Man ‘cuts open’ wife’s privates to assist home birth

POSTORIWalter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent—
A JOHANNE Marange Apostolic Sect member from Gutu in Masvingo province nearly killed his pregnant wife when he allegedly enlarged her birth canal using a home-made knife when she went into labour. The incident occurred in Chamba village under Chief Chiwara area last week but the matter only came to light on Friday evening when Nyevero Dumbu, 34, was rushed to Majada Clinic after her condition deteriorated.

Dumbu was forcibly rushed to the clinic by a team of village health workers as her husband’s sect does not allow members to seek treatment at health institutions.

Provincial Medical Director, Dr Amadeaus Shamu, said he heard about the matter and investigations were underway. Mutereri Chandafira, 62, is alleged to have gone on to use a needle and thread to stitch his wife’s bleeding wound after the home delivery. Dumbu’s mother, Margaret Dumbu, said she was disturbed by the way her daughter was made to deliver by her husband.

She said the new born baby was in good health but the mother was not well. “Sometime last week my daughter went into labour and her husband, for some strange reasons, decided to enlarge the birth canal. He took a home-made knife and ordered my daughter to lie down facing upwards with her legs apart. He then cut on both sides of her womanhood, in an attempt to enlarge the birth canal. After the delivery, everything went bad,” she said.

Chandafira however said he did not use a knife but a razor blade to enlarge the canal. He said his other five children like the latest had all been delivered at home and his wife did not go for antenatal care. Chandafira said he faces ex-communication by his Church after health workers forcibly took his wife to the clinic.

“I had no choice when the health workers came and forcibly took my wife to the clinic. I’ll definitely be ex-communicated for going against the church rules,” he said.

Chandafira said Johanne Marange members were not allowed to seek treatment at health institutions hence their wives delivered at home. “It’s unfortunate that this time my wife had difficulties after her delivery but through prayers, she’ll be fine,” he said.

Chandafira said he was assisted by a traditional midwife, also a member of his church, only identified as Mbuya Mafukidze, an elderly woman from the same area.

He said after the delivery, he gave Dumbu holy water but did not have money to buy eggs and milk needed to take with the holy water.
“I didn’t mutilate my wife as claimed. I was assisted by a traditional midwife from Magombedze Village. I gave her muteuro (holy water) but I delayed as

I didn’t have money to buy eggs and milk. When I got those things, the wound had gone bad,” said Chandafira. Sources said Dumbu had to be rushed to Majada Clinic and was later transferred to Gutu District Hospital where she was admitted.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson inspector Charity Mazula could not immediately comment on the matter.

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  • Life is very unfair at times heey. I feel pity for this woman. I wish her speed recovery…….

    • Zololo

      Stupid religion

  • khulu undubeko

    these people need to face the law for the crimes they commit to other church members by denying them health care

  • Byo

    Its high time these vapositori ‘strange ways of doing things’ is napped in a sack. This one must be charged with attempted murder.


    tjo, kuyashaqisa lokho!, at least she is alive!

  • MakhosiXamu

    I am shocked. amadoda , amadoda , amadoda ……… mmmmm .

  • qondani

    The law must cut his pencil. Stupid man

    • Lunga

      I second that!The man is a raving lunatic!

  • theza

    The Vapositori need to follow the laws of the country, and desist from the behaviour as though they are in some strange planet, at times they resist vaccination and expose others to dangers

    • mfazi

      but he managed to save them both otherwise the baby could have suffocated, may be because of his advanced age he knew what he was doing and being a man with a lot of wives and has’ seen a lot’ of vjay jays

      • okapi

        long ago people who carried the okapi did not mean any harm they used it in emergencies for instance at one time someone was bitten by a snake and an old man immediately cut off the place that was bitten l was left wondering what was happenning and again someone was pricked by a thorn (ameva) and it broke inside the foot the old man near by cut off the part, then someone was caught in the water by a crocodile and a man nearby followed it carrying his okapi knife and he managed to free the victim

  • Bhonklanti

    this lunatic thinks we are in the medieval times? these vaPostori are something else

  • blarazonke

    My uncle who is a member of this church never allowed anyone from the family to visit the hospital until he had a nasty tooth ache. It changed everything.

    • Seles

      kkkkkkkkkkkkk I can imagine him wincing in pain.

      • blarazonke

        Kkkk, shiny bald head, bulging jaw with a black protruding beard, a white strip of cloth strapped over the top of the head tightening around the lower jaw!! It was a sight for the nurses and everyone in the queue.!!! The guy has 4 wives and has lost over 8 children so far becos they were not allowed to be vaccinated.

    • simba

      Blarazonke, the hospital should had been alerted and uncle dismissed as hospitals dont treat mapositori. or rather they should have told him people from his sect shouldnt use anaethetics. That would have left a lasting impression in his mind what he has denied others for years.

      • blarazonke

        True, its the men who are insensitive. The hardest hit are the children who often die of measels, scabies, nhova , diarhea and other treatable deseases. The men believe in many wifes to make sure that at least some of the offspring make it to adulthood. Fortunately a good proportion of the mapostori now see the importance of education and mix it up with hand skills like making mabhasikiti, mending shoes, carpentry, making brooms etc.The gvm shld intervene and enforce them to comply. This guy shld be jailed for attempted murder, then they will know..

  • Max

    This is ruthlessness, can the law deal with this man and send a message to the rest of the man out there who think they own their wives. Woman are not objects that we own. Human life is sacred, Is this man medically trained, not even a nurse aide can just do this even under hygienic conditions. Where is this man as of now, throw him behind bars, lock his cell and give me the keys, meanwhile feed him with bitter herbs and bitter bread.