Knives out for Prof Moyo

Umguza legislator Cde Obert Mpofu addresses party members during a Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting in Lupane yesterday

Umguza legislator Cde Obert Mpofu addresses party members during a Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting in Lupane yesterday

Nduduzo Tshuma, Political Editor
ZANU-PF Matabeleland North is preparing to censure Professor Jonathan Moyo over allegations of, among others, working with under fire National Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere in setting parallel structures in the party with the aim of deposing President Mugabe.

Indications are that the province will also charge the Tsholotsho North MP for allegedly airing party issues on social media and working against Government programmes particularly Command Agriculture.

Addressing a provincial coordinating committee meeting in Lupane yesterday, Zanu-PF Politburo member Dr Obert Mpofu indicated that a day would be set to deliberate on the charges against Prof Moyo whom he did not mention directly.

He was responding to a resolution by the province calling for the expulsion of Cde Kasukuwere over a number of allegations ranging from setting parallel structures to depose the President, fanning factionalism and undermining the authority of First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe.

Earlier during deliberations over Cde Kasukuwere’s matter, a national youth executive member Cde Wellington Tagarira said they accepted the resolution but wondered if there were some characters from within the province working with the political commissar.

Dr Mpofu said there was no need to mix the two issues as a date would be set for the specific matter.

“We’re not chaotic in Matabeleland North, even the matter we’re discussing today comes from elsewhere because we rejected it here because we’re straight forward.

“There were many attempts made here to destabilise the province but failed. We thank you comrades for your discipline,” said Dr Mpofu.

“There are some with a problem because when you have a problem it doesn’t end, it’s like having a spirit of witchcraft that when you sleep it haunts you.  On behalf of Matabeleland North we don’t have what is being said by our colleagues in other areas.”

Dr Mpofu added, “The President is the one centre of power. When he says Mpofu sit down, I must sit down, when he says Mpofu go and till the land, I go.

“But there are some here whom the President tells to sit down but they stand up, he tells them to go and farm and they ask what for?

“We hear about these things and some of them come from Matabeleland North but we want to make it clear that they don’t speak on behalf of the province. If a person says the wrong things, say it’s Mpofu and not Mat North.

“There are many things the President said discouraging acting in a manner that destroys the party but some go against that. He introduced a programme that people would farm for the country (Command Agriculture) and some oppose.”

Dr Mpofu said they had received a lot of inquiries on Prof Moyo’s actions.

“Many people are calling us asking that ‘what are you doing about this lad, we have dealt with this one’ that you wrote here (Cde Kasukuwere). ‘How about others,’ I think that is the thing the young man (Cde Tagarira) wanted to ask because he (Cde Kasukuwere) can’t be in this thing alone,” he said.

“That is why we said let us not mix issues. There will be a day for that where Matabeleland North will sit down and admonish us, if it’s Mpofu say Mpofu we don’t like what you are doing. If you see a person always in the middle of quarrels, you go to this group, he is there and that group he is there, he has a problem.”

Dr Mpofu said the province stands with President Mugabe in life and death and would not allow any machinations against him.

“Those people with a problem are the ones who want to see the President every day, us who love him don’t want to go to him everyday because we will end up lying to him. If you want to see the President every day, what will you be telling him because the chats will end and then you start telling lies about others,” said Dr Mpofu.

“There is an issue here in Matabeleland North and we will deal with it but we must do one thing at a time, let’s deal with this (Cde Kasukuwere) matter first.”

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  • View from Bubi Dam

    Jonso gone………

  • Mudhara Awuya

    You have demonstrated maturity and wisdom Obiza. One issue at a time. Deal with Robin Hood from Tsholotsho after Tyson from Mt Darwin.

    • Zivai Ndlovu

      Leave Johnso alone. He is a small time thief compared to Obert Mpofu of the missing $15 billion fame. The country stand to benefit more from investigating, arresting and imprisoning Mpofu for diamond corruption.

