Macheso’s son-in-law in court for domestic violence

Kudakwashe MunetsiTendai Rupapa Harare Bureau
SUNGURA maestro Alick Macheso’s daughter Sharon has taken her husband Kudakwashe Munetsi to court for domestic violence barely two months into their wedding.
The jobless Munetsi, 27, is allegedly annoyed by his celebrity father-in-law’s failure to buy him a posh car.
However, his wife is irritated by his pestering and told him to concentrate on looking for a job instead of depending on her father.

This did not go down well with Munetsi who then bashed his wife before threatening to commit suicide.
Munetsi yesterday appeared before magistrate Tavonga Mutetwa, who remanded him to October 23 on $50 bail with the State’s consent.
He is being charged for contravening sections of the Domestic Violence Act “physical abuse”.

As part of his bail conditions, Munetsi was ordered to report once a week at Makoni police station, not to interfere with witnesses and to reside at 4977 Unit C Seke Chitungwiza until the matter is finalised.

He is being represented by Charles Chikore of C Mutsahuni Chikore and partners assisted by Abisha Muzvaba.
The State led by Gayton Vhiriri had asked the court to use its discretion on the amount of bail but Chikore advised the court that $50 bail was appropriate under the circumstances.

Chikore said the court should consider the current financial position of Munetsi.
Vhiriri alleged that on October 12 at around 6AM, the couple was in their bedroom when Munetsi blamed himself and Sharon for spending a lot of money on their honeymoon and on renovating their house, which was a wedding gift from Macheso.

It is alleged he also accused his wife of making false reports to her father.
He further told his wife that her father should give him money to buy a posh car instead of spending the money on renovating the Chitungwiza house.

In response Sharon told him to go and look for a job instead of relying on her father, the court heard.
This angered Munetsi who then ordered Sharon to pack her belongings and leave the house adding that he no longer had love for her.

He went on to threaten Sharon with unspecified action and that he was going to expose her and their family secrets to the media.
Sharon is alleged to have told her husband that she was now tired of the divorce threats and he should do as he pleased.

It is alleged that Munetsi then threw a cup intending to hit Sharon but he missed his target before manhandling her.
He pushed her against the wall and she fell down. Munetsi is said to have stepped on her while she was on the ground crying for help, the State alleged.

He further slapped her several times.
After the assault, Munetsi allegedly locked himself in the bathroom and threatened to kill himself. Sharon then grabbed a hoe handle which she used to break the bathroom door.

Munetsi, it is alleged, went to their bedroom and asked for a dollar from Sharon saying he wanted to buy poison.
Sharon refused to give him the money prompting him to take an electrical cable and threatened to hang himself, according to the State.
Upon sensing danger, Sharon called her grandmother who rushed to the house.


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