MDC-T chaos: National council stands by Chamisa


Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
THE MDC-T national council yesterday re-affirmed Advocate Nelson Chamisa as the party’s acting president as chaos continues to rock the party.

The organ met at the party’s headquarters, Harvest House as co-deputy president Dr Thokozani Khupe who is claiming the same post continued to boycott the party’s meetings over security concerns.

The illness and subsequent death of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai has plunged the MDC-T into chaos as his three deputies Adv Chamisa, Dr Khupe and Elias Mudzuri are fighting to succeed him.

In a Press briefing yesterday, the party’s acting chairman Mr Morgan Komichi said the national council had re-affirmed Adv Chamisa as the party’s acting president.

“The three vice presidents all had the right to claim to be acting but the national council has appointed Adv Chamisa as acting president and the party is guided by that decision.

“At the moment that problem has been resolved following the decison of the national council,” said Mr Komichi.

Ms Thokozani Khupe

Ms Thokozani Khupe

Adv Chamisa weighed in on the matter saying the national council resolution puts to rest the leadership vacuum issue.

“Yes we expect individuals to say I, I, it’s allowed because they are only speaking for themselves. But we have a party, we have a constitution, I’ve seen a lot of reports around constitutionalism. What we have done is constitutional, what we’ve done is 100 percent legal,” said Adv Chamisa.

“But already in terms of dealing with a vacuum of leadership, there is a leader who is acting. We have three deputy presidents in the party, of which one has to act.

“The power to appoint individuals to act is reposed in the national council in terms of article 8. That is the power that was exercised by the national council in choosing a leader.”

He said Dr Khupe was ignorant of the developments in the party as she has not been attending meetings in eight months.

“Of course we appreciate that our vice president Dr Thokozani Khupe who has not been attending meetings for the past eight months because of issues around the Alliance (MDC) with our president, the late Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, is ignorant of developments in the party.

“We appreciate her circumstances. She has not understood the party processes that have been instituted and the position the party has taken,” he said.

Adv Chamisa said for purposes of unity, he will be sending a delegation to engage Dr Khupe.

Dr Khupe through her personal assistant Mr Witness Dube, said Adv Chamisa’s appointment was a nullity.

“It’s another illegal declaration from the previous one so nothing changes because the re-affirmation is coming from same faces,” said Mr Dube.

He said his boss was still working on resolving the party’s leadership crisis and consultations were underway.

Mr Dube said Dr Khupe could not attend yesterday’s meeting as there was a likelihood of being attacked like what happened in Buhera at Mr Tsvangirai’s burial.

The party’s secretary general Mr Douglas Mwonzora who was also attacked in Buhera, however, attended yesterday’s meeting. — @nqotshili.

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  • kush

    kkkkkk Dr. khupe for 8 months you were afraid of being attacked, you are a snake. you snubbed Tsvangirai and only to resurface when he died muchitsvaka dzvene, pliz change uye mukuda kukonzeresa muchitaura zveTRIBALISM muri leader akaita sei

  • The Watcher

    The problem with Zim politics is that we have come to accept tht a Ndebele cannot rule this country bacause Ndebeles are a minority. Zanu has made it a rule tht Ndebeles can only be the second vice president. What hogwash. South Africa has been ruled by two xhosas, Mandela and Mbeki, a Zulu and now a Venda Ramaphosa. Bt Zim political sphere is very tribalist and skewed towards a tribe tht has misruled this country for close to four decades. I think Nkomo wldve ruled this country beta. Give Ndebeles a chamce and improve this country

    • Mumanyikawakaroka

      Deut. 17 vs 15 “….One from your brothers you shall set as King over you. You shall not put a foreigner…” This is the word of God. May the Lord keep his word for ever and ever over this country. Amen.

      • zibulo

        kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !! you are so drunk with TRIBALISM such that you even related the un related ; God and (lack of love of your brother)TRIBALISM. So who ever or wich ever tribe comes to power has to keep tribalism alive ??? Live is a wheel, spinning and spinning. some decades , years , or whatever set time by God , there will be one from other tribe ruling, and your folks might be victims of the same disease you blasphemy about

        • Mumanyikawakaroka

          God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow: “For I the Lord do not change..” (Malachi 3 vs 6). He prohibited rule by foreigners for foreigners will teach his people evil things, eg. homosexuality.

          • zibulo

            blasphemy , add to your sins .


          The sooner you accept Shonas hate Ndebele people; the better it would be for your health my brother. Let’s please stop with the pretence. Akusizi!

          • Taurai Mhaka

            I’m Shona and I love Ndebele-speaking people. I’m totally opposed to racism and tribalism


            Well, the Politics, languages problem and relationships on the ground across the tribal divide don’t agree with you. I am not talking of exceptions like you. These will always be there. Zimbabwe is a tribally Shona toxic environment. One actually breathes better once one crosses into our neighbouring countries.

