Man scalded in infidelity row

boiling water

Adelaide Moyo, Chronicle Reporter
A PHILANDERING man was hospitalised with serious burns to the chest after his wife poured boiling water on his chest, a court heard.

Gugulethu Mathe, 27, of Dollar Extension in Inyathi, lost her rag after Jabulani Dube, 35, started dating her friend, she told Bulawayo magistrate Stephen Ndlovu yesterday.

“My husband provoked me by sleeping with my friend. I was hurt and I wanted revenge. I ask the court to forgive me because I’ve children to take care of,” Mathe said.

Mathe, who pleaded guilty to assault, was sentenced to a wholly suspended six-month jail term. She was ordered to perform 105 hours of community service at Inyathi Police Station.

Her trial heard from prosecutor Lungisani Dube who told the court that the couple had a row while at their home on January 26.

“Mathe approached Dube and asked him why he was cheating on her with her friend. He admitted and an argument ensued,” the prosecutor said.

The court heard that later in the evening after supper, Mathe took a pot containing boiling water and threw it at her husband. The pot landed on his chest.

Dube was treated for burns at Inyathi District Hospital.

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  • okapi

    why is it that women pour boiling water or cooking oil on their husbands, despite that they are aware that a man is allowed to marry a second wife as he is the one who pays lobola and the head of the family, there is no need for such behaviour otherwise why is it that the almighty created the number of females to be more than that of males, surely there is a reason to this