Man ‘kills’ wife of 51 years

Leonard Ncube Victoria Falls Reporter—
POLICE have arrested a man from Binga’s Crocodile Farm for allegedly killing his wife of 51 years and reporting her death as having been due to natural causes. William Brain Kendall, 75, was arrested after a post-mortem report showed that his wife had died as a result of head injuries. Kendall has worked at Crocodile Farm as a mechanic since 1984.

Farleys Funeral Parlour in Bulawayo recommended a port-mortem after Kendall asked to have the body cremated. Kendall, who was represented by Thulani Nkala, was charged with murder when he appeared before Hwange magistrate Sharon Rosemani on Friday.

He was not asked to plead to murder charges and was remanded out of custody to March 31, on $300 bail. As part of his bail conditions, Kendall was ordered to report fortnightly at Binga Police Station, reside at his given address in Binga and not to interfere with witnesses.

His wife’s name and age were not revealed in court, but the couple had been married for 51 years. “While at Farleys Funeral Parlour he signed for the body to be cremated and it was then referred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for a full post-mortem because no body can be cremated without full post-mortem,” said the prosecutor Onias Nyathi.

“He was issued with a Form 231 to sign for the body to be placed in a mortuary.” Nyathi said Kendall allegedly committed the crime on February 6 at Crocodile Farm. The reasons why he allegedly killed his wife were not given in court.

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  • khulu undubeko

    at times murderers have been known to use cremation to cover up murder

    • xakuxaku

      in a marriage it seems one is at risk of being killed by the spouse

  • qili

    there is also a possibility that he wanted to marry another woman so he had to kill his wife

  • khu

    In a marriage situation some people fail to end the marriage peacefully but they resort to all dangerous ways, some can even kill so as to inherit the money its all about greediness of spouses

  • Bongani Mhlanga

    The system has loopholes. The relevant authorities should put structures to ensure police always investigate each and every death. Who knows how many people are getting away with murder.

  • Citizen

    After 51 years of marriage and the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease among old people which also causes dementia… I think this may have been a compassionate killing/assisted suicide because it’s physically and financially impossible for an old person to look after a spouse with that illness without government support through funding and appropriate facilities to help look after the sufferer. If you love someone with dementia.. it’s seems like its better to kill them and give them a dignified end.

    • khu

      then he is better off behind bars

  • Munationalist

    51 years in a marriage and being 75 old then murdering your wife who is probably the same age ?? , I think we were not given enough fact here? 95% of whites cremate the dead ones, this can therefore not be used as a reasonable cause of suspicion, the question is what really happened before this granny passed on, did she collapse and hit the floor head on, did she collapse in tab gained energy and went to sleep never to wake up, or did his husband really killed her purposefully? Was the husband there when the wife passed on, what natural causes where recorded and by who. If this happened in Binga how was the boby moved from there for the byo? By the police metal coffin or what? did the head create before or after death? If you have seen how the police carry around the dead you may agree with me that the body gets to byo with a lot more new developments which can be the cracked head. I am not the police or am I the judge but this case needs more backing facts such as an existing will which can benefit the husband or some life assurance policy?

    • qu

      he killed her