MDC-T Bulawayo fights spill into courts

Mr Gift Banda

Mr Gift Banda

Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Court Reporter
MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairperson Mr Gift Banda has taken the party’s co-vice-president Dr Thokozani Khupe and her allies to court in a fight over control of the party’s provincial offices in the city.

Mr Banda, who is Bulawayo deputy Mayor, is seeking an order directing the Sheriff of the High Court to take necessary measures to evict Dr Khupe and members of her faction from the party offices.

Dr Khupe and her allies seized control of the offices during violent skirmishes which rocked the party on 4 March.

Mr Banda, who is aligned to a faction led by MDC-T president Advocate Nelson Chamisa, was together with his sympathisers subsequently barred by their rivals from conducting meetings at the MDC-T provincial party offices in the city.

They were also barred from visiting the premises by the Dr Khupe faction following the violent skirmishes that took place at the building situated between 2nd and 3rd Avenue along Fort Street.

More than 15 people were injured when the violent clashes, that lasted for over two hours, broke out as party supporters clashed along factional lines pitting Dr Khupe and Adv Chamisa.

Mr Banda, through his lawyers Mathonsi Ncube Law Chambers, yesterday filed an urgent chamber application at the Bulawayo High Court seeking an order prohibiting Dr Khupe and her camp from interfering with or disrupting their meetings at the party’s Bulawayo provincial offices as well as vandalising property at the building.

In papers before the court, Dr Khupe, her personal assistant Mr Witness Dube, the party’s national organising secretary Mr Abednico Bhebhe and their six allies namely; Mr Artwell Sibanda, Mr Gershom Zimba, Mr Samson Mubhemi, Mr Elliot Doctor Moyo, Mr Mthokozisi Ncube and Mr Mbuso Sibanda, were cited as respondents.

In his founding affidavit, Mr Banda said he has been in peaceful and undisturbed possession and occupation of the MDC-T Bulawayo provincial offices in his capacity as the party’s Bulawayo provincial chairperson with authority vested in him to determine the day-to-day use of the premises and sanctioning meetings until his rivals took control of the premises after the violent clashes.

“The practice is that any organ of Bulawayo province intending to use the party offices is required to seek my authority. I, as a matter of fact, grant such authority for all legitimate and lawful activities for the province,” he said.

Mr Banda said Dr Khupe and members of her faction convened an unsanctioned meeting.

He accused Dr Khupe of mobilising her group to attack their rivals upon arrival at the offices for a scheduled meeting on issues pertaining to candidate selection.

“When I got to the vicinity of the building, I observed that anti-riot police were deployed and there were people running in different directions. I was further informed that when the party officers and members who had come to attend the sanctioned meeting attempted to enter the building, they were assaulted with bricks by the respondents,” said Mr Banda.

He said during the skirmishes, Mr Dube tried to run over some party members who were attempting to enter the premises and his car was extensively damaged.

Mr Banda said the party offices were now under the control of Dr Khupe’s faction.

“I submit that this matter is urgent because as a province we have nowhere else to operate from as all lawful structures of the party under my control and supervision have been excluded from accessing the offices at a critical time when we are processing candidate selection and preparing for crucial elections,” he said.

“I seek this honourable court’s protection and intervention on an urgent basis from the unlawful actions of the respondents in despoiling me of control and occupation of our provincial offices.”

In the event that an order is granted in his favour, Mr Banda wants police to be ordered to arrest the respondents if they refuse to comply with the directive to vacate the building.

Last week, Mr Banda and 11 others appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Franklin Mkhwananzi facing charges of public violence in connection with the March 4 skirmishes.

They were remanded out of custody to April 6.

Mr Banda was released on $200 bail while the rest of the accused persons were given bail of $50 each.


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    • Ntando Gumede

      Kanti ingaphi I ZAPU bantubenkosi?

      • Nobukhosi Lwandle Mlotshwa

        I Zapu yaginywa yi Zanu and all the Zapu fathers turned out to be abathengisi bathengwa yimali and joined Zanu Pf.

        1).Dumiso Dabengwa is filthy rich with prime real estate properties in South Africa and the UK.
        2). Phelekezela Mphoko owns a vast empire of retails chains spanning across the border to Botswana.
        3). Obert Mpofu- I think we all know about Obert, Half of Bulawayo is his, Pioneer House, Princess Court, Bulawayo Centre, etc
        4). Simon Khaya, living well in Harare’s Borrowdale Brooks
        5). Jonathan was living well under Mugabe rulership

  • Boya Benyathi

    Wena Banda shouldn’t u be in Malawi or something awuyeke abantu bayenze imisebenze yabo, in the meantime go back to Malawi

    • brunohzw

      Am very disturbed with your comment sir

      • Boya Benyathi

        Hamba uyotshela uEDiot

  • koka

    Banda should be probed for alleged kickbacks he received for the egodini mall tender. this is the same councillor who bought land in ascot race course for less than $5 a square metre when ordinary people are buying the same land from BCC for more than $20/sqm. this banda is very corrupt. the entire mdc-t executive at tower block is corrupt.

    the people of bulawayo should ensure that these criminals are voted out come election time. it is time to back our own. VOTE MRP to restore the glory of the once vibrant and prosperous city of bulawayo. KICK OUT MDC out of the entire Matebeleland provinces.


