LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Let’s remain united despite our differences

Tendai Biti

Tendai Biti

Editor — Let’s face reality here. Tendai Biti sent civilians to march violently for him. Biti and Chamisa were not there.

They were hiding because they are cowards. They want the power by all means disregarding the will of the people. Zimbabweans voted for their own choice.

It’s their constitutional right to do so. People should not be misled into using unconstitutional means to disturb the peace and unity in the country.

They should continue working hard to improve their livelihoods and their families. They should not sacrifice their lives for inconsiderate opposition politicians. Biti and Chamisa should mature and respect the will of the people.

Violence does not pay. We are one nation and we should remain united despite our differences. Biti fled into Zambia but he incites others to go and “die” for him. Wake up Zimbabweans. Let chamisa and Biti deal with their own problems.

Thetruth263, Via email

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