Limpopo River claims 5


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ZIMBABWEANS trying to cross a flooded Limpopo River were among five people who died in an incident that saw five others being rescued, South African media reported yesterday.

News24 reported that bodies of two men were found in the Limpopo River near Beitbridge, while two women and three girls, aged between six and 10, were rescued in the same area on Thursday and Friday.

“It’s suspected that they attempted to enter the country illegally when they became trapped by the rising river,” News24 quoted Limpopo provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo as saying.

Those who died or were rescued have not been identified.

The women and children received medical attention before being handed over to South African Home Affairs officials.

With rains continuing to fall, the Limpopo police spokesperson warned people to be extremely careful when crossing rivers or streams, whether by foot or in a vehicle.

“The water on top might seem as if it’s flowing smoothly, but the strong current underneath can sweep away a person or a vehicle with ease,” warned Brig Mojapelo.

The Government has previously warned                                      people against crossing into South Africa without proper travelling papers or through undesignated points.

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has also previously told young people to concentrate on their studies and shun the habit of travelling to South Africa illegally, saying there was nothing for them but death in the neighbouring country.

VP Mphoko, a former ambassador to South Africa, said he was speaking from experience as he had come across cases of young boys and girls who left school and ended up being exploited as sex slaves and homosexuals in South Africa.

“Don’t think there’s life for you across the border. In these books is where your life is, there’s nothing for you there. Concentrate on your education and not crossing to South Africa illegally,” said the VP.

“You pay omalayitsha between R1 000 to R1 500 to cross illegally. Those who don’t have the money, if you’re a girl, omalayitsha — upon reaching South Africa — will detain you at their house and tell their friends that they’ve a young girl.

“They’ll hire you out to their friends and by the time they recoup their money, you would have fallen sick and come back home in a coffin carrying flowers on your chest.”

The South African news channel said police divers on Saturday recovered the bodies of three boys who had drowned in ditches filled with water in the Giyani and Mankweng areas.

Search and rescue officials also saved a man who became trapped in a swollen river in the Dennilton area.

“The man was clinging to a tree in the fast-flowing river for a few hours before he was successfully brought ashore,” Brig Mojapelo said.

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  • sigadula

    I know people are suffering In this moribund and failed Zimbabw, but let no one cross Limpopo when the river is full.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Suffering ?. From What?. Maybe vele uyagula, ndoda.

      • Zuze

        Ogulayo nguwe Xamu. You suffer from Zanupersomnia which is closely associated with Hypersomnia .

  • #BringBlackOurFlag

    Passports are affordable, why do people dare cross the Limpopo River at the same time risking their lives and even their childrens lives.

    • Smoothy1

      But affordable to who??? If you can afford it doesn’t mean everyone can afford. Some pple are living on less than 20c/day when you can afford probably a kg of meat/day. So pse don’t despise those who are less privileged.

      • Dlodlo

        They pay R1500 to cross the flooded river while a new passport and bus ticket have a combined cost of less than R1300. It is down to planning not meagre resources.

        • MakhosiXamu

          What are talking about. Ngiza ……aaaaa wena

        • Smoothy1

          Lest you forget my brother, there is transport to and from the passport office, the food etc. And say you stay in Binga, where is the nearest PPort office and whats the cost?? Then if one is crossing by self there is nothing to pay except yo transport. And you will hv worked so hard to get that money for transport.
          I also don’t condone illegal ways by the way.

          • Nsukwini

            Nobody condones illegal ways but in this country you sometimes have no option. Just for arguments sake you yourself smoothy1 have you not once paid imali yecoke to get what you want? Jumped queue when you thought things were going to get finished? Bought something off the streets that from an illegal vender? All have sinned because of the Zimbabwe situation and if you are in the country and you say you have not ULAMANGA.

          • Smoothy1

            Kkkkkkk, @Nskw, my point exactly was against BringBlack who wanted to despise all those who cross without passports if you read frm the beginning. He wanted it to appear as if it’s very cheap and easy to get a pport for use when crossing.

          • Nsukwini

            Thank you. Yikho ukuba yindoda loku. I respect you for that. Only and only when you walk in someones shoes can you know their desperation.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    With heavy rains this time around, ukuwela iNgulukudela should be a no no no.

