Man told ‘son is not yours’ hangs self

Thobekile Moyo

Thobekile Moyo

Leonard Ncube Victoria Falls Reporter
A MAN from Victoria Falls allegedly committed suicide after his wife told him he was not the father of a boy, 6, whom he thought was their son.

Neighbours told The Chronicle Thembelani Nyathi, 33, had a fallout with his wife Thobekile Moyo, 30, on Saturday when she allegedly told him in anger that the boy was not his.

He allegedly went missing the same day.

A search team comprising police, rangers from Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and Chinotimba residents found his body hanging from a tree with a strand of wire on the neck on Tuesday afternoon in a bush near Masue River in Victoria Falls.

Nyathi was well known for selling floor polish and detergents in the resort town.

Police officer commanding Victoria Falls District Chief Superintendent Jairos Chiwona said: “We can confirm that we’re investigating a case in which somebody allegedly committed suicide after a domestic dispute.”

Moyo said it was untrue she had argued with her husband over their son’s paternity.

“He started recklessly spending the little money that we get from our business. On Saturday he prepared food while I was at work and he left soon after eating and that’s the last time we saw him,” said Moyo as she struggled to contain tears.

She narrated how her husband had, since January, started drinking heavily.

“On Monday, March 14, he was dead drunk. He asked our six-year-old son “umama uyake akutshele ukuthi wena wakuwula awusuye mntanami? (Has your mother ever told you that you were born out of prostitution, you’re not my son?)”

She said the boy fled and hid behind her, seeing that his dad was becoming violent.

“He turned on our nine-year-old daughter who was doing her homework. He snatched her book and tore it up,” said Moyo.

“He left the house and came back around midnight and started shouting again. I reminded him that we had been given notice to vacate the house by the landlord because of his behaviour,” added Moyo.

She said she went to the police station to seek a protection order, and was still processing the papers when her husband took his life.

“When he saw the affidavits he said to me ‘you’re completing those papers for a dead person.’ I didn’t understand what he meant. He ordered the children to look at him closely saying they were seeing him for the last time.

“I narrated all this to the police at the Chinotimba Police Base that my husband wanted to kill himself but they said it was not possible for one to tell people that he wants to kill himself,” she said.

Asked about the alleged infidelity, Moyo said: “I don’t know why he spoke like that because it was the first time he said it. When I conceived in 2009 we were still staying in Nyamandlovu and he never doubted he was the father.”

Mehluli Moyo, in whose house the couple stayed, said the couple had marital problems. “They always had misunderstandings and on Thursday my daughter told me that Nyathi had been bidding goodbye to his children telling them he was going to die. We reported to the police while I also dissuaded him from doing so,” he said.

Chief Supt Chiwona advised members of the public to seek counselling instead of taking their lives, when they have problems.

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  • Yimi Lowo

    He should have killed his wife and search for the real father of that boy and kill him too and then take his own life.

    • Khalabemgeza MhlokaMthwakazi

      Wena wakhuluma yonke le into embi kangaka kwenzenjani ? Wazaleka kahle yini , kunjani lapha kuwe ekhanda ? , ziphelele kahle ?, yena unyoko engathini nje uma engayizwa into enje iphuma emlonyeni wakho ? Hayi bo tshintsha ukwenza , akubuyise umqondo wakho musa ukukhulu noma kanjani , ukuthi uwubonwa muntu akutsho lutho lokho kodwa lowo uNkulunkulu wakho owakudalayo uyakubona , ziphathe kahle muntu wakithi .
      This man did the right thing to end his life without harming anyone unlike those who kill their own families before committing suicides .
      Yes , it is wrong to commit suicide , but i highly respect this man for not harming his wife and his children -RIP Mr Nyathi , Mdluli, inkosi ize ikuthethelele .

      • mhlathutshekile

        suicide after suicides? everyday sucides? something is wrong. people are starving. i think our government has failed us. if all this peole had something to do in life things will be better. ngubani umthakathi?

        • Tshayekanda

          Actually therz nothing unusual about this suicide trend. Kuhlala kusenzeka lokhu although un reported. These days they are trying(govt) to divert our attention with half-baked stories that deserve to be in B-metro or Umthunywa. There used to be real stories…G40, Lacoste, ED vs Coltart, Bob this Bob that.

