Khupe declares self MDC-T heir

Ms Thokozani Khupe

Ms Thokozani Khupe

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
MDC-T vice president Dr Thokozani Khupe yesterday declared herself as the rightful person to succeed MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in what appears to be a challenge on her boss’ decision to appoint Mr Nelson Chamisa as acting president.

Mr Tsvangirai yesterday said Mr Chamisa would be the party’s acting president until he returns from South Africa where he is receiving treatment.

The MDC-T has three vice presidents and these are Dr Khupe who was elected during a congress and Mr Chamisa and Engineer Elias Mudzuri who were hand-picked by Mr Tsvangirai, with internal critics saying the move was unconstitutional.

Some in the opposition party have interpreted yesterday’s move by Mr Tsvangirai as anointing of Mr Chamisa as his replacement as the party leader.

The MDC-T leader’s spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed Mr Chamisa’s appointment in a statement released yesterday afternoon.

“President Morgan Tsvangirai has with effect from today, 7 February 2018, affirmed vice president Hon. Nelson Chamisa as the acting president of the party by operation of the Constitution until the president’s return,” said Mr Tamborinyoka.

“This is in light of the president’s absence and that of the two other vice presidents who are both in South Africa. VP Chamisa also continues in his assigned duties as the acting chairperson of the MDC Alliance.”

Mr Chamisa takes over from Eng Mudzuri.

The appointment appears to have however riled Dr Khupe who yesterday declared herself the rightful successor should anything happen to Mr Tsvangirai.

Dr Khupe’s reaction has also reignited speculation around Mr Tsvangirai’s health after the MDC-T leader on Tuesday refuted reports that he was critically ill.

Posting on her Twitter account, Dr Khupe declared that the MDC-T’s constitution mandates her to lead the party in the absence of Mr Tsvangirai.

“Three consecutive MDC-T congresses have elected yours truly as Deputy President to President @mrtsvangirai & other officers primarily to avoid a leadership vacuum at such an eventuality, & to shut out any that may be artificially created by those with hidden agendas,” she tweeted.

Dr Khupe has been the party’s deputy president since 2006 .

In a move viewed as designed to clip her powers, in 2016 Mr Tsvangirai appointed Mr Chamisa and Eng Mudzuri as additional deputies.

The three deputies are now leading factions within the MDC-T in their battle to succeed Mr Tsvangirai.

Dr Khupe also tweeted: “I was MDC-T A/President for months in 2008 on the basis of our constitution which has remained unchanged & clear on the roles of elected officers of congress. It does not give any extensive powers to any one office bearer such that without them the party is dysfunctional.”

“Those of us sincerely concerned about the Zimbabwean voters & their MDC-T must impress upon the 2014 congressionally elected leadership at their level to take decisive corrective measures against the use of president @mrtsvangirai’s name to propagate unconstitutional-ism.”

Dr Khupe has been sidelined from active politics in the past few months widening cracks within the opposition movement.


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  • Khazamula Hlengani

    My personal view is that ,Madam Khupe ,with due respect has sidelined herself by pronouncing unwise decisions surrounding the Alliance. How can a leader say we want this alliance anywhere else other than Bulawayo/Matabeleland! If this is truely what she believes in,then I am sorry,some of us want national leaders. In any compromise,some things should be a give/take scenario. Madam Khupe should be the automatic choice but her downfall is to go against the Alliance. MS Khupe should have a rethink,people have suffered for far too long,they want change.

    • Mthwakazian

      People have suffered for too long, they want constitutional democratic change.

      • Mthwakazi Mathonsi

        If Khupe is fed up with MDC let her go hang!She can join MLF,ZAPU and Sipepa Nkomo’s outfit in Lupane there.She wants to pursue exclusive politics! She must ask Welshman what it means to break away from MDC. Politics is about people who appeal to the masses because it is a game of numbers. Chamisa is the man with a reasonable probaability of unsettling mnangagwa. The moment you put Khupe against Mnangagwa the ZANU guys will be given a field day on election day.

        • QB

          But he was hand picked by Tsvangson which means he too has a possibility of ignoring the constitution in future.

