LATEST: New Ministers sworn in




Harare Bureau

President Mugabe swore in three new Cabinet and three Ministers of State this afternoon following a Cabinet reshuffle announced yesterday.

The three Cabinet Ministers are Retired Major General Happyton Bonyongwe (Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs), Cdes Edgar Mbwembwe (Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry) and Chiratidzo Mabuwa (Youths, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment.

The Ministers of State are Dr Paul Chimedza (Provincial Affairs, Masvingo) Cdes Webster Shamu (Provincial Affairs, Mashonaland West and Thokozile Mathuthu (Provincial Affairs, Matabeleland North).

Ambassador Maboyi Ncube, who was appointed Provincial Minister of State for Matabeleland South, was not present at the swearing in ceremony.

More to follow…


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  • Seguru Dombisha

    I Ignatius Chombo having been promoted to the Financial forefront do swear (solemnly affirm) that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the looting of the Sector. I will obey, respect, uphold, preserve, protect and defend this Constitution of the Party; and that I will faithfully and conscientiously discharge the duties of Ministry of looting and Finance.

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    can u see the ‘hand’ clutching a pen in in the pic (left). can that be an ‘appointing’ ‘authority’s’ ‘hand’!!
    they are all not funny by the way ….

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      That hand greeted, ate and dined with Margret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth and has greeted all American presidents since 1980, something that you and your whole generations will never do.

      • Willie

        Foot sack Ntwala

        • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

          Don’t worry it sounds as though you’re the nice guy and that is meant as a compliment.

      • Jofa

        At least you admit your worship of colonialists. Like Mugabe you wish to be white.

        • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

          When you grow up in a certain surrounding somehow it becomes part of you and it’s not easy to shake it off, it has been the only reality you have known for a while -from the very early years of your life and while you were growing up- at some point it will emerge in your character. My suggestion is to explore new realities, meet new people

          • Jofa

            My suggestion you don’t contradict yourself. You start to look silly. How can a man be proud of shaking the hands of those he perceives to be his enemies? What emerges from your character is clear in you avatar.

          • Simon

            Jofa do not be fooled by all the discourse. Some of these people desire to be white. I mean the man is sounding awed by the fact that Mugabe shook hands with Margret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth and has greeted all American presidents since 1980 . KKKK The slave preferring his his masters. Better had he mentioned Mandela Kaunda and other statesmen rather than those that had him in bondage. You are right. The man with a silly atvatar is like it. A double mdidi.