Man defecates and steals from four houses

Taurai Jirongo

Taurai Jirongo

Codelia Mondela, Court Reporter
A 23-YEAR-OLD Bulawayo man who relieved himself in four houses that he broke into in a 12-day housebreaking spree and stole a vehicle and property worth more than $5 000, was yesterday sentenced to nine years in prison.

Taurai Jirongo of Nketa suburb pleaded guilty to four counts of unlawful entry and five counts of theft before magistrate Mr Joseph Mabeza.

Jirongo told the court that an Inyanga gave him charms to escape detection by house owners.

He said he chewed some of the umuthi and defecated just after breaking into a house to make sure the owners did not wake up no matter how much noise he made.

Stunned people in the gallery listened as he explained how he would again relieve himself in a house after stealing so that his victims would not be able to trace him.

Mr Mabeza convicted him of the nine counts of unlawful entry and theft and sentenced him to an effective six years after suspending three years on condition Jirongo is not within the next five years convicted of housebreaking and theft.

Jirongo pleaded for a lighter sentence saying that peer pressure drove him to commit the crimes.

“I stole once with my friend and after that I committed the crimes alone. If you pardon me, I will never touch any one’s property again,” he said.
Prosecuting, Mr Tinashe Dzipe said Jirongo committed the crimes between July 18 and 30 this year.

“On the night of July 18 in West Somerton, Jirongo stole from Mr Samora Masimpe Mwinde a 55 inch liquid crystal display (LCD) television set worth $700 and food from his kitchen. The TV was recovered on August 4 from Mr Decent Sibanda of Nketa who had bought it,” he said.

“He stole a Samsung J5 prime cellphone, Intel cellphone and $350 from Mr Emmanuel Mureya in West Somerton on July 26.Total value stolen was $600 and $220 was recovered,” Mr Dzipe said.

He said the Samsung J5 Prime was found in Entumbane being used by Sethi Ngwenya.

“On the night of July 28 to 29, Jirongo stole a Samsung Galaxy S5, S7, Samsung Tab 4 and a Nokia C200 from Mr Mwatse in Southwold. The Nokia C200 was discovered from Mr Innocent Moyo in Mzilikazi. Total value lost was $1 862 and $665 was recovered,” Mr Dzipe said.

“On July 29 he stole a Samsung J3 cellphone, two Sony video cameras, pair of trousers, red T-shirt, red tackies and a black T-shirt from Mr Isaac Ali in Barham Green. Jirongo then took ignition keys of a silver Honda Civic parked at Mr Ali’s house and drove the car away. Total value stolen was $2 900 and $2 880 was recovered,” he said.

“His luck ran out after the Samsung J3 Mini was recovered in Entumbane on August 3 from Mr Sipho Nkomo who had bought it and the laptop was recovered from Mr Zacks Spencer.” —  @MondelaC.

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  • Zapalala

    Kkkk kusuka le kuzobhotsha la okuliswi kkkk

    • kuda mtuni

      Brethren there is no tribe nor race that is inferior or superior, we are all human beings created equal. Doing evil is not limited to any one particular group neither is doing good likewise, we are all poised to do either which way depending on the inclination of our hearts but we have the power of choice to resist evil and do that which is good. Nevertheless notwithstanding, is Jirongo shona at all !?

    • Justman

      OK both Shona and Ndebele people are poor but because of stupidity these brothers quarrel leaving the real enemy smiling. When shall we move ahead with love?

  • moyoza

    kikikikii abafana besigundwaneni batshontsha baze babhotshe. akulayekanga lokhu okuyizinto

    • God of War

      You were a wasted night; your father should have gone and played snooker with his friends than play hide the sausage with your mother to sire a useless uneducated baboon like you. How can you be a tribalist in this day and age. Idiot!!

