Love triangle MSU lecturer dies

Patrick Chitumba and Munyaradzi Musiiwa Midlands Bureau
A SENIOR lecturer at the Midlands State University (MSU) allegedly committed suicide by drinking poison, a day after his alleged girlfriend, Netsai Ncube, was brutally murdered by her husband after bragging about their extramarital affair. Arnold Kapenzi, of Southdowns suburb in Gweru, who was the Executive Dean in the Faculty of Natural Resources Management and Agriculture and had worked at the MSU since its inception 17 years ago, died at Kwekwe General Hospital yesterday after taking a poisonous substance.

Kapenzi’s death follows that of his alleged married lover, Ncube, who was also a lecturer in his department.

Ncube was killed by her husband Fred Nyamhanga Shavi, 63, also of Southdowns suburb in Gweru after she told him of the affair she allegedly claimed was in revenge for her husband’s alleged infidelity.

Shavi was employed as an Education Inspector in the Primary and Secondary Education Ministry and allegedly hired assassins to kill Kapenzi when his wife told him about the affair.

It emerged yesterday that Shavi allegedly offered the assassins $1,200 to kill his wife’s boyfriend and paid them $600 as deposit for the job.

Kapenzi’s younger brother, Cornelius, yesterday said they were not aware of the circumstances leading to the lecturer’s death.

“We were advised last night (Sunday) that he was sick and we drove to Gweru. This morning (Monday), we received information that he didn’t make it. So we’re going there to meet with the doctor and the police in Kwekwe to ascertain the cause of his death,” said Cornelius.

MSU acting spokesperson, Mirirai Mawere, said the cause of death is yet to be established. Sources close to the family said Kapenzi took his own life hours after attending Ncube’s funeral wake.

Ncube’s brother, who identified himself as Munyaradzi, said Kapenzi had been to the funeral wake on Saturday. After leaving Ncube’s funeral wake, sources said Kapenzi went to his farm in Kwekwe where he allegedly consumed a yet to be identified poison.

The sources said he was rushed to Kwekwe General Hospital where he died yesterday morning. Sources said Kapenzi and Ncube were known lovers in their faculty.

“I understand that Kapenzi is the one who made sure she got employed at MSU and they were known lovers,” said a fellow lecturer. It is understood that Shavi hired a group of gold panners from Lower Gweru to kill Kapenzi and paid them $600. The balance was supposed to be paid once the job was done.

Shavi’s friend, who declined to be named, said when the assassins received the money they reported the matter at Gweru Rural Police Station.

They allegedly slaughtered a goat and gouged its eyes intending to give Shavi on the pretext that they had killed Kapenzi. They allegedly called him, but he did not pick up his phone.

Ncube’s relatives, however, alleged that Shavi was abusive and promiscuous. They claimed that the couple’s problems started when Shavi allegedly impregnated three other women including Ncube’s 14-year-old younger sister, who lived with them.

A relative who spoke on condition of anonymity alleged that Ncube was awarded a scholarship to go and study in the United States and her husband tried to stop her in fear of being dumped once she relocates to another country.

The Deputy Officer Commanding Gweru Urban, Superintendent Elias Chivandire, said Shavi would appear in court soon to face murder charges following his arrest in Sanyati.

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  • Max

    A deadly vicious circle of the so called smell house saga. Any education without Christ is creating devils associates. What would you expect from the students whose mentors are the devils advocates. MSU has always been on the papers of late for illegal love affairs and students’ promiscuity prompting NAC at some time to say the college has increases the rate of HIV and STI’s in the midlands capital and the same lecture’s involved in dirty love affairs protected their dirty works by saying they wanted evidence. What evidence do you need in a sinful act. Now this is the real evidence, otherwise it wasn’t about students, it was an issue brewed by the lecturers. What picture of an institution do you give to the parent’s with children under you. This is a real disgrace.

    • TrueMan

      No Max. Kapenzi died because of other reasons that are not linked to Ncube’s affairs. Ncube’s boyfriend is known. A suicidal note is there from Kapenzi with valid reasons why he took his life.

  • Tigere

    Kapenzi has done the right thing now Fred must also be man enough to take his life. Closure we want.

