LIVE: President Mnangagwa in Gokwe


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15:55 – That’s it from Gokwe. Thanks for joining us. Join is next time.

15:47 – President Mnangagwa concludes his speech.

15:46 – “We know that in Gokwe Zanu-PF has a strong support base and you will ensure that we win this election. I want to thank you so much for coming to this rally in your numbers and I really appreciate this,”

15:45 – He says the government is going to provide clean water and electricity to all communities. He also condemns corruption and urge people to report all incidences of corruption wherever they see it.

15:44 – President Mnangagwa announces that Mafungautsi Primary School will get 50 computers and the crowd cheers.

15:42 – “Here in the Midlands, we have an abundance of minerals and we know that artisanal miners are in need of support from Government and that we will do so as to make their work more efficient.”

15:40 – President Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe is reengaging countries that had cut ties with the government.

15:39 – President Mnangagwa says his Government will continue supporting cotton farmers by giving them seed and is in the process of ensuring that the cotton is beneficiated. He says this can only be done by mechanising and modernising the country’s agriculture.

“Gokwe produces 50 percent of the country’s cotton and that makes you very special as you play a crucial role in the development of the country. The government will always support cotton farmers as it is committed to mechanisation of agriculture.”

15:32 -He says universities should teach programs that help development of the country

15:30 – President Mnangagwa says the new dispensation is about development. He says Zimbabwe is open for business with investors flocking into the country to search for business opportunities.

15:28 – “It is necessary that we keep teaching our children of the role played by war veterans in fighting for the liberation of the country,”

15:22 – “It is necessary that we keep teaching our children of the role played by war veterans in fighting for the liberation of the country,”

15:20 – He explains the steps taken by the new dispensation soon after his inauguration which include meeting with chiefs, churches, captains of industry and commerce among other important groups.

15:18 – The campaign journey is full of competitors that seek the mandate that we currently hold, they make the electoral field exciting,”

15:15 – President Mnangagwa now addressing the crowd. He begins by greeting the party leadership and the crowd.

15:12 – VP Chiwenga urges Gokwe residents to vote for President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF.

15:10 – Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired) takes to the podium to introduce President Mnangagwa. He thanks Gokwe district for coming up in their thousands before narrating the President’s rich political history.


PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has toured the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco) ginnery and is now set to address a Zanu-PF rally in Gokwe North.

President Mnangagwa’s tour of the Cottco ginnery follows resumption of operations under the new dispensation leading to the employment of thousands of people.

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The President’s rally comes a week after Vice President Constantino Chiwenga addressed a well-attended rally at Chireya High School under Chief Chireya in Gokwe South last week.

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Thousands of Zanu-PF supporters have already thronged an open space next to Mafungautsi Primary School.

Stay with us for live updates of the President’s speech.

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  • Samuel Paul Ganyata

    I am proud Gokwe people did not throw even a sweet potato but in the area, sweet potatoes are abundant. It shows maturity an respect. I know someone out there was willing if he could throw something all the way from his g40 house. ED pfee vacharwadziwa nekurwara nekuvukura.

    • Zvobgo

      Command crowd iyo.
      Unongo wona nokusuwa pameso

      • Samuel Paul Ganyata

        Kuti kudaro here kkkkkkkkkkk, but vakawanda kudarika vaiva kuchivhu na NC wani. Imbotarisawo uone

        • Zvobgo

          Is command is command

        • Zvobgo

          Vaka kotswa semombe hati vaverengi, tino verenga vakawuya vega chete chete

  • tendai biti

    Gokwe mmmm…. we opposition parties we don’t have an open door there, this place is for ZANUPF nxaa

    • obert Gutu

      yaa its not a place for 8 joint parties but for single parties with sound visions

      • Zvobgo

        When a clown impersonates other people afta imbibing the stuff legislated by SI-64

  • Vote Chamisa

    no wonder cattle herders are from Gokwe

  • Samuel Paul Ganyata

    These people are determined, if ever they forward their grievances, action is eminent

  • mazicobomoco7

    Welldone Gokwe for remaining principled,God is about to answer to the problems of zimbabwe.