      • Reason

        We also don’t subscribe to the Mthwakazi tribal principles. We are all Zimbabweans inspite of our leaders’ faults. ZIM shouldn’t be divided.We have married across the divide and we are related.

    • Tinowaziwa

      It shouldn’t be a question of what Ms Khupe has/has not said or done. It’s MDC constitution, stupid!!!!

      • Nigga1

        Khuphe is not presidential material, asi ndimbuya vako here vaurikumirira kudaro! she has the same attitude seya Grace Mugabe! She wants power by all means! why ddnt chiwenga say he wants to be president after removing Mugabe from power! Njere dzinodiwa mupolitics. he settled for vice which is good. ZANU PF is moving forward whilst we have opposition parties that are squabbling for power at the wrong time! Manje Tsvangirai wacho ahasi kufa zvekumhanya!

        • QB

          Uyahlanya wena, was Chiwenga in politics by then? You cant compare an armed man and a civilian politician.

          • Question Mark?

            How can one be a Political Commisar and at the same time stay out of politics?

  • Msongelwa

    Come elections we won’t have MDC again T again because they are spending plenty of time fighting for positions instead of campaigning and judging by what is on the ground Mnangagwa is poised to win these upcoming elections as he is selling himself to the masses because as young people we need jobs which I believe it’s best idea that many people would like to hear.



    • FedUp

      what is natural successor if its a democratic party leaders are not appointed but selected at congress.

  • dotiyenja

    Forget about MDC its dead. Move forward with MLF

  • Da truth

    That one was kissed by mugabe

    • omahn


  • Mbimbindoga Chidembo

    A party must have one VP chete.

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Too little too late. Thoko should have shown the moron that Morgan is the middle finger the moment he appointed Chamisa and Mudzuli. Whats certain though is the fool that Morgan is , will take the MDC-T with to his grave.

  • Zinhubu

    ZANU PF irikuhwina the 2018 elections, wait and see! which opposition is there kana pasina Mogiza! Mogiza was a brand. Khuphe should never forget that. pa MDC T…pple were voting for an individual not the party. KHUPE as president, MDC inowana 5 votes…which are hers, husband, son, daughter na house girl wake!

    We want change, development and success! atidi ana Gire at this hour! to hungry for power and you tend to lose the little that you have, she should go and ask Grace Mugabe!

  • Reason

    Khupe is right.Morgan is dictatorial and does things outside the constitution. This caused the splits in MDC. I have voted for Mdc only in my history to protest ZPF misrule but now I am reconsidering my options.If Morgan stands again I won’t vote for him. He has overstayed and blunders too much.Khupe however needs to be realistic in as much as she is right she won’t make any significant impact if she stands as president. Mudzuri maybe but Chamisa certainly. Unfortunately, the latter are a product of Tsvangirais constitutional bungling.My advice to Mdc is that they should solve these issues or face the zero sum game outcome I.e lose-lose like they achieved after the Welshman split.Please also remove the T at the end of Mdc because Tsvangirai does not own this party.

  • QB

    Ishona vele ngeke livume ukupha uMdebele isikhundla never

    • Gugu

      That is why we are voting Mthwakazi Republic Party(MRPM this year.Mam Khuphe you are most welcome at home amongst your people(MRP) . This year we are severing ties with this MDC thing

  • zibulo

    Mgabe and Ministers get treated in RSA and overseas, ED and the G-40 fled to RSA, Ndebeles were massacred and deprived of progress through tribalism and find Acceptance in RSA, the majority population who believed Mgabe was doing his tribal thing for their benefit are horded there in RSA with some connected to those who stole Public Funds opening small businesses there. ZANU youth were given loans and took them to RSA where they buy pivk ups, trucks and earn a living there. Go to the various truck stops dotted around East Rand in RSA to see foryourself, pardon me for those amongst them who worked for their monies . Every Zimbawean both the nCivillian and the Rulers, when things are tough, sojourn to RSA,yet the same rulers do not want the Country to mrge with RSA. ED persecuted Ndebeles who fled to RSA, and he, when also persecuted, fled to take Asylum in RSA, joining his victims there. RSA is a haven for both Innocent Civillians who fled ZANU PF terror and Corruption , and also for ZANU PF itself when they kill each other as they do all opponents. Tswangirayi has never led a march to Hospital gates to make an impact on the Health Services, hence he lies in an RSA hospital bed, and where do poor neglected Zimbabweans go ? THIS COUNTRY IS A MICKEY MOUSE thing !!!.

