Kombis ban turns violent: 1 killed, 2 cars burnt & police station stoned

 Police officers push a vehicle in a bid to save it from catching fire at the Harare Central Police Station yesterday evening

Police officers push a vehicle in a bid to save it from catching fire at the Harare Central Police Station yesterday evening

Zvamaida Murwira, Harare Bureau
AT LEAST one person was killed and two others were seriously injured yesterday evening in Harare when police clashed with the commuting public in the Central Business District.

Two vehicles were reduced to ashes while the Harare Central Police Station was stoned and heavily damaged by a rowdy mob. Windows at the entrance of Zimbabwe Republic police charge office were shattered by missiles as people protested the death of a yet to be identified man under unclear circumstances.

The mayhem followed a directive by Harare City Council banning commuter omnibus operators and on-street vendors from coming to the CBD in an Operation dubbed “Clean up CBD”.

There were running battles last night as the crowd threw missiles at the police while the cops fired tear gas canisters.

This resulted in the death of one person.

People who spoke to our Harare Bureau said trouble started when the police approached a Chitungwiza bound kombi that was dropping passengers at Seke road flyover.

The driver is said to have resisted instructions by the police not to drop passengers at the undesignated point.

Hre central burinign cars21

This resulted in an altercation that exploded into a running battle.

Police fired tear gas canisters to wade off the marauding crowd. “The police fired warning shots to try to disperse the swelling crowd who were already jeering at them,” said Mr Marvellous Vhiriri.

The crowd later regrouped and pitched up at ZRP charge office in central Harare where they threw missiles leaving a trail of destruction. The regrouping of the crowd seemed to have caught the police ill-prepared.

They withdrew and called for reinforcement.

When our Harare Bureau arrived at charge office around 2000HRS missiles were strewn all over in the charge office while the body of the deceased still lay on the floor.

Police details could also be seen pushing vehicles that were parked adjacent to charge office in a bid to save them from catching fire.

The bus terminus had been cordoned off.

Police details could be seen patrolling the area around the terminus while intermittently firing tear gas canisters.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba’s mobile phone was unreachable last night while her deputy Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi was not picking calls.

Harare city council had announced that it was relocating commuter omnibuses and on-street vendors from CBD.

Government has since reversed the council decision to allow for further consultation.


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  • dabulikethe

    Bayahlanya , abantu kabalandele umthetho. Lawo asetshiphile amapholisa eHarare.

    • zibulo

      umthetho kabani ? Source of law is the ways/customs of people. so the law must emanate from the People , not from a politburo gathering. It shows what ZRP is ; a force agains’t the people, so was the BSAP back then, trained to fight not to police ,at least BSAP never carried arms of war even though it was war time. Umthetho must be there to benefit citizens. vendors are a result of mismanagement by Govt who cause massive unemployment and emmigration. so if there are no-vendor areas , ask who owns and runs business in those places; its the rich,who want to eat cake alone. the rich live like lice on us, we work for them and they want to maintain the status quo. The kombi boys will give zrp a run for their money, govt will regret killing ZUPCO, all these guys could have been em[ployed there

      • general

        i smell G40 kkkkkk beware of them remember they have money .they looking for a spark to start revolution….

  • Killer Morehard Garwe

    You are lying chronicle and herald .A police officer opened gun fire to civilians and shot at least two people at the seke road flyover. The raw videos of the incident that sparked citizen anger against the police started because of this incident. Oh chronicle, so everyday you tell lies!But why,why lie?Who are you propping up?whose image are you trying to sanitize? Mnangagwa of course!!!Obert Mpofu was arrogant and contemptuous at Parliament yesterday on live TV and his police officers busy shooting innocent citizens in town!All to mark 100 days in power by Mnangagwa, what a joke!

