Lab technician stabbed to death trying to stop a fight

Emmanuel Bhumure

Emmanuel Bhumure

Amanda Chikari, Midlands Reporter
A LABORATORY technician at Regina Mundi Girls High School in Gweru died after he was stabbed near the heart with an okapi knife as he attempted to stop a fight between his friend and the assailant.

Police arrested the assailant in Harare following a six-day manhunt.

The incident happened at about 9pm on Tuesday last week at Red tuckshop in Ridgemont suburb which is about 10km from Gweru Central Business District (CBD).

The deceased, Mr Brigadiah Mahachi (28) died the following day at Gweru Provincial Hospital where he had been admitted.

His attacker, Emmanuel Bhumure (37) who resides at stand number 43 Hertfordshire, Gweru, fled to Harare after the incident.

Police arrested Bhumure in Harare on Monday.

Yesterday Bhumure appeared before Gweru magistrate Ms Mildred Matuvi facing a murder charge.

Ms Matuvi remanded Bhumure in custody to September 22 and advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

Bhumure told the court that he stabbed Mahachi in self defence.

“The deceased and his friend were assaulting me and I drew a knife and stabbed him. It was not my intention to kill him,” he said.

It is alleged that on September 5 at Red tuckshop, at the 10 kilometre peg along the Gweru-Harare road, Bhumure stabbed Mahachi following an undisclosed dispute.

Mahachi was rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital where he died the following morning.

The court heard that Bhumure after stabbing Mahachi fled to Harare.

Mahachi’s body was taken to United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH) for post mortem which revealed that he died due excessive bleeding because the stab wound was close to his heart.

Ms Gracious Rongai is appearing for the State.

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  • mqhafi

    who used an okapi this time round …???

    • Smoothy1

      Ngu Bhumule. Lol

      • Afrikan

        Bhumule..kkkkkk ezakho kodwa Smoothy1!

  • benjamin

    When trying to stop a fight, avoid any form of contact. Use your word. Infact, do not let your friend’s anger escalate to the point of no return. Start convincing him to calm down or back off the moment you notice that tensions are escalating to dangerous levels. STREET FIGHTS ARE VERY DANGEROUS NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!

    • Citizen Public

      Agreed. Yet …. my suggestion which appears below, could be resorted to when things have already gone out of control. And yes, keeping at arm’s length might be wise too !

  • makhosi

    self defense?? So Bhumure always possesses an okapi for self defense, sies.

  • Citizen Public

    I hope the little sh*t Tonde will note the name of the killer and the fact that the report states he committed the crime with an Okapi knife. The other thing I wish to say is that attempting to stop a fight is usually a bad thing. However; if circumstances make it necessary for one to intervene; one needs to ensure that one incapacitates the assailant with a few swift and well aimed blows or kicks. That way, ones life and the lives of the fighters will be be saved.

    • Tonde

      Same damn southern sh#^ is spreading like a fever. Who deosn’t see they were drunk and fighting over a woman? Very soon the Midlanders will be overun by this same ol stupid S^&*t. Someone has to stop it with a parafin hat from reaching the north.

      • Citizen Public

        Contrary to your sh*t head logic; the trend is more entrenched in your side of the country than anywhere else. I have the stats to support this, which I won’t share with you. Do your own research ! Fact is that your type have an obsession with the sterio-typed Ndebele character whom you secretly envy and wish to emulate. Part of my studies involved human psychology; so ‘mI confident that I know about what I’m saying.

  • God of War

    Never intervene in fights; let the people beat each other up. Now he’s family is grieving while the guy who was fighting is chilling and still drinking beer.

    • Citizen Public

      Wrong !! Might still end up in death.