Khuliyo stirs fresh controversy

Nkululeko Nkala

Nkululeko Nkala

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
BULAWAYO artiste Nkululeko Nkala has been caught in a fresh controversy after he allegedly assaulted a female arts administrator during a show in the city over the weekend.

Nkala who was arrested on the day of the Home Coming Show last year, last Saturday disrupted a show dubbed “#FromBulawayoToTheWorld” at the Bulawayo Theatre.

He allegedly physically and verbally abused artistes after he was denied a free entry ticket to the show.

Organisers of the show, musicians Vusa Mkhaya and Nkwali, have since lodged a complaint against Nkala, who also goes by the stage name ‘Khuliyo’, through an email with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

The arts administrator, Blessing Mpande who was receiving tickets at the door, is accusing Nkala of assaulting her and has since reported the case to the police.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Simango confirmed that a case of assault had been reported and investigations were underway.

Nkala is expected to appear in court today.

The show organisers are accusing Nkala of verbally and physically abusing artistes and staff at the show as well as trespassing at the backstage where artistes were preparing to perform.

Nkwali said she was insulted by Nkala after she left the stage to watch Mkhaya in the auditorium.

“After seeing and being harassed by Nku back stage, I ignored him and went on stage to perform. After I’d finished, I freshened up and decided to watch Mkhaya’s set.”

“As I was walking past a group of senior artistes outside the venue, who included Memory Kumbota, Matesu Dube, Lewis Ndlovu and William Nyandoro, Nku was there busy ranting about the ticket for NACZ. I then went towards them and I said to them, bobhudi bami, ngicelani lingikhuzele uNku (My brothers may you please reprimand Nku for me).

“He then lashed out at me using despicable words. I was then pulled away by Matesu Dube who said I should leave him alone,” said Nkwali.

She said when she returned back stage the lady who was manning the door (Blessing Mpande) came running while at the same time crying saying Nkala had pushed her while trying to force his way into the venue.

Contacted for comment Nkala denied everything.

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  • Manshampeni

    There is something you are missing in this story. There is Ezra Tshisa”s hand behind all this. He is the one pushing these stupid girls to get Khuliyo arrested. All this was a trap set up for Khuliyo, all I am asking is for you to go deeper into this matter. Ezra Tshisa thinks he is a mini God who wants to control the arts industry in Byo, he must just shut up. He is just seeking relevancy as he is in the UK womanising most of the times. Check him in a few weeks, he will be making noise at Highlanders elections. Khuliyo might be wrong to go backstage but on sexual harassment you are lying.

    • Mukoma

      Umazi kahle sibili u Ezra that is exactly what he does best.

      • Ndlovini

        A friend in Canada lost his wife to this Ezra. But where is he mentioned in this story? Knowing him he probably paid those girls or one of them is a project of his

        • Mukoma

          Kkkk no he is not mentioned in the story I was just agreeing with Manshampeni’s analysis and suspicions.

          • Mahambayedwa

            Bathi Ezra is boyfriend to the musician girl. Zimbi indaba kuJaha umhlabeleli. Kubi ngoba kungani iphepha lincedisa u Ezra. Phela laba abemazweni bayadiza

          • Mukoma

            Utsho kahle wethu, yes u Ezra no Nkwali bayajola vele yinto emgceke leyo. Abantu abanengi ko Byo abamazi kahle umqondo wakhe u Ezra yidoti yomuntu. Ema phepheni lapho uzotholukuthi yena kadizi lutho udizelwa yintombi leyo ajola nayo ngoba yena vele kanayo le mali

  • duduza

    Since when did Blessing Mpande become and Arts Administrator? I know this young girl as a football referee, she is very controversial. I hope things won’t go bad for Khuliyo.