail term so that people can learn not to buy dogs they cant control

    • Champ

      Beg, borrow and steal.

  • Martin Chipimo

    Dogs can go astray, BUT 4 of them, suggests an intention on the part of the owner to let his/her dogs loose. ZRP should move in quick and take the owner to court as soon. May the soul of an innocent girl rest in peace.