LATEST: Amy of red locusts to invade Zimbabwe and attack crops

Zimbabwe's crop yield is under threat from an army of red locusts that are expected to invade Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s crop yield is under threat from an army of red locusts that are expected to invade Zimbabwe

Online Reporter

Zimbabwe faces a new threat from an invasion of red locusts that attack maize and wheat amid fears the insects could greatly reduce this year’s yields.

The country is expecting a bumper harvest following heavy rains after an El-Niño induced drought last season.

Red locusts are aggressive, large and destructive pests that multiply rapidly and form swarms which invade farmlands feeding on vegetation especially leaves.

Presenting a paper at a Southern and Eastern African Regional Technical Conference on emerging high impact trans-boundary crop pests and animal diseases, International Red Locust Control Organisation for Central and Southern Africa director Mr Moses Okhoba said due to favourable ecological conditions red locusts multiply rapidly to form huge swarms which devour crops.

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  • Lux

    You’d think in the 21st century with chemicals developed that are less threatening to the environment and humans,that this shouldn’t be a cause for concern,is this a punishment for land grabs???

    • RealDingz

      Surely you don’t understand the forces of nature

      • Lux

        In developed countries,this is no cause for concern…it’s like we in ancient Egypt…

    • big

      You mentioned something of interest when you say “chemicals developed that are less threatening to environment and humans”.. Is that so? Coz I am very concerned that it seems our only way of controlling these scourges is through the use of pesticides and I have always been of the view that pesticides have hidden and unpredictable ramifications and are inherently dangerous to humans, flora and fauna alike. For example, the birds up the food chain are going to feed on the locusts laden with poison. Some human communities are going to eat the poisoned locusts or crops on which the poison has settled etc.

  • Chemist

    i will take this as an opportunity. these are very high in protein will harvest them, dry them and mix with chicken feed. this could feed my chickens for the whole year

    • nyoni

      You need to first find out from the experts whether they are edible non poisonous or it is the dangerous poisonous grasshoppers (intothoviyane)

  • shacks

    so many things happening in ferb… locust, etc. its time to prioritise

  • qili

    No cause for concern if they are edible let people catch them with nets for food, yekelani abantu bazibambe lingasebenzisi imithi ebulalayo, these are quails from heaven

    • big

      Yes, catch them eat, dry them up and store them for the future like amacimbi. This business of always using pesticides leads to hidden dangers, both to humans and flora and fauna.

    • MakhosiXamu

      You are under estimating these locusts. Think outside the box.

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    what’s an ‘amy’ mr editor?

  • Cetshwayo

    Useless article, you ain’t even telling people which part of the country will be affected and how farmers can protect their crops…are there chemicals that can be used? Fools at Chronicle up your game

  • tinaye

    this year will be a year of plenty first we received a rock from Israeli that was in the temple where Jesus had the last super, the Israelite’s handed it over to Prophet Magaya. In the old testament the God almighty is sometimes referred to as the God of Israeli

  • Nkunzemnyama

    The whole of Zim? Do you research and then publish a good story u zanu idiots.

  • Fred Moyo

    ZANU finally smiling after great disappointment following food rains we are receiving. Prospects of good harvests are a serious blow to the party, which thrives on food handouts to win votes as 2018 elections beckons.