Man assaults wife over daughters’ love affairs


Sylvester Chiramba, Court Reporter
A MAN charged with domestic violence has said he assaulted his wife because she brought their child home from church having difficulties in speaking because of a prayer session that went wrong.

Busani Ndumiso Moyo (38) from Nkulumane suburb, Bulawayo was yesterday charged with one count of domestic violence.

The accused told the court that he assaulted his wife, Mrs Gift Moyo (36) because returned home from church with her daughter unable to speak because of a prayer session that went wrong.

However, his wife said she was assaulted because her husband suspected that two of their daughters one of whom is 13 years old were having love affairs.

The age of the other child was not given in court.

Moyo physically assaulted his wife using fists causing injuries to her face.

He pleaded guilty to the charge.

Western Commonage Court magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube fined Moyo $100. He will spend 90 days in prison if he fails to pay the fine.

Moyo’s wife said she had forgiven her husband and asked the magistrate to be lenient with him.

Mr Ncube condemned the use of force to solve problems.

“There is no justification for assault. Violence does not solve any relationship,” said the magistrate.

Prosecuting Mrs Memory Ndlovu said Moyo used force to punish his wife.

“On the first day of October at around 8PM the accused person and the complainant had a misunderstanding after the accused person suspected that their two daughters were having love affairs,” said Mrs Ndlovu. — @SlyCee10

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    • Tecla Zimuto

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