    • mthembo ozithembayo

      kapenzi did the wrong thing, how will he face the almighty, the woman should have divorced shavi so that she was going to be free with kapenzi, now its too late

      • khu

        bakithi isintu sithi okulempondo akufihlwa emgodleni, nanku bhadla

        • bow wow

          two people dead, shavi behind bars, not certain about the fate of the assassins over a silly issue

    • Silence

      Tigere you have a point, Fred Shavi should man up and kaput himself.

      • mpunzi

        the lecturers are now into jihad kkkkkkkkkk , their education is now confusing them

      • mlingo

        instead he will be assaulted to death by those holding him

  • Etiwel

    Chronicle is peddling falsehoods.Ask us and we will tell you the truth

    • jj

      Who are you, and where can we find you?

      • Etiwel

        why do you want to find me

      • Code Red

        And who are you Ndwangu? Are you the assassin?

    • God of War

      Stop fishing and just tell us if indeed you know anything otherwise keep your peace.

    • ikenna

      Etiwel where you there when all this happened?

      • Etiwel

        For Chronicle to say the boyfriend who was supposed to be killed by Shavi’s hit squad was Kapenzi contradicts with the information with Gweru Rural Police station.I was there, and they gave us a different target.The Chronicle knows the real boyfriend who was supposed to be killed but they are hiding the name from yesterday’s story.The boyfriend must be shamed regardless of his connection with influential people.If Kapenzi was in love with this women well but i am sure he was not the target.Chronicle must mention the real target of the hit squad

        • khu

          then why has he committed suicide?

          • blarazonke

            He was probably one of the boyfriends, but not the target. I used to drink with Bhanzi (Kapenzi), in Kwekwe long back, a very friendly fellow. I understand he had been deserted by his own wife a nurse, who relocated to UK long back. Matters of the heart!! But there was no need for his action.

        • Fred Muchena

          why dont u tell us the ‘truth’ since you have all the details?

          • Etiwel

            i have already given you the details.The target was not Kapenzi.

          • Fred Muchena

            ok. We have got your details now. You will provide us with this useful info for our investigations

          • Etiwel


          • Fred Muchena


          • Etiwel

            “you will provide us with useful info for our investigations” Who are you.How many people are investigating this case.Go to Gweru Rural Police and ask who was targeted by the hit squad.They will tell you.I met the hit squad there.Get the details there instead of peddling falsehoods in the press

        • FIFA

          What you’re saying makes sense. Kapenzi couldn’t possibly have attended the Funeral wake when he was the alleged lover at the centre of the controversy. Chronicle please get your fact right, something is amiss here.

          • Etiwel

            No i am not defending Kapenzi but I am saying the hit squad was not targeting Kapenzi but someone else.Details of the targeted are with Gweru Rural police.Chronicle must get its facts correct before rushing to publish.

          • khulu undubeko

            why not he is allowed to pay his last respects, remember the song by Steve Makoni that ‘izikomba are the first to arrive be it in a funeral

  • Tsikwela

    RIP elder brother….will be sorely missed by ALL ALL of us. Till we meet again. Its high time we started making Jesus Christ the author and perfecter of our lives. Farewell, lala nokuthula…..

  • mthembo ozithembayo

    the woman should have left when he impregnated the three other women or he should have been arrested for the abuse of the 14 year old, all this could have been avoided

    • mfazi

      the woman got the job through dirty means and you find that in some work places they are against anyone who is straight preferring to lower your rating in work performance for the sake that you refuse to sleep with some one

      • ikenna

        Who are you to judge others? What about you, are you perfect? I don’t think she deserve this honestly

        • Fred Muchena

          there is a difference between judging and correcting. seen?

        • Just-In

          the man failed to control his temper otherwise there was no reason for the lady to engage in an adulterous relationship. She should have done the right thing, seek divorce then Marry Chipenzi, hope Chipenzi was not married man, who knows

  • Thomas Maxman

    I tell you this is the result of corruption and promiscuity. The woman is suggested to have been offerd the job by the dean at MSU possibly on condition she agrees to sexual advances. That is morally wrong and how on earth could the female brag about the affair to her husband and expect nothing in return, Let all immorals die so that the world can be free again. sorry but that’s the truth. Kapenzi was enjoying someone’s property and same to Ncube. The devil wants to lead everyone to destruction. Sad truth but that’s reality. Don’t feel pity for them. Turn to God and have a new sinless life.