    • Don Corleone

      Eish who ever is the editor of this story ka the thunder that will strike him/her is still doing press up. we have heard what transpired just after it happened yet the chronicle has no shame to lie in our faces. it was the police who fired into the people first and reports are that two people died and you say one kkkkk. haa Nehanda huya uone mashura pakati pevana vevhu

      • Tonde

        The police have the right to maintain law and order. The kombi driver was ordered not to pick and drop passengers at the controlled zone. He defied the order. What else could have the police done at that moment and time because there’s no way the police could have just opened fire there and then. Something precipitated the opening of live ammunition. People must be accountable to their deeds and desist from apportioning blame. Why do people defy an order authoritatively given? Was there no room for engagement to sort out the dispute. However it is unfortunate that human life was lost in the melee unnecessarily but respect of the law should be the order of life.

  • Bobbydazzler

    Why is police allowing itself to be entangled with City Councils’ mess. Let those authorities do their own operations. At the end of the day it is police face which will be soiled. Of powers to arrest Harare City Council always tow vehicles to its yard, let it use those powers.

    • guswini

      Police have to maintain law and order there is no way they can ignore a violent situation, otherwise it would be said there there is break down of law. l feel sorry for those caught in the ensuring cross fire. cant the authorities sit down with those with the know how and solve the problem of overcrowding

  • Gogodera

    The following is an account from the Newsday. The violence started when the police fired at a kombi that was near the Seke Road flyover and reports were that one person had died and another was seriously injured.It was not immediately clear what triggered the running battles between the police and kombis, leading to one of the officers firing their guns.Members of the public then besieged Harare Central Police Charge Office, where they wanted to lay a charge against the officers, triggering riotous scenes.
    They started throwing rocks at the police and vehicles parked outside the police station. In the ensuing melee, a car was burnt and another vehicle also caught flames. The police responded by firing teargas to disperse the mob. Roads leading to the charge office were later blocked to pedestrians. So what is the truth? As society, i think we are entitled to the truth and not this confusion!!!!

    • musa

      the truth is what you read in the newsday. chronicle is a state-owned paper & they will not want to publish things that portray the gvt of the day in bad light.

      • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

        Well Mr Tarantino ? What have you got to say ??

  • ndimande

    they should consult experts on how to clear the CBD than use violent confrontation

  • Guest

    This level of Lawlessness by citizens should stop!! Stop it. Let the police enforce the law

  • Sharpshuffle

    Ban the pirate taxis, especially those that drive Honda Fits and cars that move around with no number plates. They are more of a menace than the kombis. Such vehicles which move around with no number plates must be impounded.

  • dliwayo

    this is very scary, is there no peaceful way of handling things

    • Essexvale

      It’s a habit that has been nurtured by the authorities over 37 years of tyrannical rule. Proves the old saying that old habits die hard! The current dispensation tacitly allowed this tragedy to happen as a means to remind the public about who the boss really is. Forget about the new democratic era they claim to have ushered in by their “smart coup d tat.” Why do you think the government has not yet condemned the police shootings, which occurred long before the rioting commenced? ZANU PF wants to rule for as long as they can and they believe that democracy with it’s aspects of peoples power will not deliver the deal for them.

      • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

        Of course violent games are responsible for mass shootings,just last week I killed 200 people on Call of Duty.

  • truth teller

    People who stoned Harare Central Police Station were savagely assaulted yet no one touched the murderer who shot a civilian at point blank range for no good reason. They are supposed to uphold the law not go against It. They ought to have the highest respect for the law yet they violate human rights. They break the law right Inside the Police station the most Important laws preservation of human rights. They are supposed to defend and protect human rights not violate them. Just because they are Police officers, It does not mean they are above the law. No one is above the law. They are also subject to the law and should be judged and punished according to that same law. Being a Police officer does not give anyone the right to violate the law. They are custodians of the law. They are the ones expected to uphold the law in the highest regard and respect It the most. They are supposed to know and understand the law better than anyone. They ought to set an example of obedience to the law. If they don’t respect the law who will? They are setting a very bad example for the citizens. How can they uphold a law they do not respect. How can they enforce laws they do not respect? How can they Influence ordinary citizens to obey the law when they break It? Being a Police officer does not give anyone the right to break the law.

    The Police break the law and find people to arrest as scapegoats. When one of their own threw spikes at a moving Kombi which subsequently overturned they never arrested the Police officer but Instead they found other people to arrest to divert attention and cover up. When will Police officers be arrested?