    • FedUp

      You are 100% correct, we are as good as a province of SA. We should just formally join RSA.

      • nditshi

        we cant be a colony SA is just our friend

        • FedUp

          formally join not accept to be colonized learn to read and understand Nditshi


          As long as you are dependent on SA to the extent Zim is – access to the sea because its landlocked; no industrial base; ruined economy; ruined educational institutions etc – you are indeed a colony of Mzansi. It doesnt have to be formalised – so as not to hurt your egos. Why do you think SA has special Dispensation Permits for Zims? Why not Nigerians or Kenyans or Zambians for instance – not even Mozambique? Its because Zim is their Colony!

      • Mahuswa

        Dont join just go and stay there like others.

      • Simon

        It’s the impoverished Mthakazi people who think of joining SA so that it becomes easier for them to go & do armed robberies, ukufeba and ukubamba inkunzi. Uzokaka wena mntanenyoka, nothiong like that will ever happen. Uzatshetshela ngesiqu I tell you.

        • FedUp

          insulting me won’t kill my opinions .

        • zibulo

          we used to have Jotham, aka Makhosixamu, dishing out more filth than you here. he is gone , and watch out you dont follow suit.REPENT


            Jotham left because his little God Mugabe was removed – now he has no praise singing opportunities. Some people are sick upstairs – worshiping human beings!


          Unfortunately for you, Mzansi is here to stay and will remain miles away from Zim in economic development for generations and generations to come. And not only that, the reality is that Zim will never escape being landlocked will continue bagging SA for access to the Sea for ever and ever Amen. If you cant stand that from your big brother Nguni Sotho neighbour or you cant face the reality that Zim shares a border with Mzansi and you cant do nothing about it; you surely know what to do – please just vamoos back to Burundi, in Central from whence your ancestors came. This is Southern Africa and the Nguni are the majority – PERIOD!!


      Shonas love pretending that they are not fond of South Africa, yet they are and they make up 99.99% of the Zimbabwe population in South Africa. Its all envy, pure jealousy. At any given opportunity, they shout go back to South Africa -
      silly fools – ZANU poodles. They have been heading for South Africa since the 1940s – yet they talk as if South Africa is only about the Ndebele. WENELA recruited everyone in Southern Africa for South African mines – this Ndebele obsession is just a Shona disease. Even our Mthwakazi politicians have bought into this stupid tribalistic narrative – you find people like Mphoko and others always castigating the people of Matland for going to SA, yet nobody says the same thing to Shonas, yet they are the majority there. We will never relent; we will keep our undying ties with South Africa come what may – they want to neutralise through outnumbering us, so we can lose our identity – that is why they hate our South African cultural links. Once you adopt their Shona language and speak tand write their Shona like some of our Mthwakazi people are nowadays doing – they are happy; they call that being Zimbabwean. IDIOTS!!

      • Galveston

        Nice one brother! That’s telling it as it is. But let me help you a little on this thing about their plan to assimilate the Ndebele people into their ways. It failed even before it left the drawing board! Consider the following: On a ratio of resettling those people on grabbed farms in the region at say 1 person per 5 hectres in the 1,800,000 hectres that were up for grabs; you get a figure amounting to 360,000 persons who should benefit. Logistically, resettling that amount of people from outside the region, was an impossible task for the broke Mugabe regime and still remains thus for its current successor. In real terms and ignoring cooked up government statistics, there are an estimated 4, 800, 000 Ndebele persons dwelling in the region. According to a purportedly, secret document, which is freely available on the internet, and thought to be originated from the department of spooks, the figure for foreigners resettled in the region currently stands at 81, 000. and that’s a better reflection of things as they are.