    • Bringbackourflag

      Sure sure lets try to apply for passports rather than put our lives in danger like this

  • theza

    Zim authorities should have aerial patrols (by air) to nab such people

  • Mhlakazanhlansi

    Everything is irrelevant … what is RELEVANT are a group of criminals, murderers, extortionists, arsonists in Harare calling themselves a government (my big sore toe!) DRIVING people – young and old – out their land!!!

    • MakhosiXamu

      Hamba uyekufa lema. When people drink tototo you blame others. If you wife decides to dump thee … you blame RG? kikikikikikikiiiiii. No brains ….. at all. You are just worse off ndoda, Ubunyonyo bungcono kula……shame. Migration of people has happened since the 16th century … akumangalisi lokhu. People no very well that crossing flooded rivers is a risk act. Govt, Officials have warned people and you stoop so low …. mgaxa.

      • Afrikan

        Ahh MakhosiXamu, ubhemeni ekuseni lokhu, wamane wamsukela nje uMhlakazanhlansi. It is true that people are fleeing poverty in search of what they think is a better life. Hayi bo akuzibambe muntu wakwethu, uifaka abantu!

        • MakhosiXamu

          The truth can’t not be sidelined in order to sound political sane. People have migrated donkey years for various reasons and these can’t be attributed to poverty as per your claims… Amanga will not help the Zim. society because wish to bolster a certain political view point. South Africa has millions who are jobless … manje ubuhlanya bami bungaphi endabeni le?.

          • Zuze

            When you have mass migration where 1/4 of you population is on the move then there is something not right in the country. At the moment I think there are too many GWABABA’s

          • Afrikan

            Umbuzo wami awutshongo ukuthi uyahlany uthe ubhemeni ..say what you want but the truth is akulabuntu ukuthuka umuntu like that. I suspect you are just a stirrer to get dialogue know there is something not right. I don’t subscribe to any political party and don’t believe in political correctness…I do subscribe to ubuntu lokuhlonipha both of self and of other people.. Vuma ukwakhiwa ngabanye MakhosiXamu. I did not say uyahlanya ngoba lokho bekungaba yikuthuka..ngithe mina ubhemeni, implying apart from the effects of lokho okubhemileyo you are a sane human being. Akwakheke MakhosiXamu, akheka muntu wakithi.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Ubhemeni? To me it means someone who i8s heavily intoxicated by a certain drug(be it smoke or liquid). That is why I used the word-: UBUHLANYA?. I hope you now understand my view point. All humans have a certain ideological slant be it in soccer / politics etc – What I hate about thina abantu abansundu … we have a soft spot of tolerating Eurocentric view points- to me thus slavery at its best. ukuswela umsebenzi does not mean – poverty. I doubt that those who cross Limpopo are doing that in order to get menial jobs in SA.

          • Nsukwini

            Everyone has slave mentality except you. What has Eurocentric views have to do with an African situation. What you doubt is of no consequence as you are not privy to interviews with these people. During Rhodesia days Africans left to go to wenela because the wages were better. They went by buses and trains. Now they leave because there are no wages so the cross rivers. Open up your brain.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Wenela?. Better wages?. ….. kikikikikikikiiiiiiiii lonyaka kunzima. Some views ….kikjikikikikikiiiiiiii yaaaaaa.

          • Nsukwini

            Makhosi Xamu in your infinite wisdom could you enlighten us why you think these people are migrating? You seem to have ruled out poverty so what else can it be? Do they save their money to go on holiday and then cross a crocodile infested river so as to avoid transport costs? Umsuzo is manufactured in a body that has a little or no smell. It is then dispatched via UMDIDI to cause a very bad smell in the open arena. Wena Makhosi Xamu ungumdidi lapha okupuma kona umsuzo weZanu.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Kikikikikikikikiiiiiiiiii. You are being emotional for no good reason and losing your sanity over nothing. Any debate must have those in opposition and those that follow the tide. Those crossing Limpopo have friends and relatives down there because right now South Africa has jobs.

          • Nsukwini

            I am not being emotional. I am just playing the same game like you. You like insulting so I have to assume you like being insulted.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Yeboooo . mmmmmm Ngikuzwa ndoda.