      • The Watcher

        Don’t misuse the bible in this ugly policy in this country. Was Mugabe even a. Zimbabwe nation to begin with.

        • Mumanyikawakaroka

          He wasn’t, he is a Matibili, that’s why we removed him.


            And that’s why Chitepo was killed too. He was Manyika!


          That verse equally applies to his Samanyika tribe. Dont worry!


        Now I understand why Manyika people have never and will never be President in Zimbabwe. Look at Simba Makoni and Mutasa – they are now used condoms. And Chitepo, equally used and not only dumbed but killed. Manyikas have accepted that they are foreigners; going by your quote. Karangas and Zezurus will never accept them. Their role is to help these two tribes in fighting the Ndebele only in the name of Shona solidarity!!

        • Mumanyikawakaroka

          The Makonis are not Manyika, they are from Swaziland, ngamaSwazi (Emvelo) even though the name sounds Sotho/Tswana to me, the Mokoena Clan. They are more Zanzia than our own Moyos, Ncubes, Ndlovus etc. As for Didymus Mutasa he has never said he was Manyika, he is our muzukuru, a son of a Mutasa daughter thats why he is Cde Nyathi. There are no Nyathis in our bloodline, I suspect he is also a “Makoni”. All Shonas are from the same ancestry and anybody from one of the “houses” is our own.

          • Simon

            What a load of bullcrap, unfounded rubbish, sis man.


            You are nit picking. In Zimbabwe Missionaries categorised tribes according to Provinces, not according to ancestral origins. If we go by what you are saying then that means, strictly speaking no one is a Zimbabwean. For instance most of Shona/Zezuru and Korekore people have Malawian, Mozambican, Congolese and even Tanzanian heritage Mugabe, Zhuwawo, Chiwenga, Tendayi Mutawarira, Acie Lumumba, late former Ministers Ariston Chambati, Dr Benard Chidzero, Dr Dzingayi Mutumbuka, Zexie Manatsa etc etc. You can even tell from their music, which is Rhumba like. Its totall differet from Ndebele music which has South African/ Swazi characteristics. Funny enough Shonas are the biggest noise makers in Zimbabwe who call others foreigners. It’s no true all SHONAS are from the same ancestry. Those people I have just mentioned above are said to be Shona today, yet their ancestors are as I stated. There was nothing called a Shona in history; so what do you mean Shonas are from the same ancestry? The word SHONA is a Nguni word, which means to die or disappear. There is no tribe called Shona. The Venda people built Mapungubwe which is linked to the Zimbabwean Ruins in Masvingo; clearly there are ancestral linkages there but Venda are not Shona, just as Kalangas are not Shona. Shona is a White Missionary invention; it’s a myth. It doesn’t exist and never existed in 1893, when King Lobhengula was deposed by the White Colonialists.

  • Reason

    If VP Khupe does not want to talk how does she hope to resolve the issues in the Mdc.She has been awol for 8 months.If she doesn’t like the Alliance she must understand that in a democracy it is the majority that must have their way although the minority have a say.The violence unleashed on her is and has been condemned and her continued absenteeism will now work against her.a lot if us sympathised with her cause but if she continues this way the only option left will be for the Mdc to soldier on without her.The madam needs to reconsider her options.

    • The Watcher

      Condeming the violence verbally is not enuf. Wat if she came for your meetings and she was harmed. She is threatened wth violence and death and when she fears for her safety you blame her. Bravo MDC.!!! You r losing this years elections. And by a landslide

  • The Realist

    Politics is not for the weak.I think Khupe should have requested police escort to at least attend one meeting in eight months.Clearly how do you fight your battles when you don’t show up?Let’s say she had been appointed acting president in absentia,was she going to lead the party in hiding?Let’s say everything else has been reversed and she is now the acting president, how is she going to face thousands of supporters at rallies whom she is claiming will attack her?How will she solve that grassroots support haddle?I think Dr Khupe is a fine lady, with a lot of political potential but she seems to be grandstanding or causing unnecessary political stalemate.If she thinks her position is the legal one,why not approach courts of law?She now appears to be fighting in ZANU PF’s corner judging by the daily state media reportage in her favour.I think she is now finding it difficult to reconnect with the party after eight months. She started boycotting meetings even during Tsvangirai’s days way before this acting president hullabaloo. This is the person who wants to be leader,playing truancy!!! Politics should be left to the daring.Sexism and tribalism have no place in politics and neither should they be used to win sympathy against perceived enemies in the name of erstwhile comrades.She should be pragmatic in her moves.What use is it to say iam the constitutional leader yet you are failing to reconnect with supporters on the ground?


