Mandatory fuel blending ratio raised to 15pc


The Government has with immediate effect raised the threshold for the mandatory blending of fuel with ethanol from 10 to 15 percent.

Zimbabwe made the blending compulsory in 2013, starting off at five percent and later to 10 percent in a bid to cut the country’s fuel import bill. Treasury figures show that the country spent $293 million on fuel imports in the first quarter.

“It is hereby notified that in terms of section 4(1) of the Petroleum Regulations, 2013 . . . the Minister approves the current level of mandatory blending to 15 percentum,” the Minister of Energy Samuel Undenge said in a notice in the Government Gazette on Friday.

“The consequence of this approval is that all licensed operators, shall from the date of publication of this notice, be mandated to sell unleaded blended at E15”.
Greenfuel, a joint venture between Government’s Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (Arda) and businessman, Billy Rautenbach’s Macdom and Rating Investments, together with Hippo Valley’s Triangle estates are the country’s only producers of Ethanol.

Fuel in Zimbabwe has, however, remained expensive despite the blending. The price of a litre of petrol ranges between $1,37 and $1,46 while diesel costs between $1,26 and $1,36 per litre, far much more than the regional average in other landlocked countries. — The Source

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  • Mkhusto

    Sign of desperation from a desperate mugabe. Nonsense
    I wonder what are the consequences on engines of different car brands

    • Lux

      I don’t think they really care what happens to our usual their brains are in their backsides..

      • big

        They would actually be happy to see fewer people being able to own and run cars.

    • Amature Jounalist

      well the consequences of music piracy are that no royalties are received by the musicians making it more difficult for them to produce more music.