Maid in ‘revenge theft’ over inadequate wages


Melody Baya, Court Reporter
A MAID from Bulawayo’s Sizinda suburb allegedly stole about $2,000 from her employer in revenge, alleging she was not being paid enough.

A court heard that Bella Mpala, 21, was arrested as she was about to abscond to neighbouring South Africa with her loot.

She appeared before provincial magistrate Abednico Ndebele for stealing from Nokuthula Nyathi, 36, of Nkulumane suburb. Mpala said her employer did not pay her enough to sustain herself.

“Nyathi isn’t paying me enough to fend for myself. She pays me only $50 from which she unreasonably deducts each time her children break anything in the house or tamper with anything of value. Sometimes I’ve to go home with as little as $10 after the deductions and this has happened countless times,” said Mpala.

“I only took her tablet which I gave back and I didn’t steal the money which she alleges I took.”

Mpala told the court that Nyathi was vindictive and unreasonable.

Nyathi who is a business woman said she kept the money in her house after she sold a car.

“I sold my Isuzu K280 and I was given cash. I usually keep cash in the house and sometimes even more than she stole,” said Nyathi.

Mpala pleaded not guilty to theft and was remanded in custody to April 7.

Prosecuting, Mufaro Mageza told the court that on March 18 at around 5PM Nyathi gave Mpala $50 to buy mealie-meal.

“The accused went to the shops and didn’t return. At around 9PM the complainant discovered that the accused had packed her belongings and had taken her tablet phone, necklace, wristband and a purse which had $1,800,” said Mageza.

The prosecutor said Nyathi filed a police report.

“Total value stolen is $1,920 and only $120 was recovered,” said Mageza.

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