      • Mthwakazi

        Hahaha, I’ve since discovered that Only impoverished and struggling Mthwakazi people get offended by Shonas. For some of us who have made it we see Shonas as business rivals, giving us the necessary competition or as business partners. I joined forces with a Shona brother & we’re both in the Virgin Islands where our business is doing extremely well.

        • zibulo

          we are not tribalists , we are highlighting a fact. we also work with shonas too, because on both sides there are always good and bad people. maybe what you are trying to say wena is that, since its known they make up majority in the Looting Government and have ground the country to this, you mean that you have joined them iun stealing too !!!. ungahlambalazi or uhlekise ngabantu bakini you know how they have been deliberatekly oppressed, your choice is ok but ungadobha imali simewhere then you say those without money are fools is not correct. ukhuluma njengoMpoko, Khaya Moyo, yes a few mpimpis will eat with the enemy and be maede to represent those who cry Oppression, yet the end if you are doing bad is always coming, ukuphi uKhandakhulu Jonathan, and the older zapu folks ???

          • THE TRUTH

            Hayi bo zibulo. Litshona leli elizenza uMthwakazi. He simply couldnt stand the truth and then decided on a strategy on how to respond. I have noticed this tactic from most Shonas – once you fell them down with the truth about their tribalism, they start talking about themselves being progressive and making money whilst we are obsessed with tribalism. Its a diversionary tactic because the TRUTH HURTS – and it hurts badly for them because their political leadership has embarrassed them world wide – all dignity and a sense of pride is gone. No more bragging of the 1980s with their takadzidza, vazhinji mantras and their ZANU 1979 Grand Plan.

            IMISILA YONKE PHANSI – Finish, vinito!!

        • THE TRUTH

          Clearly a Shona who has been hurt by the truth and has decided to respond pretending to be uMthwakazi. You think I am stupid? I can see right through you!!

      • In_love

        SA is the way it is coz it was designed and built by the white man. We don’t go to SA to marry your women; we go there to look for opportunities. Don’t take credit for something u had no hand in. If it had been in the hands of your kinsman like zuma it would be a cesspool.

        Shonas don’t care whether Ndebeles live in Zim or wherever; that’s your business – it doesn’t put food on my table. Shona people have adopted many Ndebele words into their language, yet you can spew this divisive vomit. And you’re the type of retarded African who hates his African neighbour coz he lives across an imaginary border. Africa would be prosperous if people like you were aborted in the womb

        • THE TRUTH

          Who always shout Go back to South Africa? Go back to Zululand? Go back to KZN? Is it not Shona people? If you dont know this then you live under a rock like umahelane!

          • In_love

            U mention something that a nano-fraction of people say, then paint the whole clan with that brush. Every race or tribe has a group of intolerant bigots; even Ndebeles have them.

            Side note: all beautiful Ndebele women are Shona – we want them back.

          • THE TRUTH

            Take all those women back including the cows – who cares?

            There are women all over the world – you can have those you are always crying for – we wont lose sleep over that.

            Its not a fraction of Shona people with this “Ndebele go back to South Africa mentality”. It is a dominant theme in Shona circles including politicians – read the ZANU 1979 Grand Plan.

            There is absolutely no ways one can hold an argument or debate over politics with a Shona person without them resorting to the desperate mantra of Go back to South Africa – its a Shona thing!!

          • In_love

            I’ve honestly never heard anyone saying that, even in exclusively Shona circles. There is so much inter-marriage between the two tribes that lines of division are blurring. But ofcourse one’s perspective depends on which side of the fence they are.

          • THE TRUTH

            Have you read the 1979 ZANU Grand Plan? You can Google it. Why has ZANU PF never investigated the document to disprove its authenticity? Simply denying is not good enough. They have to prove it has nothing to do with them or the Shona people. How come what it says is what has happened in Matebeleland since 1980 – is that simply a coincidence?