      • Doctor Do little

        That is so so true.

      • Volcanic Eruption

        I wonder if these guys forget that we know most of their skeletons in the closet. As for Mpofu, akalamanhloni to come out and say such about Jonathan? Mpofu lisela lukugcina guys and that is a fact. For how long will they worship this master?

        • James Wenseslus

          Wena Volcanic Eruption ungumthengisi. Why is your ndebele broken? Bloody Shona lothuvi

          • Mike Mangamela

            Masende kayihlo wena Jimmy.

          • Volcanic Eruption

            Thanks for that. I cannot waste my time on people like you. You clearly have no idea what your boss Mr Mpofu is like and what he has done to blackmail his own people in Matebeleland. You clearly have no clue what the ndebele people went through with his devious intents. Isindebele nga sipasa kahle futhi. I note the spelling error but l do not read any broken ndebele here. People like you are, ngabantu abathanda inkulumo no kwehlukanisa. Grow up and learn how to urgue and debate. Inhlamba kayakhi. Ngeyani inhlamba?

          • uhlanya


  • Ndabaningi Sithole

    Prof Jonathan Moyo is the cobra in the house…Anti Pres Mugabe and ZANU PF from his early days..stood as an independent against ZANU PF in Tsholotsho North..donated the constituency to Mary Sipepa Nkomo…continued with tweeting against the wise counsel from the President…looted grain meant for the whole Tsholotsho district and gave it to his constituency…looted Zimdef funds and gave it to Tsholotsho …looted campfire funds and donated to Tsholotsho FC…looted research funds in Kenya and ran back to Zimbabwe…that’s Robin Hood from Tsholotsho ….destroying ZANU PF from within for sure.

    • Dr Fayke Phd

      That is a whole load of nonsense. Zanu pf is corrupt from top to bottom and it is not Moyo that made it so. Talk about looting why are you not mentioning the looters like Ignatius, Chiyangwa and co.

  • Robin Hood

    The Courts should quickly deal his looting Zimdef case..Its said justice delayed is justice denied so why delay … Lock in the Professional Looter at Chikurubi Maximum and allow him time to write his book titled ‘The Collapse of Attempts to Destroy ZANU PF From Within’ The forward should come from Kasukuwere and distributed by Mandi Chimene.

    • Doctor Do little

      Obert Mpofu is one deluded person and more so a useless Politician that can not stand on his own two feet. Now he is cringing and continuing to declare his worship for his so called center of power. What happened about serving the people? I think if he was asked to shoot himself in the head he might do so. As much as I don’t approve of some of Moyo’s actions he is one of the few that has made changes in his constituency. Mpofu on the other hand improves his pocket whilst licking every bodies boots at the top. A sad sorry excuse for a human being.

      • Mixed Race

        The two are miles apart-one is bright and intelligent well as the other is dull and stupid.Both are misguided and naive politicians who have betrayed their region’s proud tribes men and women.Only God knows the truth.

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Soap continues with no end in sight!!

    • Orange

      Hold your laughter, the circus is still streaming into town. Kkk

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  • mafikizolo

    I said it before and I say it again……..The party is in self-destruct mode. And we are watching from the terraces and cheering on the players,!!

    • Martin Chipimo

      Great observation and we will see more of this BEFORE the 2018 Elections. Who is going to de-campaign or campaign for the Presidential candidate etc?
      Watch the space for more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    Obert Mpofu-you really should keep your silence because you are as dirty as they come and should not be bringing attention to yourself. He who has not sinned-let him cast the first stone!! Jonah has brought so much development compared to mpofu who once boasted about his wealth. No wonder it is alleged that Jonah told him off at one politburo meeting by describing him as one with the body the size of an elephant an yet with a mind the size of a rat!! Let them take on Jonah sibukele izaguru!! Ngu Jonah lowu!!

    • Tinowaziwa

      Remember has ‘smallanyana ‘Zimdef issues in his closet. Easy to silence him.