Kids watch as man shoots lover’s sister dead

Sukulwenkosi Dube Plumtree Correspondent
A BULILIMA man based in South Africa allegedly opened fire on his lover’s sister, killing her on the spot and wounding her one-year-old baby while her two other children aged nine and four years watched.Frank Sibanda, 28, who is from Masendu area in Bulilima accused the woman, Prisca Ndebele, 33, of preventing him from seeing his girlfriend, Ayanda Ndebele, 25.

Sibanda had allegedly gone looking for Ayanda at Prisca’s Hillbrow home on Tuesday evening.

He opened fire on Prisca pumping five bullets into her and fired two more that hit the woman’s one-year-old daughter that she was holding.

Chief Masendu confirmed the death of Prisca Ndebele who comes from his area.

“I was informed of an incident involving villagers from my area who are based in South Africa. Mourners are gathered at the Ndebele homestead where they’re awaiting the arrival of their daughter’s body. I went to the homestead where they narrated the tragic incident,” he said.

Chief Masendu said Sibanda who was reportedly on the run was also from his area. He said the man was well known for his violent tendencies.

Her sister, Thandekile Ndebele, said her one-year-old niece was recovering following an operation at a hospital in South Africa where she had the two bullets removed.

Thandekile said on the night that her sister was shot dead, Sibanda proceeded to her place of residence in Hillbrow in search of his girlfriend who had fled from his house where they stayed together.

“This man went to Prisca’s house around 7PM and found her with her three children. He demanded to see Ayanda but my sister pointed out that she wasn’t around.

“He then accused her of lying and hiding Ayanda from him. He pulled out a gun and shot her while she was holding her daughter in her arms. He shot at her seven times and two bullets hit the child while five hit her. Sibanda immediately fled from the scene,” she said.

Ndebele said Sibanda severely assaulted his girlfriend  in South Africa last December.

“He almost killed my younger sister last year after accusing her of being involved with other men. Ayanda fled from South Africa and when she arrived home she was in a terrible state.

“She was hardly dressed as her clothes were torn and she had bruises all over her body. She told us that her boyfriend Frank was abusing her. At that time they were staying together,” said Thandekile.

She said a report was made to the police but her sister later changed her mind and withdrew the case before it went to court.

Thandekile said Sibanda would also insult and beat up her mother whenever she stopped him from seeing Ayanda.

She said her younger sister later returned to the neighbouring country where she continued to stay with her abusive lover.

“The whole family is devastated by this incident. My mother can hardly talk as this incident has affected her severely. The torture is even greater upon my late sister’s children because their father died last year after he was shot in South Africa and now their mother has departed in the same way,” said Thandekile.

She said Prisca would be buried at her parents’ homestead tomorrow.































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