          • In_love

            What Zanu does or plans as a party is not indicative of what Shona people believe. The Shona people are not Zanu the party

          • THE TRUTH

            Shonas have been ZANU PF since 1980 – in fact since the 1970s. It was only after the demise of PF ZAPU when Shonas started talking against ZANU PF and Mugabe. Go into YouTube videos and see how they danced and boasted about ZANU PF and Mugabe when they were killing people in Matebeleland. Its exactly the same dancing and boasting they did recently in November 2017 for Mnangagwa and Mnangagwa is ZANU PF. Shonas only distance themselves from ZANU PF when that party messes up, but it essentially is a Shona party that co-opted a few Matland people. Look at the leadership – the First Secretary is Shona. The Second Secretary is Shona. And its only the second Secretary who takes over from the First Secretary should the First Secretary step down for whatever reason. This means only Shonas replace each other in perpetuity. This is why Mnangagwa and Mujuru fought – they never fight the Ndebele VPs – its because they know they are not competition to them because they dont qualify by virtue of their tribe, language and Provinces they hail from!!

          • In_love

            I meant that the Shona people as a whole are not genetically-descended from Zanu. Zanu has Shona people in its ranks but Shona people as a whole have a mind of their own. I believe it is common knowledge that Zanu lost to MDC in the 2008 elections – meaning that the majority of Shona people were disenchanted by them

          • THE TRUTH

            Yes the majority of Shonas got fed up with ZANU PF ONLY after helping ZANU PF destroy Joshua Nkomo and PF ZAPU. Shonas dont unite on values and principles – they unite over what they perceive to be a common enemy without even giving it much thought. Once that perceived enemy is eliminated, they turn against each other. Essentially Shona people are ZANU PF in their psychological make up and outlook of the country. This is why even in the MDC-T, they mimic ZANU PF in the way they do things – leaders who come to Matland and address rallies in Shona to non Shona speaking people – they have no respect for other languages and cultures; meetings held in Shona yet Zim is supposedly multilingual and multi cultural; changing of party Constitutions to suit individual leaders and endless Vice Presidents. I really dont believe Shona people have a mind of their own, given what I saw in the streets in November last year. Anything that a ZANU PF leader says becomes music for them. Mugabe said Asante Sana – today that has become an anthem among the Shona, as if the term never existed before Mugabe mentioned it. Mugabe spoke about Amadoda sibili and the term took flight with the Shona. Now every word by Mnangagwa is being copied – suddenly they appear to have forgotten about the MDC-T – never mind the fact that Mnangagwa has a Gukurahundi record and he is just too old for a President, already at 75!!

          • In_love

            The problem here is you are programmed to see only evil in Shona people. So regardless of what is presented on the table all you will see is hatred towards Ndebeles. If there is any good in Shonas, to you it is evil disguised as good.

          • THE TRUTH

            Ok. Are you saying what I said above is fiction? Are there no such examples, that you yourself has encountered? I am certainly not saying every Shona is like this – of course there are exceptions, but if you look closely quite a significant number are like this. It might not be intentional, that I admit. But you must also admit that ZANU PF has had a tremendously negative impact on the average Shona person in general in the last 40 years.

            Remember, I grew up in the 1970s and I can testify that, most Shona people, friends etc were totally different from the Shona people of today under Mugabe. I grew up in Gweru and I know what I am talking about. If you google and read the ZANU PF 1979 Grand Plan, you will see how accurate that document was when it was drafted in 1979 when you look how the Matebeleland and the Ndebele people of today have turned out to be, under Mugabe’s ZANU PF. They deny it has – but they have done nothing practical to disown and disprove it. The reason is simple, they know that should proper investigations into its origins be undertaken, the truth will be unearthed and it will be very embarrassing for them in Africa and across the world. Its a textbook of modern ethnic cleansing, not that different from the Rwandan genocide.

            Because of the ancestral tribal wars of almost 200 years ago, many Shonas are very vengeful and will not rest until all Ndebele people and their language are wiped out of Zimbabwe. Make no mistake, this is the concrete belief among the people of Mthwakazi today. That is why since 1980, you have seen so many cultural pressure groups sprouting up everywhere in Matebeleland, in an effort to ensure their people’s survival. That is also why there are people who have been pushing for secession. There were no Matebeleland secessionist political parties under Ian Smith in Rhodesia – why?. Food for Thought!

