Man stabs wife eight times after stumbling on WhatsApp love texts

Fairness Moyana Hwange Correspondent—
A MAN from Hwange who brutally murdered his wife by stabbing her eight times with a knife after allegedly stumbling on a WhatsApp love message on her phone, has been sentenced to 25 years in jail. Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Francis Bere, sitting on circuit in Hwange, convicted Tendai Nkomo, 31, of murder with constructive intent after giving him the benefit of the doubt since there was no one who could testify about what actually transpired between the couple on the fateful day.

He described Nkomo’s actions as callous and brutal as he had killed his wife in front of their three-year-old son — something that was going to traumatise the little boy for the rest of his life.

“Deceased died a painful death because of your vicious actions where you repeatedly stabbed and even went on to assault her with fists as she lay on the floor with the knife stuck in her back. It was a callous and brutal murder done in front of a little boy, something that will have a psychological effect on him for years to come,” said Justice Bere.

The judge heard how Nkomo stabbed his wife, Sithembile Lupahla, 23, with a 30cm kitchen knife in the presence of their son. In his defence, Nkomo said he acted in self-defence after his wife charged at him armed with a kitchen knife threatening to kill him and their child following an altercation over a love message sent to her by an unnamed boyfriend.

“After I saw the love message, I asked deceased what was going on and she told me to mind my own business before she asked for her phone back. I refused to give her and she became aggressive and went into the kitchen where she took a knife before charging and stabbing me once on the thigh. Fearing for my life and that of my son who was next to me after she said she wanted to kill us both, I turned the knife on her and made her stab herself several times as we wrestled for its possession,” he said.

Nkomo blamed the pain of discovering his wife’s infidelity and alcohol as factors that drove him to stab her. The court heard that on September 10 last year at around 6PM, Nkomo went to Lwendulu Flea market in Hwange where his wife worked. He escorted her to her elder sister, Rachel Lupahla’s residence, also in Hwange, where she was now living.

Prosecutor Namatirai Ngwasha said on arrival, the two had a misunderstanding. Nkomo then stabbed Sithembile several times using a kitchen knife. She died on admission to Hwange Colliery Hospital, the court heard.

Testifying, Rachel told the court that a few hours before the incident, Nkomo had called her and asked her to bring him anointing oil from PHD Ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya, to end his marital problems.

“He wanted me to assist in resolving his marital problems. He asked me to bring him anointing oil from Prophet Magaya so his problems would end since I was in Harare. I told him I would and he hung up saying he would call me again as the network was bad.

“I was shocked to learn the next day through a message that he had stabbed my younger sister,” said Lupahla. Nkomo was represented by Tonderai Mukuku of Marondedze, Mukuku and Ndove Legal Practitioners.

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  • musa

    Nothing good has ever come out of infidelity


    Tendai Nkomo is he a ndebele or a shona ?????

    • Mart

      He is a murderer. What’s in a name? The word murder exists in the English vocabulary bcz it happens everywhere.


      Probably a mix father shona ,Mother Kalanga

    • Ednot

      Could be Tonde Nkomo. That’s why he hates Southerners

      • Tonde

        Is this Nkomo not related related to the late “Umdala Wethu”?

        • Ednot

          I doubt it. You can never get a Tendia Nlomo or A farai Nkomo

        • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

          Heyi swina go ask your mother .

          • Tonde

            Why the hatred my Southern brother? relax! Pora seporridge mwana waLobegula!

          • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

            ‘Tsek .

    • Nkosinathi

      Ungadla unctswebe ucina uzibona ufanele ukubizwa ngontswebe. Kufanele abizwe Bongani Nkomo manje he ngundanised his name to ntswebelism

  • khu

    he deserved more than fifty years behind bars to keep him away from society

  • blarazonke

    Matters of the heart….

  • khulu undubeko

    In my house whatsup or rumours do not cause any fights, we have been married for ‘donkey years’, we do leave our phones charging any message is free to arrive there are no problems, at times the other spouse has been into study groups and they will communicate via whats up without any problems, my spouse can chat the whole night should they have the energy to do so

    • MakhosiXamu

      ……donkey years?. kikikikikikiiiiiiiii. what a funny marriage. chatting the whole night?. Ubulema bali ndoda, shame.

      • khulu undubeko

        we have been like this , lam not a saint so l can not see the log in someones eye as though lam clean

  • GodlwayoMahlabayithwale

    isiwule syakubulalilsa

    • nhlathu

      ubaba lowu bekungamelanga abulale umntanabantu, bekutheni ukumbisela ngakibo

  • sixoxisiwe

    the spirit of the deceased will haunt him, he wont know peace , couldn’t he divorce her rather than choose to brutally kill her, there was no reason for him to take her life usezenza unkulunkulu, kwakumele ambisele ngakibo hatshi ukuphambana akwenzayo

    • MakhosiXamu

      The man committed murder under very difficult circumstances. Women should not condone their wayward behaviour in a marriage. If the woman was nolonger interested in the marriage – she should have divorced the husband rather than resorting to extra marital activities , period. I say no to murder. I will fix him syndrome is what drove the man. Women should not support their colleagues simple ngoba ngumfazi.

      • sixoxisiwe

        the story above says she was now living with her elder sister meaning they were no longer together and that she worked in a flea market, there was no reason for the stabbing her to death. the man over reacted why did he have to follow her to her sister’s place, why kill, our culture does not support such behaviour

      • josefa chinotimba

        Jonathan Moyo,this time you have put aside your immaturity and have shown thina that madness does not mean immaturity and reckless comments.

  • Ghost of Sparta

    In my opinion, this guy is lying about the whatsapp messages. He knows that she is not there to defend herself. He just couldn’t bear that she left him and was moving on with her life.

  • Polly

    Uyabona lo tendai nkomo uzakholisa ukuba ngumfazi womunye umuntu ejele,uzokwazi ukuthi every action ilomphumela,whether good or bad.How can you kill someone over an alleged affair,if the heat is too much you get out of the kitchen you dont get rid of the problem.