Kaindu quells rumour

Kelvin Kaindu

Kelvin Kaindu

Sikhumbuzo Moyo Senior Sports Reporter
HIGHLANDERS coach Kelvin Kaindu has has denied claims that he offered to step down during their usual Monday meetings after the penalty shootout loss to city rivals How Mine in the One Wallet Cup two weeks ago.Bosso were booted out despite taking a first half lead through a long range shot from Felix Chindungwe.

Well placed sources said following the loss, the executive had grilled the coach about his tactical ingenuity and failure to instil confidence in the Highlanders family.

“Kaindu actually told the executive that if they had lost confidence in him he would rather step down from the helm,” said the source.

Asked about the threat, Kaindu said there was nothing like that but admitted that football was a pressure game, whether one wins or loses.

“No, I never threatened to quit the club but yes, there is always pressure especially at a big club like Highlanders,” he said.

Despite enjoying sound sponsorship, Kaindu has achieved very little at the club, coming twice as runner up to Dynamos in the league title and getting booted out in most cup tournaments save for the 3-0 win over How Mine in the Mbada Diamonds Cup final last season.

Under his stewardship, Bosso have lost a potential of well over $300,000 in prizemoney, this coming against a background of the club’s huge debts.

With little or nothing in terms of sponsorship, Methembe Mdlovu led Highlanders to a league title triumph in 2006.

Meanwhile, Kaindu has refuted widely held claims that some officials within the club’s power echelons were imposing players on him, a move that has seen the club signing average or below average players.

Since the arrival of Kaindu in 2012, Bosso have not signed an impact player who can impose himself in the starting line-up and deliver save for those who arrived at the same time as him who include Mthulisi Maphosa, Peter Rio Moyo, Milton Ncube and Munyaradzi Diya.

The worst case scenario was probably last season when the club brought in little known Tinashe Chipunza and Master Masitara from Botswana.

The two players had less than 90 minutes of game time combined.

“The buck starts and finishes with me, there is no one who is imposing players on us, we do the recommendations ourselves,” said Kaindu in an interview with this publication last Thursday.

He concurred that some of the boys brought in have failed to live up to expectations hence the belief among supporters that the players were not his choice but impositions from the executive, former players and some player agents.

“We do the recommendations ourselves, as for Dephistara, the boy played so well against us but knowing that most players put up an extra effort when playing Highlanders we asked some people to monitor his performance against other teams as well and the report we got was that of consistency in his performance,” said Kaindu.

On Munyaradzi King Nadolo, a former Churchill High School pupil, Kaindu said the boy came on his own for trials and on the first day, they concluded that he was a worthy investment.

“We never doubted his ability from the very first day,” he said.

Asked to comment on the reasons for the rejection of returning former player Hloniphani Ndebele, the Zambian said Ndebele was a good player who could fit into any team but they looked at his age which was a major contributory factor.

He is not the first player to come to Bosso aged over 30 as Njabulo Ncube, who the technical team begged the executive to take back from FC Platinum, is 32, two years older than the skillful Ndebele, a product of the club’s junior programme.

“With players like Innocent Mapuranga and Felix Chindungwe, we could have been going around in circles so we wanted to maintain a future team,” he said.

Another defender Dumisani Fazo Ndlovu, the young brother of former captain Bekithemba Ndlovu, is 30.

Highlanders have failed to attract top quality players, but instead they have brought in fringe players who have gone on to increase the club’s salary bill.

What has riled supporters is the coaches’ failure to identify better talent even from Premier Soccer League clubs.

Some have suggested that the club would rather promote its juniors to the first team instead of engaging poor performing imports.

Kaindu remained hopeful that once the club licensing requirements become fully implemented, coaches will have the freedom of setting up their budget for player acquisition.