    • Doti yako Mrambinda

      Uyadubeka mntanenja, all those who have made it don’t worry about petty Shona issues that you have highlighted above. You are drowning in poverty and want to blame your misery on Shonas. Uyihlo lo nyoko batshethsela ngamahlanga mntanekhikhitha, you can’t even afford cheap toilet paper.

      • zibulo

        can you please highlight point by point where i am wrong, since you are so emotional about this. all you do is write vulgar language in a national platform where even your child reads. prove me wrong by facts. i have laid my case . inhlamba and references to other people does not make tribalism, nepotism, racism , go away. umfuzile uMgabe impela, he insulted even foreign heads of states but today he is gone and those states still prosper, you and me are drowning in poverty man-made
        by those who have loote our monies , your monies too mfo, see readers reason and ask what poverty , kanti wena Oyihlo labonyoko labokhokho bakho phela babenza the same before morden life. izinhlamba kugezwa ngazo, o Bush labo Blair bageza ngazo and they still stand, ohlambalazayo is gone , bassop ungalandeli abahlukumeza abantu emhlabeni , God is for all.

  • Mufaro Sibanda

    Morgan ‘s divide and rule tactic has come back to haunt the MDC.-T The basis for three deputies without a Congress confounds the chaos in the opposition party. 2018 will be worse than 2013 come elections!
    For the education of tribalists. The Ndebele have never been a tribe. Mzilikadzi a nation builder brought together three main groups of people: 1.EbeZanzi- those from the original group that ran away from Tshaka, EbeNhla- those from Tswana, Swazi groups incorporated on the way North and finally the majority grouping Kalanga and Karanga amaHole who to this day are the majority of Ndebele speaking Zimbabweans and formed the bulk of warriors under Lobengula.
    ZAPU was never based on language groups. Joshua Nkomo was Kalanga and Msika was MaNyika. Both in ZIPRA and ZAPU there have always been leaders and cadres from across language groups. It was ZIPRA who liberated Zvimba where Robert Mugabe was born. Khupe is Kalanga and from a Shona language group! In modern Zimbabwe you have Ndebele- speaking people from Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Harare. The politics of tribes are dead! Policies are the debating issues of our time not Regionalism

    • Essexvale

      So you say; yet, through your expressed sentiments, you appear to be covertly promoting the same tribalistic evil for your own ends. The Ndebele nation is real, not withstanding your attempts at justifying your nonsense via fake historical factors. You’d better accept that! The origins of the Ndebele people is not more important than it’s existence or it ability to remain relevant – which it is currently doing quite nicely !!

      • Reality dot com

        You mean as real as the Persian empire? Roman empire? Grecian Kingdom? Marwe kingdom or the Rozvi kingdom? Or the Munhumutapa kingdom? Or the Zulu kingdom? The reality of it all is all kingdoms are founded by capturing other kingdoms’ lands, people, customs, wealth. The revival of one kingdom is the call for the former kingdoms to be rekindled to drive off the colonial kingdom. The Greeks, Persians, Romans, Japanese, English, Germans, will tell you no colonial kingdom lasts forever. The cost of sustaining a colonial kingdom is unfarthonmable and one day sooner or later it will have to wake up to face reality. Certain death. Ask her majesty, the queen who is still fresh into reality dot com.

        • Essexvale

          Pardon me for bursting your self-seeking bubble; but I was not referring to the Ndebele kingdom. On the contrary, it’s the Ndebele nation that I made mention of. And let’s be honest, it (the Ndebele nation exists and is prospering, numerically at least. The other prosperity are being denied it by a spiteful administration who are besotted by ethnically driven loyalties or considerations.

    • Bantu Fidelity

      Point of correction: Dr J Nkomo was not Khalanga-his son has said this times without number; He was Sotho. Msipa was not Manyika. He was from the north. A Mukorekore.

