JUST IN: Policeman arrested after trying to smuggle firearms into Zambia


Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter

A POLICE officer stationed at CID Law and Order Bulawayo was arrested in Victoria Falls for allegedly attempting to smuggle firearms into the neighbouring Zambia.

Sergeant Givemore Nkomo (37) of Bulawayo’s Pumula suburb was intercepted at Victoria Falls Border Post with a rifle and a revolver which he intended to handover to someone across the border.

Nkomo travelled to Victoria Falls with the two guns and two temporary firearm permits which were all registered in the name of Mr David Butcher, a former magistrate in Matabeleland who is now based in the United Kingdom.

The permits were issued on December 28, 2016 and would expire on March 29. 2017.

A source close to investigations said Nkomo had been sent by Mr Butcher to give the firearms to his son who was expecting him on the Zambian side.

“Nkomo travelled from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls Border Post with two firearms, a rifle and a revolver which he intended to handover to Mr Butcher’ son.

“He was intercepted at the gate of the Border Post. He was searched and the guns were discovered. Police arrested him for possession of firearms in an unsecure manner,” said the source.

It is alleged Nkomo told investigators that he had been asked by a friend, who is the owner of the firearms to deliver them.

“Nkomo alleged that Mr Butcher called him from the United Kingdom asking him to transport the firearms to Victoria Falls and hand them over to his son from Zambia.

“He picked the firearms from someone in Belmont area in Bulawayo,” said the source.

Police Officer Commanding Victoria Falls District, Chief Superintendent Jairos Chiwona confirmed Sgt Nkomo’s arrest and said he was off duty on the day.

“We confirm that an off duty police officer was intercepted carrying firearms at the Victoria falls border post. Preliminary investigations indicate that the firearm’s papers are in order and investigations are in progress in as far as possession is concerned,” he said.

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  • Nkunzebomvu

    So if all papers were in order why is this reporter saying that the firearms were being smuggled. Why tarnish the image of the ZRP through trivial issues like this one?

  • we the people

    policemen are the worst thieves and thugs in Zimbabwe

    • silver

      how did he travel all the way to victoria without the guns being noticed and through how many road blocks

  • Tonde Sonde Sparta

    The offence should be reported as carrying firearms in unsecured manner not smuggling.Journalists are sensetionalist by nature and this makes them less credible.Anyone who is not good at telling the truth and who loves exaggerating issues out of nothing must join a profession called journalism_the natural gossipers.kkkkkk

    • Sparta Tonde Sonde

      What about those that smuggle dangerous Okapi’s across the border? Should they be charged with a similar offence?

  • theza

    most probably he was being monitored each time he communicated via the phone

  • Gxabhashe

    Thez no case here hanti the papers are in order ,secure maner how??how alse can you transport fire arms bafuna uwafake phakathi kwe safe yini??

  • ndaba

    why couldnt the owner come and collect the arms alone and process his papers, why should an officer be seen carrying the arms all the way at whose expense, the crime lam now seeing is that of, a ‘thank you money’ which he might have been expecting. l feel sorry for the guy he might find himself facing something serious like trying to remove ……………

  • Maxwell Burnham

    Wasting our reading time. No law broken. Case dismissed

  • Cetshwayo

    So why did they arrest this guy…publicity seeking fools

  • Ndlovu4482

    Givara bakujayela kubi yazi