MAN KICKS WIFE TO DEATH. . . Reason for vicious attack unknown

Ricardo Staddon

Ricardo Staddon

Codelia Mondela, Court Reporter
A 50-YEAR-OLD man from Bulawayo has been arraigned after he allegedly kicked his wife several times on the face and chest until she collapsed.

Kim Caterina died five days later at the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH)’s intensive care unit following the alleged gruesome attack by Ricardo Staddon last month.

It was not stated in court why Staddon allegedly viciously attacked his wife.

Staddon was not asked to plead to murder before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Adelaide Mbeure. The magistrate remanded him in custody to June 24.

Prosecuting, Mr Maclean Ndlovu alleged that Staddon severely assaulted his wife on May 19 at Gainsborough, Barham Green until she collapsed.

“Staddon slapped and kicked Caterina with booted feet on the face and chest until she lost consciousness. She was taken to UBH where she was admitted until she passed away on May 24 at around 8PM,” he said.

“A post mortem which was conducted on May 28 showed that the assault was the cause of death.”

In July last year, another Bulawayo man from Cowdray Park suburb allegedly sjamboked his wife to death after he found text messages in her phone and suspected she was having an affair.

Thabani Mpofu had a fight with Thembelani Ndlovu (29) after he questioned her about a text message that he suspected was from her lover.

In May, a 37-year-old man from Mangwe allegedly assaulted his 22-year-old ex-wife to death for rebuffing his reconciliation bid and dumped her body along a road.

Mpiliso Moyo of Osabeni area in Madabe Ward waylaid and struck Ntombiyenkosi Ndlovu with a knobkerrie till she died after she refused to reconcile and take him back.



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  • Brutal Truth

    Any man who lifts up his hand to hit a woman is a weak & failed man.These are some of the results of living among violent Lobengula’s descendants

    • Duze

      Ah the opinion of the man whos mother has a deep Punani.

      • Brutal Truth

        kkkk whoever taught you to be a troll did a good job. I’m impressed but it won’t stop from me trolling myself, okae

        • sekuru tawu

          lets look at facts as presented. descendants of Lobengula are very hospitable

          • Jendekufa

            kkkk it’s true but why mention it on this forum. It’s the male descendents who have an element of hostility but to tell the truth Lobengula female descendents are lovely and there is no uguement on that fact.

          • Chenzo

            yes the females are hospitable but vane chihure manje…

          • Mkhulu

            It’s better you stay with your ‘ll help you.I wonder why you so besotted with woman of pple you despise so much

          • brovovo

            I tend not to agree with you in toto.

    • Mkhulu

      Good you know and please tell your kinsmen to never set foot in “Lobengula descendents” for they will be ‘killed’ and you too better relocate to kini.Then we will enjoy fresh air all by ourselves while we ‘kill each other’ kkkk

  • siphilanzima

    kazimthele ejele ayohlangana lezinye izigilamkhuba, ikhosikazi libulawelwani

  • Vumani

    A tragic end to an avoidable situation, the impact of social deprivation often leads to high consumption of alcohol and violence. Violence against vulnerable women has become deeply ingrained in our society so much that the slightest provocation or misunderstanding leads to unwarranted brutality. Our incoming legislators need to collectively tackle this scourge with vigour and ensure that our women are protected from these jobless men who lack meaningful activity in their lives and resort to using their wives as objects of violent gratification. In equal measure the courts need to send a stark reminder to who be perpetrators of these cowardly acts will not be tolerated. This chap has needlessly taken a life due to his own personal insecurities the violence inflicted on that defenceless woman was horrific. He deserves the stiffest sentence that the constitution allows.

    • ntaba

      true violence is uncalled for, they should have simply separated

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