Man in court for stealing from deceased’s estate

court gavel

Thandeka Moyo, Court Reporter
A 29-year-old man has been dragged to court for stealing his orphaned cousin’s property claiming it was unacceptable for a girl child to inherit property from dead parents.

Godwill Chapoterera allegedly stole household property and a car from his cousin who was aged 11 when her parents died.

He pleaded not guilty to theft from a deceased’s estate before regional magistrate Mark Dzira who remanded him in custody to March 30.

Mellisa Chapoterera who is now aged 19 told the court that her cousin confiscated her property while she was living with her grandmother.

“I remember some time in 2008, my cousin went to a house in Nketa 8 during my absence and took away my car, wardrobe, blankets, table and clothing. He took advantage of the fact that I was a juvenile,” said Mellisa.

Court papers show that the value of stolen property was $3,330 and nothing was recovered. “I asked him why he was stealing my property but he told me I was a girl and he could do as he pleased. He also said the house belonged to him and that I had to forgo all the properties.”

Prosecuting Tinashe Dzipe said investigations showed that Mellisa’s parents had registered their estate at the High Court.

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