      • moyoza

        bro you are amazing kanti umfowenu engabhotsha is it tribalism? uyisihlama sika jirongo

      • zibulo

        i always follow your comments , and do like them. but still to hear you lambasting blatant tribalism by Shonas in trying to Shonalize every one and every institution by all means , deployment, civil service jobs , picking out for empowerment just one or two from the oppressed communities to paint a rainbow picture. Victims are sick and tired , and you insult them. Please appeal to the perpetrators of Institutionalized tribalism to stop it , and ask for empowerment of the societies crying out. You know things are deliberately made to favor shonas from the days of the first colonialist to date.

        • Dudhuza

          My friend I am sorry that we differ here just a little. The man you are answering has been on this platform day in day out for years. To me he comes on because he is dealing with local issues. As an individual you cannot stop some of our people (tribe wise) from lambasting Shonas. He also cannot and should not have it on his shoulder to change the mindset of those that have these bad instincts Shona wise. He reacts when Shonas as a tribe are lambasted but condemns when tribalistic Shonas enter the fray. Tell me my brother..what do you want? Do you want him off this platform? I don’t think he is the type to move but I personally am glad that we have this man here who speaks his mind and looks past ones tribe. At the end of the day these are the kind of people we need. By the way bro I know who you are internet wise. Welcome back.

          • zibulo

            so do you mean that , like the deliberate inequality by colonialists should be ignored and have everyone competing from an unequal starting point. what i mean is whites advantaged themselves systematically themselves. Govt saw it fit to have empowerment for those previously deliberately disadvantaged , so what i mean is the same should be done now;shonas have deliberately and conveniently been advantaged , govt blindly or deliberately broadcasted them all over the country, This is Africa is the cause of tribalism. There is no race here;power to all in their areas, we are all equal, but we are now unequal in Independent Zim, with the beneficxiaries falsely claiming to be educated.

          • Mthande
          • Dudhuza (Ex Nampundwe Camp)

            My brother that is one we take up with those that lead and those that refuse to recognised others as equals. The statement from the one you answered, although in his own crude way, would suggest that he would prefer that this attitude did not exist. You like me were in this war and what have we got out of it? Maybe these of the younger generation can change things, only if we from the past can let them know what our now departed leaders told us we were fighting for during our time in Zambia. I would like to believe that people that think like us are still there on either side. I hope I did not offend you in any way because normally I just read and do not comment. It is just that of late I have seen so much hatred here that when one that is not from my tribe shows the same disgust for tribal attitudes I feel that this needs to be applauded.

        • God of War

          Trust me, i sympathise with my Ndebele brethren. But all Shona’s can not be painted with one brush because even i as a Manyika also feel marginalized. I grew up in Bulawayo and all i know is Bulawayo, so i also want at least 85% of all jobs to go to Bulawayo people.

  • Skhathele Thebe Mutsvangarikan

    From the story above a Shona man is stealing from majority Shona people in Bulawayo and selling to a majority poor Ndebele populace. What can we deduce from the above

    Shona = Living better and more decent lives and can afford to buy the latest gadgets like Samsung Phones and LCDs Tvs

    Ndebele = Living hard and sorry lives of extreme poverty and can only own gadgets buy buying stolen goods once owned by Shonas.

    So the few gadgets in Ndebele homes in Bulawayo are as a result of Shona people thus making Shona people an important element for the betterment of poor Ndebele lives.

    • Ndumiso Sithole

      Desperate points from desperate tribalist trying to feed his ego.

    • Ndiri dofo ini Jirongo

      Uribenzi remunhu.Jirongo is also stupid.Thieving has no tribe and should be criticized in the strongest of terms.

    • Cde Hondo

      Is Jirongo shona

    • God of War

      You were a wasted night; your father should have gone and played snooker with his friends than play hide the sausage with your mother to sire a useless uneducated baboon like you. How can you be a tribalist in this day and age.

    • Sayit

      Wasted sperms ngaye uyihlo wachemela phansi

  • zibulo

    In the 1980s , when ZANU was persecuting ZAPU and JM N komo, baying for his blood, one ZANU supporter tried to impress Mgabe by defecating at Nkoms house. Chronicle has the item in the archives. His name was Abishai

  • Mthulisi Minisi

    Mthwakazi omuhle the relief is hear all that we have been crying for a Province has been rendered please read the following article.