    • mthwakazi

      uyagula koka hamba ku 23rd ave for treatment

      • Truth

        siduba ngakhonokho bantu bakithi, iqiniso yikuthi ama Cllr la awe MDC-T awalahlonzi, they are corrupt, they are thugs, we are not attacking the party but we are saying if the party wants us to vote for them they shld give us people with integrity. I do not know how conversant with 1980 and 1990 Cllrs, they were people of intergrity, sober habits and sound managements not the like of Cllr Mlandu Ncube who was part of the hooligans in the MDC-T violent skirmishes or Cllr Thobani Ncube and Rodney Jele who have been to court on allegations of fraud. If the truth is to be said these MDC-T Cllrs have “killed” our Bulawayo, they have undone the good work which was done by the previous city fathers

        • Umzila Kawulandelwa!

          You are very right Mr Truth!

          • fedup

            As abantu abavothayo think I think kumele sizikhethele thina esifuna asikhokhele hayi lokhu abakwenzayo. umuntu ohlala eFamona ubanguMP fase makokoba kanjani?

    • Sthulile Mtshali

      What a stupid fool,isithutha senja lesi, Banda received kickbacks to feed his family and to take his kids to expensive schools. He’s building a fortune for himself whilst you’re barking like a rabid pregnant female dog. If he bought land at that price good for him, he should have snapped the whole piece of land and resell it at that $ 20.00/sqm. That’s how you make it in life, you take advantage of any opportunity at your disposal. That’s how Shona guys have made it. Whilst you are barking and not taking advantage of the situation also. You have a poverty mentality. You’ll watch with envy whilst Banda expands his empire.

      • koka

        I am sure your name has been mispelt. it should read sthutha because what you wrote about is nonsense. you praise thieves and lack of integrity as a way of taking advantage of the situation. you mention the so called shonas that have made it by thieving. all these heros of yours go one way, to jail. look at chivayo very soon he will be disgraced and in yellow overalls.

        I have taken advantage of situations and made millions of Rands legally. Ungithatha kancane just because awungazi. let me give some advise to make money legally, get into the crypto currencies and play the game. ordinary people are making millions legally.

        but then again you sound like a typical shona that believes in stealing or you probably one of those people who adopted Ndebele names but are a pure evil shona trying to justify your stealing and looting. you are a disgrace.

        • Sthulile Mtshali

          Yes I believed in stealing, but mina I do it smart and I use pen and paper. I buy pieces of land and properties cheaply from desperate owners and sell exorbitantly to uninformed rich buyers. I would love to know more about crypto currencies

          • Ndlela Zimhlophe

            Chituta Chari lishona leli, idoti nje ukuzenza ngcono hamba le kini eHarare, sebenzisa amagama akini. Uthenge le-roll-on amakhwapha yhoo

  • Vumani

    Chamisa’s criminal proxy at it again he instigated violence and now decided to formalise imminent split. Banda & Khumalo are conniving to eliminate Khupe MDCT can wave goodbye to Matebeleland votes . The thug & prostitute have seized the opportunity to the detriment of the party.Bulawayo voters are spoilt for choice 84 parties at the polls. Never vote for violent conniving thieves do so at your own peril MDC has become a contrast to the Democratic Party it was founded upon.

    • Phumlani Radebe Bheshu

      He’s in for the money wena Sithutha, tshiyana lo Banda mekele adle, he needs the money for himself and his family. Wena you can’t even afford Hair Remover cream for your queen, ukuthi unyoko asuse inzinza ezimhlophe lezo fusek’ mani.

      • Vumani

        Wena msunukanyoko it’s not a coincidence Banda is on bail for violence & awaiting trial at magistrates court. The high court will not ignore the violence ,the outcome of that case has bearing on what this dodgy Njube thug is seeking. Get your self an education silimandini !!!

        • Phumlani Radebe Bheshu

          Banda is busy making money and feeding his kids, all I’m saying is get your priorities right. Fix your eyes on the prize not on Banda. Start hustling, set up a business, Ntshontsha but do it smart and create your own empire, even for your kids and future generations. Busy ukhangele omunye, yena uyaphambili wena umi ndawonye.

          And don’t forget, isalukazi esingunyoko silyalunywa ngasese, okuyi hair remover kuphela nje zwi, will do the trick.

          • Ndlela Zimhlophe

            Izinto lezi zasempumalanga zigcwele yonke indawo, zifuna induku nje, kuyophela ukubhala ulabish

  • Gibela

    Very true you are do not know what you are doing.

  • Gibela

    Banda you are very dull

  • Gibela

    Do not be fooled and think Khupe has no support.matebeleland will shock you come elections

  • mthungathi

    Banda must be depoted to Malawi coz asinabo abantu besibongo sakho lapha kwelesilo.