  • God of War

    Looks like the bunch of idiots deserved each other. At least the world has rid itself of two morons for now.

    • Bongani

      Kkkkkk 2 idiots indeed

  • theza

    could it be that kapenzi fell to the hands of the assassins

    • khumalo

      what if there were two gangs of assassins, the first failed and the other gang striked

  • Etiwel

    Chronicle must do thorough research before rushing to feed the nation with falsehoods.Chronicle is mixing truth and falsehoods in order to sale its paper

    • N. Sithole

      I agree with you. I can foresee a lawsuit one of these days.

      • ntinti

        this incident can be made into a hit movie

  • khu

    lam trying to understand what happened to the senior lecturer, because l heard he committed suicide shortly after attending the funeral

    • Etiwel

      I also attended the funeral did i commit suicide.Many people attended the funeral and some are still there did the commit suicide?

      • khu

        that’s why its news

        • Etiwel

          News must be truthful and factual.There are missing gaps here.

    • blarazonke

      Romeo and Juliet, I suppose!!! But if he was not the target, he must be kicking himself wherever he is for killing himself because of a that was bedding many men ,probably more than Fred Shavi. Could it be that it was Shavi who was hitting back???

      • Etiwel

        who knows, Shavi havent given his side of the story>Who knows probably he didnt commit the offense

        • blarazonke

          He phned someone to go and check on her dying Netsai. So he did it. He even told his relatives in Sanyati, according to yesterday chronicle, that he wanted to commit suicide. We can’t be sure about his impregnating prowess at that age.

          • Etiwel

            I was there when the nephew was narrating to the police how he ended up at the house.Shavi never said to his nephew “go and check my dying wife”The report is with the police, such a phrase was coined by Chronicle

          • blarazonke

            Now we do not know . I think the chronicle manufactured everything. But then Bhanzi was a connection of mine long long back in kwekwe and I wonder wht really transpired.

        • blarazonke

          Is it true that he once brought a girlfriend and slept with her in the same room with Netsai or is the chronicle doing it again?. Is true abt the women Shavi impregnated including a 14 yr old Netsai’s sister? I d would have thot that Netsai would have nailed him on that instead of trying the boyfriend revenge.

          • Etiwel

            I cant respond to that question at the moment.

          • blarazonke

            I will believe your posts on this story and ignore the chronicle versiosn. Kapenzi was a drinking partner some years back and am interested in what exactly happened. Thanks.

  • delta

    these university degrees are useless. u spend years studying for a worthless degree, you cant get employed and worse still if vacancies do arise in these instituituions, they’d rather employ their small houses and relatives without the requisite qualifications. As much as we’d want to blame other people and other nations for our suffering, we really have let ourselves down.

    • nsingo

      but you cant criticize the degrees only because kapenzi has committed suicide

  • Bongani


  • elevated through incarceration

    Maybe there is need for the ministry of tertiary and higher education in conjunction with the MSU Council to conduct a thorough check on the Authenticity of the credentials of all female lecturers in the Natural Resources Management Faculty. This is to ensure that there are no more undeserving Female Lecturers who secured the vacancies through Kapenzi’s “In-between the sheets” shenanigans.

    • theza

      MSU has been on the news for a lot of funny things first a worker fails to bank some money, an accounts person vanishes with cash, then the tender scam, at one time there was a rumour of a lecturer who was attacked by a parent

  • R13

    kanyaya aka kakafamba nezuro makuseni & the chronicle yangonamira zvakadero without verifying its sources, ana “fellow lecturer” avo muvangwarire vamirira kuti kapenzi avigwe votora makey eD4D yebasa nekupinda muoffice

  • Fred Muchena

    if he could do this to fellow lectures, i feel sorry for students.

  • red ochestra

    Their sin has consumed them

    • popo

      as a result three vacant post have arisen

      • red ochestra


  • fury

    where is the 14 year old sister for Ncube I want to marry her.