JUST IN: President Mugabe meets Commander General Chiwenga at State House

Latest images from Harare as President Mugabe met ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga this afternoon.

Latest images from Harare as President Mugabe met ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga this afternoon.



Latest images from Harare: President Mugabe meets ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga, Father Fidelis Mukonori and South African envoys at State House this afternoon.

Latest images from Harare: President Mugabe meets ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga, Father Fidelis Mukonori and South African envoys at State House this afternoon.


More images and details to follow. . .

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  • Dumakude

    Kanti okumdala lokhu kuthini kahle kahle, we don’t want him and we never wanted him…please wena mgodoyi hamba. We are tired of you

    • DJ91RN_GP

      shut up you m’devere

      • moyoza

        you??? Is this neccessary

      • Manheru

        Divide the country like it was before being colonised

        • MakhosiXamu

          You idiotic son of a street woman,what are you saying?

          • DJ91RN_GP


        • Question Mark?

          Colonised by who?? When? Why?

      • Jakachaka

        Wakaroiwa nevakafa. Zibenzi remunhu!

      • Zapalala

        Kkkk u morons will never change

  • msongelwa

    Mugabe must admit that he had failed the nation and he must step down and Generals must advance coz any retreat will mean death to them,Mugabe had overstayed his welcome infact he sell by date already passed, for Grace those who misled you all along together u are to regret coz long back u told not to cross rubicon river, Mugabe you are known for ur tricks this time no ways as people had enough of him and cohoots who only cared for themselves, we salute uniformed forces.

  • ukhalelani nkulube

    The army should refer to the constitution as they helped to stop the Mugabe empire building scheme. Mental incapacity is used as a valid reason for terminating an any office bearer even president or general. They should argue that the old man is retired on grounds of limited mental capacity. It is regarded as a disability which is considered for retiring old people. The world knows that mental incapacity is not permitted for the position of president. It is simply done like this. An army psychologist/psychiatrist is engaged, just test Mugabe`s IQ using an intelligence test, you will see that his reasoning and speed of thinking will be like that of a 5 to 12 year old although off the test he could sound sophisticated like any other adult. That is evidence for retiring him-there is no talk of SADC and no United Nations talk because mental deficiency is a known phenomenon among old people no one in their right mind will say a 94 year old man can lead country.. Mugabe is a ZANUPF candidate, so ZANUPF withdraws its candidate on grounds of disabilty that is caused by old age-he is incapacitated-so he is recalled and replaced by Mnangagwa his deputy in the party since 1977. Mugabe was elected by war veterans then guerillas to lead ZANUPF and recently the same group of war veterans disowned him. Mugabe contests that and Mnangagwa contests his dismissal by Mugabe-constitutionally Mnangagwa is the second in command-so he should replace Mugabe directly-there was no elective conference that was held to fire Mnangagwa-he was fired by Grace Mugabe at a rally-not constitutional. We cannot start with a GNU because Mugabe`s term which is a ZANUPF`s term has not yet come to an end. Early next year or mid we shall have elections-if results are runoff-then GNU.

    • Dombodema

      I hope you won’t swallow your words not long time to come

  • Chipoto Vhaivhai

    Makhosixamu msunukanyoko

  • zimyacho

    this could have been planned by Mugabe all along and its playing out just the way he wanted. everyone is now compromising to having another zanu pf leader aslong as its not Mugabe. I thought the idea was to have another leader no affiliated with zanu pf because zanu pf put us here in the first place. Grace and the kids get to walk away with billions, muguru, tsvangira, ngwena GNU, ok but tsvangira isnt well and will not last 5years, so its back to ngwena and mujuru ZANU PF born and breed. so what has changed???? Mugabe won. He planned his succession and planned it well….

  • Tekeshe

    I coup ayifuni abantu abasobha abakhuluma isikhiwa esiphezulu bantu.
    Ube bathete owindi lamagumaguma, babafutha ngembanje, besebeyehlisa ngethototo kumbe iBlack Label, ube kudala umxhegu lo bamqedile. Manje oChiwenga bafika ngokucenga lokuxolisa “sorry mdala manje sesikutshaye icoup”. Sicela wehle esihlanhlweni? Ngaphi??
    UMugabe is playing games with the army. He has realised that the soldiers have no guts/plans to kill him. Therefore he is going to go out on his own terms.

    • thambolenyoka

      you dont know what you are saying, do you know that what you are suggesting can lead to loss of lives, read history books and the two world wars. No to war. From the look of your comment you seem to be someone who has not witnessed a war. The constitution should be respected we do not want civil war

  • mazambani phenelope

    Today the army should proceed without wasting time and getting unnecessary international attention to keep Mugabe under house arrest when the negotiators leave. The army should take away Grace Mugabe and bundle her with her other criminals in custody pending prosecution she stole billions of dollars from Zimbabweans. Just to instill confidence and political stability, leaders of the opposition and ZANUPF should form an interim government to save Zimbabwe. Mugabe does not even see the serious of the matter he is senile and childish. He still says to the army you are my boys go away and of course the army respects him. When the government is formed Mugabe and his wife are kept away from politics.All leaders of political parties should participate in the formula for creating the cabinet. This time the cabinet should be a very small, exclude garbage. Chinamasa told Mugabe that there were too many ministers for a small country-not economically sustainable. Mnangagwa should come up with just a few minsters, MDC and the small parties do the same. The country should ignore Mugabe and move ahead, SADC will be needed most at the end of the transitional government when elections are held-this time the whole world should be allowed into the country to observe elections. If the transitional government has consulted and does not kill Mugabe and all political parties are involved, SADC and UN will not complain that Mugabe a known dictator who is too old and cannot think logically was sidelined.

  • Timothy

    Mugabe is not as easy as ABC. Mugabe wanted to resign bt the same animals who want to remove him told him you are fit as a fiddle. Now they have to face their maker. Party politics is not a Zimbabwean Crisis. Generals are too dumb to realise their move was weird. We cnt go to war bcoz of disgruntled ppl who have war crimes, genocide. These ppl are not the change we want.
    The same culprits after 40 years of the same Gravy train cnt telll us they can bring change. Mugabe is not a problem bt people around him who had been milking tax payers money for four decades including Mnangagwa and Generals. All these ppl are power hungry only to realise that their maker is a Kingpin.