Mampintsha apologises for abusing Babes


Babes Wodumo on Friday opened up on allegations of abuse that she had allegedly endured at the hands of her longtime partner and record boss, Mampintsha.

Metro FM DJ, Masechaba Ndlovu, had on Friday afternoon, confronted Mzansi’s ‘national treasure’ who wept and nodded her head in agreement to claims that Mampintsha had allegedly punched her in the face and broken her leg.

Masechaba claimed that she had a friend who had taken Babes in when Mampintsha allegedly punched the Wololo hitmaker in the face and broke her leg.

In the video, Babes is shaking and starts crying when Ndlovu confronts her about the claims. Babes said she was “free” and denied the speculation that she was still engaged to Mampintsha and pregnant with his child.

She later admitted that Mampintsha had access to her social media account and claimed that he posted a picture from March of the pair together, even though they had split and she is in a relationship with somebody else.

Mampintsha has since apologised for abusing Babes Wodumo.

Mampintsha in his statement said: “I’m no saint, nor do I plead absolute innocence in the claims made in that interview. I may have overreacted in a couple of incidents during our relationship with her over certain things I’ll not be comfortable to discuss in the public domain.”

“I want to apologise to South Africa for disappointing you and discouraging other men out there who may find themselves in my situation or different one that challenges your emotional stability and restrain. I want to assure South Africans, in particular our supporters that violence is not in my character, especially towards women. Like a human being in a relationship, I may have been overwhelmed by emotions and overreacted.

“No man has any right or justification to abuse a woman in any form whatsoever. I know for sure that there are many such cases happening out there that do not get to be known because of the absence of the motive, forces and courage to get them known like mine.” – Sowetan.

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  • Dk. Mtkt

    I really feel for this guy. He now has a good chance at re-branding and being a positive role model / campaigner / ambassador in the fight against gender based violence. Yena lo Babes are both victims of GBV: omunye physically and the former emotionally.

    Very few guys will ever come out and admit that they have the same problem as a farmer who planted imfe by the roadside. Mampintsha is no exception but this is a good opportunity for society to talk about it and encourage fairness and awareness of the causes of GBV. Its not always a man’s fault.

    Umuntu onjengoBabes laye has a responsibility to not emotionally abuse their partners ngokungacaci in their movements lamajida, in as much as they have all their freedoms. Few men in mankind have evolved to understand and accept that, especially if they really care. Sorry to a power couple that could have been.

  • Mfana weQiniso

    Yena wayevele ekhombisa ihule elijaiva isibumbu siphandle wayethi uzalikwanisa? Ibele lendlela vele kalivuthwa! Uyibhare Mampintsha. Bagcwele abanye abantwana abalomthetho lapho eNatal! Hlukana lama celebrity lawo, ngamahule athi shi!