      Khupe will stop hiding the day the culprits end the issue of buying people to assault their sister who has suffered to bring this MDC into what it is today. I wonder why seniority is so important in my mother’s party ZANU PF. It gives a disciplined leadership that is directed by the core values that resulted in the formation of the party

    • The watcher

      Whilst you make sound arguments on loopholes in her strategy bt u choose to be one sided. Y r the perpetrators of violence investigated and locked up. Violence has no place in the morden politics even if u say its for the brave remember the international community was there. If Chamisa is so popular y not beat her thru congress.Mnangagwa looks good to the international community ryt now. You say politics is for the daring bt it is for the wise too. If u r daring and beat up people in public as Chamisa does ull lose a lot of clout and votes as Chamisa has lost mine. RiP MDC


      I don’t agree. Politics in democratic and civilized countries is not a do or die situation. This is why Obama and Clinton could work together in government after Obama had won, despite them having been at each other’s throats during the Democratic party primaries. You need to rephrase your opening statement to say Politics in African countries is not for the weak. This is because of poverty. People see politics as a way to riches and not a mission to save and develop their countries, hence the looting by African leaders!


    Article 18 states that: “In any place where the requirements of this
    constitution cannot be satisfied because of an omission or oversight in draftsmanship, or because a body provided for has not been
    established, or an officer provided for in this constitution has not
    been elected or appointed, or because of a procedural problem; the
    national council shall have the power to make such arrangements which,
    in their opinion, satisfy the spirit of this constitution and shall seek
    approval for such arrangements at the next congress.

    “That is
    what we did in terms of this article because it is not provided for how
    we arrive at a single deputy president in the event of three deputy
    presidents. So the national council chose one of the three deputy
    presidents to be acting pending the holding of a general extraordinary

    Chamisa said as a way forward there are two issues
    that are supposed to be tackled, and the national council has already
    pronounced itself that it does not want unnecessary and undue
    disturbance in the leadership.
    “It’s only some comrades who feel that
    they also want to be acting. But you can’t act when you are
    secretary-general because the request was that let us open this whole
    thing so that we can also act. But we said it’s unfortunate because it
    is specific the constitution says one of the deputy presidents,” he
    Chamisa said it is a “false argument” that Khupe is the one who
    should act since she was elected at the 2014 MDC-T national congress.

    is an opinion. There is nowhere in the constitution which says Khupe or
    such and such has been elected as deputy president. It’s not true. In
    fact, Khupe was simply nominated and not opposed at congress. There was
    never an election on Khupe’s position and we must not mistake
    magnanimity of party structures for an election. It’s not correct; it
    has no constitutional backing whatsoever,” Chamisa said. “Yes, she came
    through congress but congress also delegated its power to the national
    council to sit as congress to finish congressional business, of which
    part of the congressional business was to elect the other deputy
    president which is what was done so effectively. They even went to court
    challenging this issue and the court pronounced itself on these issues -
    the Murimoga challenge.”


    The constitution says Tsvangirai should appoint two vice presidents when there is a likelihood that someone from Matabelaland succeed him. The constitution also states that people from Harare should not accept to be led by a person from Bulawayo. It further states that senior positions in the council must not be held by people coming from the province with a Ndebele name.

    • zibulo

      jokes aside guys, we want to fix the mess in Zimbabwe. lets be serious. when it comes to ukugaya amavotes and win , we should see the bigger picture . parties also bring supporters temporary goodies/groceries for that time; its a strategy;ZANU takes state funds gives to Mgabe/ED to buy goodies and give would-be voters, so one glaring truth is that in Zimbabwe the Shona are the undisputab le majority and that should be used by any organization whiuch wants to win national , and not provincial, elections. It works somehowm see how ZANU has manipulated it . Through Devolution then all communities can be given local powers but they must fight the National war first, communities can ut conditions before the voting, to the partty to commit to that , like the ANC does with its Alliance partners .what we need is a Zimbabwe as it was before Mgabe, with factories, Investoirs, NRZ, CSC , ZESA and City Coiuncils all working efficiently with accountability and responsibility, thats all. at the end whether its a Tonga, Shona,Venda ,Ndebele president will be here nor there, as long as the Constitution is respected and not RAPED liked ZANU did .

      • MSAKANDA

        Do you consider this a joke, why was Khupe removed. did you copy that from the former ZANU PF leadership where it was known that vice president is from ZIPRA and President from ZANLA. This is not a joke discrimination began with Tsvangirai when he unnecessarily chose some extra deputies. Do we need many deputies what for? Just like our ruling government surely do we need two deputies ?

