Mahatshula comes tops

Mahatshula comes topsAuxilia Katongomara Chronicle Reporter—
THE Bulawayo City Council has named the top three and two worst performing municipal primary schools based on last year’s Grade Seven results. Mahatshula Primary School has maintained pole position with an 85,9 percent pass rate against the other 28 council schools in the city. Mganwini was second with 82,95 percent and Nketa came third with 80,71 percent of its pupils scoring a Grade 5 or better in each subject.

The peri-urban St Peter’s and Aisleby Primary schools posted the worst pass rates. St Peter’s had an overall pass rate of 41,82 percent and Aisleby recorded 11,54 percent.

According to the latest council report, 85,9 percent of the pupils at Mahatshula Primary School achieved Grade five or better in each subject. The figure was slightly lower than the 2014 pass rate of 89,80 percent.

The top three schools have already been crowned at the Mayor’s Trophy Awards that were held concurrently with the Annual Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Merit Awards.

In terms of quality passes, Ntshamathe had 13 pupils with four units, Mganwini was a close second with 12 pupils who each attained four units.

“Senzangakhona also deserves some mention as it has performed reasonably well given its huge enrolment figures. Overall it came in position 14 with a pass rate of 70.83 percent with 11 pupils scoring four units each.

Ngwalongwalo and Mgiqika also had some quality passes with eight pupils scoring four units each,” read the report. Mahatshula which usually had a high pass rate each year had only one pupil scoring four units.

The Director of Housing and Community Services, Isaiah Magagula, congratulated the schools for the good results. “It’s pleasing to note that there is a fierce tussle for the top three positions with schools coming up every year,” said Magagula.

Council, however, said it continued to be concerned by the performance of some schools particularly Aisleby and St Peter’s who perennially post below average results.

“In 2014 Aisleby had the worst results at 10,71 percent and in last year’s results it’s attained a pass rate of 11.54 percent and was still the worst performing school in Council. Second from last in 2014 and 2015 was St Peter’s with 34,21 percent and 41,82 percent respectively,” read the report.

Magagula said council together with the parent Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education needed to help the schools with accommodation facilities which would help attract and retain qualified teachers.

Councillor Monica Lubimbi said St Peter’s school was affected by anti-social behaviour in the area resulting in poor performance by the school. Clr Gideon Mangena said he was pleased with the performance of most of the schools in his ward. The exception was Mabhukudwane which had produced poor results.

“The school is not performing well as the headmaster is always not available at the school. Most parents are now transferring their children to other schools. However, this school is very good at sports,” said Clr Mangena.

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  • Tonde

    These Northern teachers are really doing a good job! keep it up.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t start with your tribalistic vitriol. Let sleeping dogs lie.

    • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

      Voetsek swina

  • Teesayie

    um so proud of ntshamathe still appearing even today.big up to teachers for maintaining the standard and also thank you for making me#keepitup#

  • Nonoe

    big up to Mahatshula! I am a very proud alumnus