Knife attack frenzy

KNIFEWhinsley Masara Chronicle Reporter—
AN injiva from Tsholotsho allegedly stabbed his wife’s married lover several times, leaving him for dead after he reportedly caught them having sex on his matrimonial bed. Mandla Ndlovu, 36, allegedly pounded Elliot Zondo, 43, with a hammer, sjamboked and beat him up with a metal rod before frenziedly slashing his back with a knife.

He did not touch his wife, Sipho Ncube, 21, in the brutal assault at Nembe village under Chief Magama on Monday around 8PM. Ndlovu, drenched in Zondo’s blood, allegedly surrendered himself at Tsholotsho Police Station.

Sources said police officers did not believe Ndlovu, who was still holding a bloodied knife, when he said he had butchered and killed someone he found being intimate with his wife.

“Some of them explained the blood by saying he was mentally deranged and had slaughtered a goat,” said the source. The police officers were later shocked when a group of people came to the station carrying Zondo, who they thought was dead. He was rushed to Tsholotsho District Hospital where he was whisked to Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo, due to the serious nature of his injuries.

The cheating wife, Ncube, admitted to The Chronicle, in front of her in-laws, that Zondo was her lover. However, she disputed that her husband caught them having sex.

“Zondo knocked at our bedroom and my husband opened the door and attacked him,” she said. “When I shouted for help, my husband’s brothers came to our homestead. I’m not sure what transpired but Zondo was left in a bad state.”

She said she met Zondo last month on a bus when they both were returning from visiting their spouses in South Africa. Ncube said: “We fell in love at once and we’ve been seeing each other at my home, daily since then.”

She said Ndlovu had told her he was not coming home for Christmas but he suddenly arrived on Monday. Ncube said she failed to warn her lover that her husband had come home.

Zondo’s brother, Qhubekani, said he thought Ndlovu’s family abducted his brother and assaulted him. “His father is a member of the neighbourhood watch committee. We found him seated with his sons, guarding my brother who looked dead. When we tried to take him, Mandla refused, actually becoming more aggressive,” said Qhubekani.

“There were chains and a hammer next to the lifeless body and I think they wanted to tie him up overnight. Even his other two sons have been arrested, showing it was a gang assault.”

He said he doubted his brother would survive. Village head Patrick Dube said the Ndlovu family should not have taken the law into their hands. “Ndlovu’s father hasn’t even reported the matter to me yet he’s a man of the law,” said Dube.

Ndlovu’s father, Mahamba, said his son summoned the family on the day he arrived from South Africa and told them his wife was having an affair. He said Ncube shocked everyone when she admitted she was having an extra-marital relationship, without showing remorse or shame.

Mahamba said he was told the following day that his son had killed someone. “My grandchildren came running to the school that I guard, saying Mandla had killed someone,” he said.

“I rushed there to find a seriously injured man who had passed out. I ordered them to pour water on him and blood was oozing out of many parts of his body,” said Mahamba. He said he ordered his sons to surrender themselves to the police.

“The assault was serious. I’m told the victim has been transferred to Mpilo and the boys are in the police cells,” he said.

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  • gilbert

    inhumane comments does not deserve space here, Good Mr Editor

  • gilbert

    why kill some one?

  • Jose Mourinho

    Imizi yamanye amadoda kayihlonitshwe kodwa ke lathi madoda ma singaya egoli masingabokhohlwa ukuthi sitshiye abafazi back home. As long as elayo kuphela kuzamele ike ihlokozwe. Ngabe kuyenzeka ukuthi umuntu angaya egoli ayingcothule eyomkakhe ahambe layo ngabe elomkami ngihamba lalo sibone ukuthi abafana bayahloma ngaphi.

  • Jose Mourinho

    Omazekisa laba yibo aba seducer amadoda mfowethu nxa ungakwazi. Lathi madoda singabokuthi singaya egoli besesibona angani omkethu basala besipha imbumbu isitshwala. Imbumbu yadalelwa ukumumatha impenseli kababa hayi okunye. Ma umkakho ungamkhohlwa ekhaya bayamzeka abafunayo.

  • Volcanic Eruption

    ki ki ki ki kwa kwa. Well said. Lengane was way younger than this mampara and he should have known better the consequencies of this relationship. He probably has kids her age. Hence she sees nothing wrong with what she has done.

  • father Christmas

    l wish a speedy recovery to the injured man, and that there will be a peaceful solution to the problem and that they will be able to enjoy their Christmas

  • Mpho Magwaza

    Ain’t nobody mess with me or any one of my damn aliases or alter egos!!!!

  • Jose Mourinho

    Anytime, anywhere, bring it on muthaf***r, I can even come & defeat you in your own sick home. In front of your 1st, 2nd & 3rd born make your wife get on the phone call your elders to persuade me to stop it. I’ll say f**k it, he started it, he forgot what a hardcore guy this is.

    A hardcore guy is a dangerous man, such as myself trained to run 20 miles in soft sand. On or off land, programmed to kick hundreds of balls you done did it man.

    You done spitted some wack shitt, And probably thought that because it’s been a minute I’ll forget it.
    F**k that, I see The B***h In You and I’ma make the world see it too, motherf****r.

  • Munationalist

    Almost got it right but these two were suffering from the same fate, leaving their spouses in SA. Better for these two to have their own lives, they will remain in Zim and enjoy each other than those economic prisoners who value money more than their families.