        • THE TRUTH

          With ZANU PF, Zimbabwe is never too small for two Deputy Presidents; over 70 Cabinet ministers and useless Provincial Ministers. Yet it is too small for Devolution. The US with an economy two hundred times bigger has only one VP!

          Now check this:

          “Sweden is 450k square kilometres in size, while Switzerland is only 41k. The roughly similar populations (Sweden has about 10 million, Switzerland has 8.3) means that they have very different population densities. Switzerland is a federation, with many powers devolved to the 26 cantons and half-cantons”.


          “The value for Land area (sq. km) in Zimbabwe was 386,850 as of 2017. As the graph below shows, over the past 56 years this indicator reached a maximum value of 386,850 in 2017 and a minimum value of 386,850 in 1961.

          Definition: Land area is a country’s total area, excluding area under inland water bodies, national claims to continental shelf, and exclusive economic zones. In most cases the definition of inland water bodies includes major rivers and lakes.

          Source: Food and Agriculture Organization, electronic files and web site.
          So Zim is bigger than Switzerland and even has a bigger population, yet Switzerland has Devolution. So the argument that Zim is too small for Devolution is ZANU PF nonsense!!

      • MSAKANDA

        i believe South Africa has been ruled by people of different ethnicity;Xhosa, Zulu. what language does that current president speak. They don’t care who are the majority speakers of a certain language as ANC. This is what we were looking for in MDC. Now i only see the light in ED, Mnangagwa is not buying me bear to beat my brothers from opposition, he is building me dams, he is improving my transport, That first lady i once hated is improving the health sector. why should i embrace her as umama welizwe since she does not care whether i come from the province of the majority


        Your understanding of “the majority concept” is primitive; just like most Shonas understand it. In a modern civilised Democracy, majority voting should be about policies and values, not tribe or race. So you are wrong. Obama would have never won the Presidency in the US if the US electorate had used your yardstick of MAJORITY. Similarly, Cyril Ramaphosa the new President of Mzansi, of the Venda tribe of minority of minorities would not be President today, going by your yardstick of MAJORITY. In Kenya too, Daniel Arap Moi would also never have been President, coming from the Kalenjin minority tribe. Your “tribal Majority” understanding is typically a Shona Zimbabwe phenomenon. It’s a shame really yet they are not even embarrassed of it!

  • mlibazi

    khupe the former shebeen queen,once said it she is in politics for the money not for serving people,how can you be upset for 8 months and yet claim to be a leader,she never visited MT when he was sick only to be seen after his death trying to look for attention by being on the forefront of organizing the burial and of-course for the funeral money which was being released by various organisations. Khupe has always been against the alliance and its illogical for her to lead MDC,this of-course is she felt threatened by the return of Welshemen Ncube and company.Watch the space if she continues in that direction her name will soon be forgotten in the political space.

    • General Tambo

      Khupe was never against the alliance, she was against the distribution of seats. Democracy doesn’t mean we agree on everything but we agree to disagree that’s the reason of elections. Instead of being heard she was attacked. Muchiri kuita politics dzakadaro mosvodesa, And izvozvo zvekutonga nechisimba ndozvakapatsanura MDC 2005, Mangoma 2014 airoverwei? MDC haife yatonga Zimbabwe.

  • Vumani

    The MDC constitution has no provision for appointment of 2 Deputies however an amendment should have been done. The decision by National Council is null and void, Khupe by her failure to attend executive meetings should have been formally reprimanded which was not done, for party that has lawyers these glaring irregularities create discontent. Legal processes and protocol was not adhered to. Khupe may approach the courts if she insists that she is the legitimate interim president. MDC is weaker with a Matebeleland vote fact !!!

  • Sandura1

    Ngumhlobobani this guy? Ibizo ngu Tshamisa kumbe Chamisa ngesiNdebele.?

  • Sandura1

    Time time uzobachamisa.

  • Aitembu

    Tribalism wont take us as African anywhere. I am a Namibian who in love with your country so much. Zimbabweans you are helpful nation, with so much to offer, Only if you work together and dump tribalism in Atlantic ocean.


      Any country with one tribe that is an overwhelming majority, that is also the most tribalistic like Zimbabwe is; that country is in deep trouble. It has a bleak future. This is why you will always find that Zim, despite its rich endowments is the most politically and tribally divided country among all our countries sharing borders in this region. Most countries in this region have had the advantage of politically progressive nation building leadership right from day one of independence, with political parties which have never resorted to the tribal divide and rule tactics to outdo each other; and many have more or less tribally balanced populations. This helps in reducing or eliminating arrogance. Unfortunately this has not been the case in Zima. Mnangagwa is trying a new leaf, but the damaged has already been done. His message of nation building has come in 38 years late!