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  • Ed Mayor

    And the other suggestion is that Kaindu may not necessarily care how Bosso performs because he is “looking forward’ to being fired so that he takes up the U-20 national team coaching job in his country,which we hear is the main reason why he was sent to the UK for an advanced coaching course.He is so relaxed about the team’s non-performance this season,offering the same excuse,that “we were unfortunate not to score or win” match after match,as if the team is creating many meaningful chances.The truth is he does not seem to be inspiring the team to perform and may be he is totally overrated after all.Supporters have less patient and accommodating for former Bosso legends coaching the team than they have been with this man.It seems the chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Seles

      I agree with you Cde Mayor. The reason why we always miss the mark is that we are too accommodative as fans. Look at Dynamos fans, they never allow the coach to sit on his laurels and blame everyone except himself. Dynamos coaches know that their fans cannot stomach back to back defeats. They immediately call for his head. That is why they perform so well and I bet you they are taking this year’s championship title once more. Thina siza tshona sikhala kuze kuse. Kuqala kwakukhala umantengwane lamuhlanje yithi esesikhala kokuphela.

      • Seles

        Sorry I forgot to add that “it shall be well”. When other clubs pick rich from tournaments where we are booted out “it shall be well” When other clubs pip us by goal aggregate to win the championship race “it shall be well” Bosso fans “it shall be well” WHEN! Nxxxxxxx mani!

  • mangethe ka lindamkhonto

    highlanders fans easily forget all the good things that kaindu has brought to our team. when kk took over we were close to being relegation material, then kk helped us to start challenging for titles and last season even won us the biggest domestic cup. the problem with bosso has to be related to the bosso executive.
    1. how can we let our players leave for a major tournament without finalising their contract deals (rio, millito, mambare etc)?
    2. why do we have to start negotiations with a player for a new contract after the old one has run down? contracts for good players are negotiated a year before the old one runs out. otherwise we’ll continue to lose our good players for free.
    3. why do we give good players short-term contracts? we must tie them down to good long-term contracts so that we can bennefit from their moves to greener pasures. for instance we have signed dephistara for 2 years. chances are this boy will settle into the team in the last year of his contract and foreign teams might be interested in him when his contract has run out.
    4. why are we blind to good deals? for instance, players like eric chipeta are top quality, you just have to pay whatever for them knowing that you will reap from their sale to foreign teams. for example what we did with khumbulani banda was very good, that’s what we should always do, be business minded.
    5. we know our club is dogged by financial difficulties, but why are we neglecting our junior policy like this? we know very well that we do not have the financial muscle to buy top quality players from other clubs to ours. so we have to invest more on our junior policy and groom for ourselves our future stars.

    • Ed Mayor

      If challenging for titles and not winning them is how good Kaindu has been to the team,since taking over,then Bosso are probably in soccer for a different objective altogether…but try telling that to the average BOSSO fan.With all due respect Mangethe,I think Kaindu must be subjected to the same scrutiny as all other Bosso coaches before him.He has not quite set Bosso ablaze in football terms,has he?

      • mangethe ka lindamkhonto

        I’m not saying kaindu should be immune to any sort of scrutiny or criticism, and I’m not saying that we should settle for second best, no, we want to be the best. but we fans should also know that there’s a lot of factors which lead to our failure to win the league, like the ones I’ve stated above, and of-course the coach’s shortcomings too. but i think we have tried changing coaches every now and then, but still nothing changes, so let’s try to look at other factor which affect us as well. i have been analyzing bosso’s squad in the last 2 seasons that we lost the league to dynamos, i think more than half of the squad has changed in only 2 seasons. and my assumption is that this will not be what the coach wishes, if he really wants to challenge for trophies. for instance, tapera let mambare, our best player then, go to chan before finalizing the contract renewal process. you just do not let your best players leave for a major tournament when their contracts have run out, that’s dangerous. but kaindu is a professional, he will not want to expose such negative stuff about his pay masters. so kaindu just said he was disappointed that the player had to leave…. continuity is crucial whenever a team wants to challenge for trophies. i personally think kaindu is not getting enough support from the club’s executive, or they are letting him down somehow (hopefully things will change now that bab’ ugumede is back).