Lies were used to oust me: Mbeki

 Cde Thabo Mbeki

Cde Thabo Mbeki

Johannesburg — Former president Thabo Mbeki has resurrected the ghosts of the ANC’s elective conference in Polokwane, saying lies were used to oust him.

Mbeki was speaking during a more than two-hour interview with Gauteng-based radio station Power FM on Thursday night. He said the “habit of telling lies” had crept into the party at the 2007 conference.

“A lot of what happened at that conference was based on lies. Lies were told to Juju [Julius Malema] by people. He had no reason to disbelieve it and, quite correctly, he acted on the lies. And then he discovers much later that he was lied to,” Mbeki said, to the amusement of the audience.

Malema was one of those who led Jacob Zuma’s presidential campaign, alongside former Cosatu president Zwelinzima Vavi and SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande.

Both Malema and Vavi have since apologised for their campaign, while Nzimande has said he felt betrayed by Zuma.

Mbeki was running for a third term as ANC president in 2007, but faced a bruising defeat to his then deputy, Zuma.

Mbeki had fired Zuma in 2006, after he was implicated during the fraud and corruption trial of his financial advisor, Schabir Shaik.

Malema, who was in the audience, backed Mbeki and said they had been “misled”.

He told the audience gathered in Sandton that they had been told two lies: that Mbeki wanted to amend the Constitution to remain president of the country forever, and that he was concocting charges against Zuma.

“And thank God, we lived to see it for ourselves that no one was concocting charges. Zuma was corrupt. He still got new accusations in the absence of those concocting charges against him,” Malema said.

Zuma, at the time, faced 783 charges, stemming from the 1999 arms deal. The DA has been waging an eight-year battle to have the charges reinstated after then-National Prosecuting Authority boss Mokotedi Mpshe dropped the charges against Zuma.

Mbeki has also taken some jabs at President Zuma’s government, accusing it of taking incoherent decisions.

He also rubbished Zuma’s supporters for labelling white monopoly capital as the enemy and for demanding changes to the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

Mbeki was interviewed on Gauteng radio station Power FM on Thursday night and, for more than two hours, reflected on his term in office, economic challenges facing the country, and problems facing the ANC.

He criticised Zuma’s management of his Cabinet, when asked what advice he would give the government to tackle the economic crisis.

Mbeki said the president, as chair of Cabinet, must understand all the issues discussed in Cabinet, to ensure cohesion and avoid contradictory government department decisions.

“Otherwise you don’t have a government, you don’t have a centre that can hold,” Mbeki said.

During his time, he said, ministers had to be well prepared for Cabinet meetings, fully aware of what their counterparts were proposing for adoption and ready to defend their own proposals.

“What needs to emerge are Cabinet decisions because, if you don’t do that, you have individual departmental decisions. Instead of having Cabinet, you have what I call a federation of ministries. Trevor [Manuel] corrected me and said it’s a confederation of ministries,” Mbeki said. — News24.

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  • Ziyabheda

    The problem is that he wanted third term,why third term when two terms is what the party constitution stipulated? Mbeki should just enjoy his pension!

    • Mafu Murph

      The ANC constitution allows for a third term wena silima!!!!Read wide

      • Ziyabheda

        It would not made sense to want a third term as party President if the country, s constitution does not allowed a third term as President. Clearly the intention was to seek third term as Country President ie to amend the constitution. No need to call each other names here!

    • rufaro

      the other problem is he had said there was no crisis in zimbabwe when zim was burning.the result,you go.

  • moyoza

    Why all the noise now? He should just shut up and enjoy his benefits. who is hevtrying to fool here. Zuma is too smart for him.

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    truth condemned you, you FAILED SA ‘president’!!

  • Mzwakhe

    Your removal was quite just Thabo!!

  • edgar gegane

    Mbeki wanted to run the ANC from the Govt Offices in Tshwane not Luthuli House. He alienated himself from his cdes by bringing in unknown faces into Govt circles leaving out true cadres of the struggle. He is self-centred and egotist. He has a low opinion of others. He started the lies when he said the likes of C Ramaposa, T Sexwale and others wanted to remove him unconstitutionally ( coup de tat) from power as state president. Then ANC Secretary General Kgalema Montlante, his friend, wrote a negative report on him that was presented during the Polokwane Conference. He must accept that his embarrassing downfall was self inflicted. He was beaten hands down by Gedleyahlekisa Msholozi at Polokwane and must accept that he can’t remove this part of history from the world. His audience was made up of the disgruntled former ANC members. Throughout his address he solicited support from Julius as if Malema was the most senior former ANC member present at his ANC de-campaign meeting at Sandton. Shame Mr Mbeki. People know who you are. For Julius to also agree that he was misled when he campaigned for JZ then is hypocrisy of the highest order.

  • uBhonklanti

    Mbeki is a walking LYING machine and all of a sudden he is now a bossom buddie with Julius Malema. Spare us your anger and stop lying to the people. You are not a victim but the architect of the problems that the ANC and Zimbabwe are facing today

    • Leeroy Mtshali

      This scheming fellow deserved to be ousted; whether or not lies were employed to drive out him out of office is quite immaterial

  • Lot

    kkkkkk fool. you wanted to lead till when? Go hang old man! We know the likes of you!!!