Magaya, Makandiwa predict year of abundance, economic fortunes

Prophet Makandiwa

Prophet Makandiwa

Harare Bureau
Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) founder, Prophet Walter Magaya, has predicted 2016 as a year of abundance and great economic fortunes for the country while his counterpart, United Family International Church (UFIC) leader, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, also predicted a better life for Zimbabweans.

Prophet Magaya said this on Thursday evening while addressing his followers during a cross-over service to mark the New Year at his church in Waterfalls where he described 2016 as a year with “overflow and abundance.”

Prophet Makandiwa also made the predictions during a service at his church in Chitungwiza where he described 2016 as a year of “great harvest”.

Prophet Magaya was quick to admonish that Africa’s major boom would be on the back of technology and innovations.

“God said to me 2016 is a year of overflow and abundance.”

He told his followers that there would be an overflow of many things in the country and people’s lives, finances, marriage among others would transform for the better.

“Ask your neighbour, how big is your house, how big is your wardrobe, how big is your garage. This is a year of overflow,” said Prophet Magaya.

Before making the announcement Prophet Magaya said he had travelled to Nigeria to confirm with his spiritual father, T.B Joshua if what he was seeing was correct.

“You see when you want to share something, that must be true because if it doesn’t happen, then people will ask why,” said Prophet Magaya.

He said he was aware that people would be surprised with the prediction in light of the country’s economic challenges.

“A year ago I prophesied that Zimbabwe will get back into its position and you’ll see what l meant. I went to see my father looking at the economy of Africa, God said to me 2016 is a year of overflow and abundance and this is our theme,” he said.

On technology, Prophet Magaya said there was need for Africa to focus on technology.

“I see some great inventions coming but we need more in Africa. If we don’t sit and think of proper technologies to solve the crisis, we will remain poor as Africa. Let’s fight the issue of thinking and go into technology.

“The weather has changed and what are we doing about it to solve the hunger. Let’s think big and solve the problems,” he said.

The congregants were entertained by gospel musicians Blessing Shumba, Bethany Pasinawako, Sabastian Magacha, Mathias Mhere and Nicholas Zakaria who belted some new songs from his upcoming album called “Double-Double”

The crossover night dubbed “Candle-Light service” also witnessed Prophet Magaya leading hundreds of thousands of congregants into the procession of candle lighting, which he said signified the shining of the light into the world and into people’s lives.

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  • Jotham

    God’s word is greater than that of silly man, like.

  • Jotham

    KOKA you are just a sick pessimist whose blindness is shameful.

  • Kc

    I concur …I wish people had eyes and the understanding of the word of God to understand these so called prophets….obviously they will make so much profits themselves and donate to ZIFA the some of the proceeds from the poor ignorant Christians.May God reveal His to his people.