      You are however very correct to sayEbeNhla and amaHole are now appearing as the actual Ndebeles or Ri-Tebele people whereas that term as given by the Motswana should be reserved for the EbeZanzi who carried cow-hide shileds. Sibanda would be part of the amaHole from Chirimuhanzu tribe-totem being Shumba Mhazi which is originally Korekore from Zambia. Chirimuhanzu was raided and co-opted into the Ri-Tebele kingdom several times after countless resistance battles in which he lost sons, women and cattle to marauding impis under the infamous Mtombeni. The same fate befell Changamire Dombo and his kin regents Tohwechipi, Mutinhima, Dhlembeu Kulima Kwandikona – the Rozvi of the Moyo totem whose lands were between Shangaan River due east, Shashe due South, Dombodema due west and Khami due north. That is the lineage of the Moyo folks. Over 90% of current day Ri-Tebele people are genuine Karanga people with Dzimbahwe roots or alternatively ‘Shona’ -in quotes coz there wasn’t any such folks before the Ri-Tebele coined the name.

      I am however surprised at your objectivity and the frankness of your facts. South-westerners find it hard to acknowledge that they being Kalanga, Venda,Nambya, Chewa, or BaTonga, are not just a ‘Shona’ grouping, but the progenitors of the current ‘Shona’ who having come from Central Africa in AD300 founded their kingdom Zimbabgi headquartered around an inland lake now named Okavango Delta,later to split about AD700 into northern kingdom-”Mapungubwe”-the bridgehead for ‘shonas’ and southern kingdom-”Baklaga”-the bridgehead for all Ngunis . If only people searched into history objectively, they would understand they are one family from one father. And then they would live ‘peacefoolly’ and happily ever after.

      • Essexvale

        All high minded and historically correct sounding, yet actually calculated to misinform. Check out my reply to Mafaro Sibanda, just below this. It’s an appropriate response for your comment too!!

        • Nkanyiso

          Given your reponse to Bantu and Mufaro i take it you are inferring that your are the “cleverer” one whose opinion holds more , im not convinced if your contribution is anything to go by !!!

          • Essexvale

            Though I’m glad you got the message, in spite of your denials.

      • zibulo

        we know we are One , but go tell that to your folks who are shonalizing and therefore antagonizing everyone who is not !!!. before independence we never had tribalism, it came with ZANU, stop preaching to us , go preach to those who need the sermon of unity. we know tribes are formed and swallowed, then merged, then swallowed, its been the norm, stop reminding us that, we knw, but what we know is that when the colonialist came we were Ndebele , finish and klarr, not shona or karanga as you want it. we fought the colonialist as Ndebele, and have battles where we were victorious as ndebeles, show me /tell me about the battles fought and won in the East of Zim against the colonialist. i know of the one the East fought agains’t the civillian pop;ulation in the west after Independence, imagine , after independence, when the country was won, someone starts to fight, fighting citizens , yet they failed to make an impact during the Liberation war !!!!!!.

  • Nsukwini

    The problem with Zimbabweans is that they are easily swayed by superstition, fantasy and what they read in the press. Trump talks about fake news. In our country it has been with us for so long that just by living it and believing it, it ends up coming true like a prophesy. Even the Politicians end up living it. This Khupe story has been getting tuned, remodeled spinned and respinned overs and overs that it is actually coming to pass. That makes the Zanu PF machinery very powerful even to this day when they are in recovery mode. Simply because we have opposition Politicians with absolutely no vision. Than plan might have been to prioritise a change of guard and then when that is done look into the future. This is now going pear shaped because of silly Politicians who are following biased newspapers and are pumpinping divisive propaganda into the public domain. Look at it logically. This particular paper never uttered a word about events overtaking senior Zanu pf peoples place in that succession race during the last days of the Mugabe regime where these senior figures were sidelined and even expelled from that party. Yet now this Khupe situation is making headlines and the tone at this paper is almost support for Khupe. MDC and it’s leadership visibly Khupe must pause and ask why. The problem in the MDC has always been the abundance of Zanu pf Moles. Nothing has changed.

  • Guest

    Khupe is putting the last nail to her political coffin. We are watching

    • FedUp

      When this lady was my MP we never saw her even for the winning celebration party. So she into politics for personal gain financial to be precise. As a voter i say Khupe should just shut up.