    • josefa chinotimba

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,kambe sibili?

    • MakhosiXamu

      Could that revenge have solved his problem?. I don’t think so.

      • Yimi Lowo

        Yes, because the source of the problem has been eliminated.

        • MakhosiXamu

          Why do think death is some form of Punishment?. This question also applies to Top S gelekeqe/Zuze.musa etc. Nxa umuntu anga bhubha uzwa bethi : langalezo. Why?. Who told you that death is a bad omen. Ingqondo zo muntu omnyama , bantu , ziyinhlekisa. Vukani madoda – death is no punishment. Its a mere change over from the physical man to the spiritual one.

  • musa

    they should seek counselling? people who cwant to commit suicide have one thing on their mind death, its up to others to disuade them. unfortunately the police failed to act when they told the man was talking of suicide & now they turn around and say people should seek counselling?


      isintu sithi umtwana waziwa ngunina. ihloka liyagamula kuphela le lale , isihlahla kasikhohlwa, kant awukwazi.

      • MakhosiXamu

        I do agree with you but it is painful uku gcina ingane yenye indoda.

  • theza

    l think the police also erred by ignoring the suicide report, why couldn’t they take action, they could have tried counselling him at least there was negligence on their part

    • sidubi

      the mistake which police seem to make these days is that at times you go to a police station you find very young and inexperience police in the charge office who most of the times wont take a report seriously, l remember at one time trying to report a spear wielding man, and there was laughter , they found it funny, then they said but he has not stabbed anyone at the moment he is merely chasing people around, he was disarmed by ‘owindi’

  • Tshayekanda

    uqinisile Kezi. Chronicle pple are taking us for a ride. at times we blame Jonathan Moyo for putting POSA yet we have such misleading, nonsensical reporting.

    • MakhosiXamu

      The reporters must report as they wish. You can not tell them what to write and how to present it.

      • Tshayekanda must be in a sanitorium…..You want us to feed on un objective news. Lest i forget u seem to be a typical grade 7 graduate n a product of border gezi

        • MakhosiXamu

          The word objective is a subjective word. If something pleases your egos then it becomes objective. You are very funny person indeed.

        • musa

          uzihluphelani ngo jotham lowo. the best action is to ignore him

      • Zuze

        Kikikik Xamu full of crap so early in the morning. Hit on the head has a right to criticize. Hit on the head is also entitled to his opinion. You are not a Headmaster here. You are just a mere lizard.

        • MakhosiXamu

          Headmaster?. If I were a head…. my foot. I don’t like that job , man. Yes the man can hallucinate on this forum as per his wish. Who are you to chide my person if I respond to errant comments. Ulipholisa lakuli ndawo na?. Lizard ?. Kikikikikiikiiiiii aaaaaaaahaaa, lizard?. Ndoda ….kikikikikikikikiiiiiiiiiii. yaaaaa

          • Zuze

            Is it not you who said we need a little humour? I done that and usuhleka.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Thanks man for that reminder. You got me , man. kikikikikiiiiiiii

  • clement moyo

    Nyathi was a coward – thats all.

    • sidubi

      maybe he was working hard but his wife wasn’t taking him seriously always making demands which were too much for him

      • MakhosiXamu

        Kunjalo empilweni ndoda. You can climb a mountain and funny enough no one will notice.

  • Kezi Resident

    The man is dead the wife denies having said the son is not his, So who was there when she told him, Guys your reporting is pathetic. Did the Neighbours hear him say that,

  • my zanupf

    oh shame, poor man. Women know words to talk even men let5s know words to say when angry. Spoken words once spoken will only be forgiven not forggoten

  • Bez Wimba

    sad story. Depression is a causal link in most cases of suicide. Reports that he was ‘over drinking’ days leading to the sad event may be a good indicator of a depressive state. sadly with a broken down healthcare system, this another needless loss of life. mhsrip

  • Widza

    Inga wani Mothers vakabatana! muromo yacho mhani!!!

  • Gerge Gudo

    Mamoyo usacheme tiripo isu vanhu kwavo

  • sik


  • dube

    One less idiot on the streets.