      • Nsukwini

        I always read you pieces in this column and it never changes. You have been in denial,are in denial,and will forever be in denial. Either that or you are being paid well. Any one who thinks that people are risking their lives to cross this river with all its dangers to go on holiday is an idiot. Migration from the middle east to Europe like migration from certain countries to South Africa is because of either poverty war or suffering. There is obviously no war in Zimbabwe but any person with half a brain knows that in Zimbabwe there is poverty and suffering. The VP should know better that if people were not suffering he would have better things to do than travelling the country dishing out chickens. If you think the Governments style of running this country by turning the Majority into informal traders is the way to kick start this economy you are just as stupid as those that are currently ruling now. The fatten themselves and live lavish lifestyles whilst the people they are supposed to represent starve. Makhosi Xamu The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Wena what you have has no limits.

        • Zuze

          KIKIKIKI Nsukwini mfowethu you are starting with a very cheeky lizard. Good statement. 110% CORRECT.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Cheeky lizard?. kuhle ndoda. One day cross ngifunga ngo gogo …..

        • MakhosiXamu

          You can’t analyse issues in a rational manner and you rely too much on assumptions and mere hearsays. We need facts to be tabled openly on this forum. Manufacturing or simple stage managing facts will not help anybody.

          • Nsukwini

            I don’t rely on assumptions. I have friends and relatives that went this route. Some have done well and regularly send money home. Some I have not heard from. There are no assumptions here.

      • sigadula

        Mgodoyi wena nkusumba yenja. We migrate because of Mugabe’s misrule. Ungakhetha iskuba impuphu ulayo? Mgodoyi Xamu womgodo. Abantu bayafa wena ucabanga ukukhuluma isilungu uthethisa abakhuluma inyanisi. Nxx

        • MakhosiXamu

          Kambe nxa umlomo wakho ubhubhudla igwebu lenhlamba ….. ndoda , be warned I can do much better.

      • ngwanyana

        Uyinja impela. I wish to see yo face nja, mhlawumbe sikhuluma lenkawu.

        • MakhosiXamu

          Nxa amadoda ehluza indaba , ndoda , yeka umkhuba wokuthukuthela for no good reason. Why are you losing your temper. aaaaaa hamba uyehlinza imbuzi …eish.

      • Volcanic Eruption


    • Vulindlela


      • MakhosiXamu


        • Puta little love in your heart

          You must be one of the very few sitting very pretty and have no empathy for those who are struggling to put food on the table
          These people can be likened to those who are crossing the meditteranean sea from North Africa

          • MakhosiXamu

            It is quite amazing how some decide to cross a sea or ocean or maybe flooded Limpopo for non-existence goods. Dream on Ndoda.

  • owachapha umfula uthwele

    umfula ogcweleyo uyingozi kwesinye isikhathi uyakwanisa ukuhlangana lawo uthwele isihlahla kumbe ugiqa idwala wena uyabona vele kungasela sikhathi sokutshibilika uhle ubandezele ukhukhuke

  • BringBackOurFlag

    Why would people dice with death .The government has been alerting people not to cross flooded rivers

    • bulawayo born

      Tell mugabe to retire

      • MakhosiXamu

        Tell the people stop crossing flooded rivers , period.

  • Fred Moyo

    its all because of ZANU

  • Freddy

    Amasende amnandi

  • bloomberg

    amanzi wonalawo akhukhula abantu alubana siwabamba ngamadamu

  • spoks

    kwaze kwangikhumbuza ekadeni sisachapha umfula sibambe umsila wenkomo, uqale uyekele ibhudlukele emanzini ubusu bamba umsila wayo uhambe layoi nxa seliseduzane lokhunjini uyekele ngoba ingakulimaza nxa isisithi gidi isiphuma, kumele unanzelele ukukhatshwa ngakho kumele uphange uyekele, isikhathi esinengi ukukhukhuka kwenzakala enzikini yomfula. Kuyingozi ukuwela umfula othelayo ngoba ula mandla amakhulu

  • spoks

    Limpopo is also said to contain dangerous things like the mermaid which can kill those crossing. The river is said to be an enchanted one according to traditional beliefs, When water is flowing down stream crocodiles are said to oppose the current and swim against the water flow

  • QB

    Xamu loNsukwini libangani. Kiiikikikkki. Myself I oppose the point of VP about education coz there are many educated individuals in Zim without employment. So at this present moment these youngersters no longer see the value of education.