  • Dudu Mdlaziba

    Dr Khuphe is Ndebele. Tsvangirai (MDC) is tribalist. Therefore Khuphe can’t be president. #DeductiveReasoning.

    • ndtshi

      yekela ukuphambana

    • sky

      Ko biti na Sikhala ma shona akadzingwa na Morgan ?

  • Essexvale

    So sad that this lady, once dedicated to genuine change, has allowed self-seeking lust for power to get to her head. In fact, the whole top echelon in the MDC is behaving like lurking vultures over its ill leader, at the expense of the mandate given them to be conveyors of reform. The silly bickering will have to cease if ever the opposition is to have a glimmer of a chance to form a credible government! As for Khupe….. She seems oblivious to the facts about Zim politics. Bare truth demonstrates that the system has been traditionally honed into one where ethnic and regional factors determine the way the electorate votes. One needs only to do the math in order for a clear trend on Zim voting patterns to emerge. No…..Sadly, under the current circumstances, Khupe doesn’t stand a lamb’s chance in a lion’s den toward getting the nation’s top job!!

    • Doctor Do little

      You could not have put it better. I would never ever be fooled by the comments here. Some are purpose made. If Khupe is successful in her quest you will have the other Party breaking the champagne bottles. Change will come to this country eventually where voting patterns are concerned but you would think those in this Party that have any clout would sit down together and chart the way forward with the current trend in mind. If they are sincere then later on they can begin to educate the people on the evils of racism, tribalism and nepotism. This is never going to be a thing that will vanish over night.

      • Essexvale


        • Simon

          This 2018 and Do Little and Essexvale are still putting each other emdidini, what a shame!!

          • Petros

            More like M40…Mdidi 40 kkkk.

      • Simon

        This 2018 and Do Little and Essexvale are still putting each other emdidini, what a shame

        • Simon Proper

          What is it with you lemdidi Ndoda. Get a life. Usuyangisa. Uyi G40 yini.

  • sisevalweni

    kanti othe utshomi lowana uyafa ngubani, yena engaka dingi uncedo kobosiyazi aba thize

  • Martin Chipimo

    MDC-T is going through what ZANU PF went through last year. The power struggle will result in splits and by the end of the day the party becomes disorganised in the face of elections. Political party leaders should learnt a lesson from Cde Mugabe and put in place a deliberate succession plan in place. Otherwise MDC-T and Alliances will continue to loss elections year in and year out.

  • wekanyi

    Thokozani haana order. iye naAbednigo Bhebhe vanoisa confusion mu MDC. More over truth be told she is not people’s choice even here kuMandebele. vanomuda vanoverengeka.

    • zibulo

      is abednico bhebhe now MDC? Last i knew he was ZANU.

  • Freedom First

    Secessionists to you; but an expression of our quest for self determination. Your thinking is just as that of Mugabe and his rotten system. And look where that got him? You’ll be going the same way pretty fast with your sh*t-head thinking!! Watch this space!!

    • Mahuswa

      Thula msindo wena shlama

  • impi

    this is what tsvangirai discussed with ED, he has sold out the democratic movement for a peaceful death and a financial cushion for his family left behind. he knows that appointing Chamisa is unconstitutional and will cause havoc and instability much to the benefit of ED.


    It is a clear sign that Tsvangirai is a failure. You even respect your own constitution what about the national one?

  • Mbimbindoga Chidembo

    Tsvangison behaved like polygamous tribesman by having 3 VPs, one elected and two handpicked. He is like a husband married under chapter 37 and the he marries two other wives under customary law. Whichever way you look at thers going to be a messy dogfight.

  • Antidote

    Mama Khupe ngavaite order…

  • Antidote

    Mama Khupe itai order please, why crave for power. President Morgan R Tsvangirai is still alive and Mr Nelson Chamisa is only acting presidency in the absence of President Tsvangirai. It’s clear wani…

  • sue

    MaKhupe needs position byfire byforce. yoneyo into yokuthi ilanga liyaphuma elinye lingakatshoni it’s a bad idea