Late VP Muzenda’s widow dies at 88

The late Cde Maud Muzenda

The late Cde Maud Muzenda

George Maponga / Nyemudzai Kakore, Harare Bureau
THE late Vice President Simon Muzenda’s widow, Maud, has died.

She was 88.

Cde Muzenda died at Avenues Clinic in Harare yesterday.

Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo said the party was saddened by her death.

“The party is shocked and dismayed by the unexpected and untimely death of Amai Muzenda.  We are obviously going to issue a fuller statement later,” he said.

Cde Muzenda’s son Tongai said her mother had been in and out of hospital for sometime.

“This is a great loss to the family. Losing a mother is not easy. It is difficult. She was the only parent we had left after the death of our father the late national hero Cde Simon Muzenda. She played a pivotal role in the family. She was a hard worker and her death has robbed us of a pillar of strength. Her body has been taken to a funeral parlour,” he said.

Cde Muzenda’s death comes a few days after the passing on of Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Senator Shuvai Mahofa.

Yet another dark cloud hovered over Masvingo Province last night which is yet to come to terms with the death of Cde Mahofa.

Zanu-PF Politburo member Cde Josiah Hungwe described the death of Cde Muzenda as yet another blow for Masvingo Province.

“I am on my way to the family home in Harare now to see who is there but Cde Tsitsi Muzenda phoned informing me about her death.

“It is yet another blow to Masvingo Province especially coming after the passing on of Cde Mahofa,” he said.

“Ambuya Muzenda has joined Cde Mahofa into the next world and it is God’s will. There is nothing we can do. She has gone to join her husband VaMuzenda

“She played a key role in looking after her husband before independence and after independence when he became Vice President.”

Gutu Central legislator Cde Lovemore Matuke said Zanu-PF leadership in Masvingo will meet to formally request national heroine status for Cde Muzenda.

“I have just received the sad news of the passing on of Ambuya Muzenda but there is nothing much that we can say at the moment until we meet together with the chairman, Cde Ezra Chadzamira, so that we can write to the national leadership requesting national heroine status for her,” he said.

Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial secretary for administration Cde Ailess Baloyi said they were at pains to accept Cde Muzenda’s death.

“The blows are too heavy for us to take. It is yet another big loss for Masvingo Province and we are at pains to explain such a big loss to the Muzenda family, Masvingo family and the nation at large. We are poorer without our mother who served as a fountain of wisdom,” said Cde Baloyi.

VP Muzenda died in September 2003 and was buried at the National Heroes’ Acre.

Mourners are gathered at 43 Lewisam Avenue in Chisipite, Harare.

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  • Chitova62

    Rest in eternal peace Ambuya Muzenda

  • Kachembere kekwaChivi

    And another one………………….another one bites the dust !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unorthodox in its presentation

      Enda unogera Mai vako choya/mvere vudzi ravo repa beche/mheche rachena rava re white!!

      Hamba uyegela uNyoko inzinza zakhe ezimhlophe ezigombolozele imbumbu/igolo lakhe!!

      Go shave your mom’s white pubic hair surrounding her vagrina!!

  • Kachembere kekwaChivi

    Mr unothordox in its presentation, kwedu kwatinobva vana havageri ana mai choya sezvamunoita kwenyu iwe mwana wepfambi. Msathanyoko.
    Kithi lapha engizalwa khona asigeli izinza zabomama wena sihlama sikanyoko. Waphuma emdidini abanye bephuma embunjini, nja yothuvi.

    • Unorthodox in its presentation

      If you can write such nonsense on the forum it means where you come from is a home of barbarians where you can spread your moma’s legs and shave her.

    • Confused Professor

      Some of the most frequently cited individuals are painter Fred Dalkey, an instructor at Sacramento City College for the past 35 years

  • The Observer

    Like any human being I could be biased and subjective, however, I applaud the personalities of the late Mrs Muzenda and Mafuyane as among the greatest wives of political leaders that this generation has ever witnessed premised on their political and cultural exemplary positions in many respects, chief among being their morally upright behaviours of maintaining their roles as married women. History has taught us that these women emerged from traditionally morally affluent backgrounds rich with ubuntu and respect for humankind, ingrained in the philosophy of ubuntuism. However, I become discombobulated why why women’s leagues (both opposition and ruling zanu political parties) failed to tap such wisdom into their structures to circumvent the level of infidelity, prostitution, breaking down of married families, level of corruption, poor parental practices, drunkenness among our children. Mrs Muzenda and Mrs Nkomo to me were among the best exemplars, however, because of the gullible society, we have contrasting personalities that grace the limelight for moral decadence…!!…and who should we blame, its the present gullible society that lacks humanity…

    • Mhlakazanhlansi

      leave Mafuyane out of this … you don’t dare group uMafuyane with this lot, lanxa usuthabe kanganani kumbe sebekudliseni!!!!

      • BOP

        What’s so special about uMafuyane, is it because she used to beat up Joshua Nkomo. Go and do your research and you’ll find out how JN was being abused by that woman, at one point pulled by his neck tie out of his office when he was then working at NRZ. Ask or Thandiwe bazakutshela, if they’re not ashamed by those issues wena Msathanyoko.

    • Joy

      Well said

  • Mhlakazanhlansi

    anything zanu or zanu-related is good riddance to old rubbish.
    eish … yena esehamba umTshabi fosho ….

    • BOP

      Hambo hudela egumeni likaNyoko, iwule/Ikhkhitha lothuvi wena mntanenyoka, msathanyoko!!

  • xhiba

    may her dear soul rest in peace

  • Noni

    If what Kachembere wrote is nonsense what do we call what you wrote you unorthodox fool?

    • Unorthodox in its presentation

      Mkosho waMai vako
      Mdidi kaNyoko

  • Cardinal


  • Dr Love

    Unyoko kalawo umdidi ubhotsha ngomlomo. Ujayele ukubona unyoko ezekwa yikho uthanda inhlamba

    • BOP

      Hambo hudela egumeni likaNyoko, iwule/Ikhkhitha lothuvi wena mntanenyoka, msathanyoko!!!

  • Masende Enkunzi

    Unorthodox wazalwa izalukazi ziye etshwaleni unyoke wakuwisela phansi ngoba wakukhipha emile. Yikho uxhubha ngenhlamba mntanewule.

    • BOP

      Hambo hudela egumeni likaNyoko, iwule/Ikhkhitha lothuvi wena mntanenyoka, msathanyoko!!!!