LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Peace, unity essential development enablers

Vice President Chiwenga

Vice President Chiwenga

Editor — I want to commend our Vice President Constantino Chiwenga for calling on fellow Zimbabweans to unite and shun divisions to achieve socio-economic development.

As Zimbabweans we should indeed unite, put the past behind us and work towards building a better Zimbabwe. It is a shame that other opposition politicians are fostering divisions and inciting violence amongst our people.

It is high time we all accept the election results and move on. The majority have spoken and we should respect the voice of the majority.

I applaud Vice President Constantino Chiwenga for preaching the gospel of peace and unity in Masvingo recently. This is exactly how good leaders should behave.

Leaders should not foster divisions, instead leaders should unite people for the good of the country.

This shows the maturity of Zanu-PF leaders who want to move the country forward. Peace and security is an essential factor of human life.

A peaceful and secure environment is critical to every society since it affects all aspects of economic and social development in a country. It has a positive impact on economic development.
Guvamatongo, Email

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