‘Karanga lineage no key to Presidency’

Phelekezela Mphoko

Phelekezela Mphoko

Tendai Mugabe Harare Bureau—
VICE President Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday said it is not a given that an individual from the Karanga tribe will succeed President Robert Mugabe, saying people should not lose sleep over statements by some excitable people in Zanu-PF. Cde Mphoko said some people were already insinuating that President Mugabe was a Zezuru and it followed that a Karanga should succeed him.

Introducing First Lady Cde Grace Mugabe at a rally where she was assessing the impact of the drought caused by the El Nino phenomenon at Kanyemba Secondary School in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central yesterday, Cde Mphoko said people should not fool themselves thinking that the Presidency was up for grabs.

“There’s nowhere in our Constitution where it’s written that this country was liberated by a Karanga, a Ndau, a Zezuru or a Ndebele,” he said. “What we hear now that President Mugabe is a Zezuru and if he steps down a Karanga should take over isn’t what we fought for. That’s a Rhodesian mindset. Don’t lose sleep over statements by some excitable people because there’s nothing like that.

“We’ve party ideology and if you wander off, led by your ambition, you’ll set off landmines. Don’t say you weren’t warned. So, let’s not fool ourselves thinking that the position of President is up for grabs by everyone.

“Number two, being greedy and too ambitious makes you a bad subordinate. That’s the first sin. You can’t separate those two. “Satan had a beautiful voice in the Bible, but he wasn’t content with his position. He could hit all the musical notes but he wasn’t satisfied, he wanted to be God. He tripped.”

VP Mphoko said he was happy with his post as Vice President. He said by virtue of that position, out of 14 million people in Zimbabwe, after President Mugabe, he was number two together with his colleague Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“So if I’m not satisfied, where do I want to be? That’s insubordination.” Speaking at the same occasion, Zanu-PF national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said the party would kick out all provincial chairpersons who defied party directives.

He made reference to Mashonaland East, Masvingo and Midlands provinces. “If you’re a Zanu-PF member, do Zanu-PF things not to try and intimidate us,” he said. “We call for a rally in the presence of all provincial chairpersons that the President is coming.

“Some of you go to the President and say we weren’t informed — it’s Kasukuwere’s project. Down with you! Leave those positions, we’re already tired of you,” he thundered. He also warned youth leaders who were “half in, half out” that they risked being kicked out of the party.

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  • Hayibo

    The vice President P Mpokho is treading on dangerous ground by talking of tribal issues . He is new in Zanu which is why he went in on a negotiated and reserved position . You are being used . Leave tribal comments out of politics . Tribal politics destroys parties . You will destroy Zanu PF if you start to talk tribal politics .

    • Tshugulu

      Zimbabwe is not for shonas we Ndebeles have equal opportunities like our fellow shonas to rule.
      Idnt subscribe to your mind set- Hayibo if we stand on side lines and see discrimination while not part of the system we will be spectators in our space.

    • Mugavimbi_Naledi

      but if u take ‘tribe’ out of zimbabwean ‘politics’ what’s left?

      banjalo vele … they can’t help it!! ubezwa bekhonkotha nje, be busy, kubo yinto sibili eserious, worth expending one’s energy and time on. angithi uyabezwa … yimkhulungwane igangana lonke leli — luthuli!!! lina khwezelani kuphela. so ubaba uMphoko uright sibili …!!

      yiyophela ipolotiks yabo (as Malema will happily say!)

    • Top S’gelekeqe

      Hayibo. UMphoko is just saying in public what others are saying behind closed does. Whats the problem?
      You must know that in most cases Shona people are not as open as Mthwakazi people. Mthwakazi goes bhadla; whilst Shonas prefer to whisper behind other people’s backs.
      They pretend to be one united tribe, yet we all know these tribal divisions are what destroyed ZANU in Mozambique and led to the underground imprisonment of Rugare Gumbo and Hamadziripi.
      The thing is, we are all suffering because of this but some people prefer to bury their heads in the sand, and pretend there are no such divisions. How do you solve a problem if you pretend it doesn’t exist?

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Wena Mphoko stay out of it.Bafunukukwenza u Mphako wena mdala. Kanti unjani ?? Uyinhlanzi ezithiyayo.

    • koka

      kkkkkk umphoko uzaba ngumphako

  • Bambanani

    Baba Mphoko, khumbula ukuthi wena ulapho ukuphelekezela abanikazi bohambo, awusoze wafa wabangumongameli (president) ku ZANU.
    Wean zidlele nje uthule

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    War has been declared, clear the battle field people so that I can watch without any disturbance….

    Failure is rewarded only in Zimbabwe.

  • George Bango

    The scavengers are fighting for a dead carcass. What normal person would want to be part of failed state like Zimbabwe, particularly when on clueless ZANU Agenda.

  • Robson Dambudzo

    Time for Ngwena to respond. This has gone far. Mboko is attacking the Honourable VP indirectly here. Ngwena has come far and he is the deserving candidate in the eyes of many to replace the president when he retires..

    • Mpisi

      Ngwena is a glorified lizard. He is a murderer , he participated in the killing of defenceless unarmed women and children as the first whore puts it. Pregnant women had their stomachs ripped open by bayonets , people buried alive. We will not be fooled as Zimbabweans , he together with Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi and many others should face the music. You are an idiot for saying he deserves to be the president, musathanyoko !!

      • Gulalikabili


    • Bongani Dlamini

      Nonsense. we now know that what looked like a croc is only but a lizard. an ambitious lizard that longed to be a croc. A successtionist lizard that wanted to be a croc.

  • bakwena

    Baba Mpoko tshiya abanikazi bendaba basebenze indima yabo, esamandebele satshabalala , kanti ungenwe yini?

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    Yeh … ‘crocodile’, yeh ‘lacoste’ …. warawara, cif, cif … mpe, mpe, mpe …!!!
    Uxamu weZambezi nje!! Akulalutho bantu ngaphandle kochuku lokubulala!!!
    umthakathi wezigodo lo!!!

    I don’t care at this stage about uMphoko or anyone engenela isxakaxaka sabofudu lesi … anyone who will help us get rid of this murderous Zambian and his machinations is my friend and Mthwakazi’s friend.

    And akulaKaranga elinje anyway … ngowangaphi vele umbulali lo, isikliwi lesi???
    Come Robert … get rid of this dangerous person (before ethela abanye iparafin!)

  • My name is your name

    A sheep doesn’t walk around licking its lips when it smells blood… Mugabe know’s that better than anyone. Perhaps the wolf would be wiser siding with the crocodile.

  • General Sun-Tzu

    This man had a tongue long enough to beat a giraffe’s, they are also clearly jostling for power and they want to hide behind the concept of good subordinate… what hogwash…

  • Top S’gelekeqe

    If there is no vacancy in the Presidency. We will create it by assassinating the incumbent who refuses to either leave peacefully or die like everyone else!!